Who Sent Me an Amazon Package? [How to Find Out in [year]]

With just a few clicks, you can order almost anything from Amazon, and they will deliver it to your doorstep. But sometimes, even when you didn’t place an order, Amazon may have a package.

Who Sent you an Amazon package, and how can you find out?

Can I Find Out Who Sent Me an Amazon Package?

Even if your Amazon delivery did not have a tracking number when it arrived, you could still find out who sent it. To find out who sent you a gift from Amazon, you must contact Amazon Customer Service and provide specific details about the package.

While receiving a package without a letter indicating who sent it can be confusing, you can find out who sent it. Is it a gift? Or is it a scam? Keep reading to find out.

How to Find Out Who Sent You an Amazon Package

You can easily identify who sent you an Amazon package if the sender enclosed a packing slip inside your parcel. If not, you’ll have to contact Amazon customer service.

To determine who sent the package, do the following:

  • Call 844-311-0406 or use the chat option to contact Amazon Customer Service.
  • Supply your name, contact information, and the tracking number for the package.
  • Give Amazon the time and day you received the package.
  • Inform Amazon of the item’s description on the box or package label.
  • Supply Amazon with the package number.
  • Find the phone number on the package and provide Amazon with that information.

Does Amazon Tell You Who Sent a Gift?

If you want to know who sent you a package, check whether there is a gift note attached or a packing slip.

Identifying the sender might be challenging if someone anonymously sends you a gift. When someone gives you a gift, Amazon cannot reveal the sender but can inform you that it was a gift so you can be sure it’s not a scam.

You should provide as many details as possible to ensure that the customer service professional can provide accurate information about the package.

Are Packages From Amazon Anonymous by Default When Sent as a Gift?

If you receive a package you did not order and no charges appear on your Amazon account, someone likely ordered a gift and addressed it to you but chose to remain anonymous.

Packages from Amazon are anonymous by default when sent as a gift. So, if a gift sender wants the recipient to know who the gift is from, they must mark it as a gift.

When buying gifts for somebody on Amazon, customers can decide to leave their information out of the packing slip sent with the package. This way, the receiver cannot tell who sent the gift.

Does Amazon Send Random Packages to People?

Amazon does not send random packages to people. However, some sellers on Amazon can send people random packages to improve their page rankings on Amazon.

Usually, these sellers send items that are not overly expensive, and sometimes they send empty packages. Sending unsolicited packages or empty boxes to increase page rankings is known as empty package scalping.

It is also possible that Amazon sent you the wrong item. This is true when you place an order on Amazon for an item but get a different one.

Why Do I Keep Getting Packages From Amazon I Didn’t Order?

A seller can send tons of products to random addresses, so they appear first when someone searches for a particular item.

So, if you receive a package addressed to you that you didn’t order, it may be a consequence of a fraud called empty package scalping or “brushing.” For this type of fraud, scammers use public names and addresses to mail packages.

If you suspect this is an empty package scalping or “brushing” case, report it to Amazon immediately. It’s prohibited and punishable by law for third-party sellers to send unsolicited packages to customers.

Amazon looks into allegations of empty package scalping and punishes sellers who disobey their guidelines by revoking their selling privileges, withholding compensation, and working collaboratively with law enforcement agents.

Is There Any Way to Find Out if an Anonymous Gift From Amazon Is a Scam?

Check with friends and relatives or get in touch with customer service if you receive a shipment or item you didn’t order to ensure it isn’t a gift.

The only way to find out if an anonymous gift from Amazon is a scam is by contacting Amazon customer service and giving them the package details. They can easily help you confirm if it’s a scam or a gift. This way, you can know what steps to take.

Will USPS, UPS, and FedEx Share Who Sent You an Amazon Package?

If USPS, FedEx, or UPS shipped a package you received from Amazon, you might be able to find out who sent you the Amazon package by getting in touch with the delivery service.

The best course of action in this situation is to call the company. However, you’ll need to provide UPS or FedEx with information to help them track the sender. Some of the info you need to provide include:

  • Your name, complete address, and phone number.
  • The tracking number on the package
  • The location from which the package was sent
  • Any order numbers or additional helpful information, such as weight or item description.

So, suppose Amazon cannot assist you in locating the sender of an Amazon package (which is unlikely). In that case, your best bet is to get in touch with the delivery company that the package originated from, such as UPS or FedEx.


If you receive a package from Amazon but are unsure who sent it, your best option is to contact Amazon’s customer service and provide the details they need. Amazon can tell you if your package is a gift or a case of empty package scalping or “brushing.”