Amazon Sent Me the Wrong Item – What Should I Do? ([year])

Over the years, Amazon has proven to be organized and detail-oriented. With millions of orders to ship daily, they’re doing a reasonably good job ensuring everyone gets what they ordered.

Did Amazon send you the wrong item? Here’s what you should do to rectify the problem.

What Do I Do if Amazon Sent Me the Wrong Item?

If Amazon sends you the wrong item, contact Amazon Customer care service to report the situation as soon as possible. You can either ask for a replacement or a refund. Sometimes, Amazon might allow you to keep the wrong item while they process and send the correct item.

Amazon can occasionally send the wrong item, which may get you wondering what to do. So what do you do if Amazon sends you the wrong item? Read on to find out!

Do I Have to Return a Wrong Item Received From Amazon?

Yes, if you ordered an item from Amazon, but they sent you the wrong item, you should return the incorrect item in exchange for your original order.

However, the seller can ask you to keep the item, especially if the return cost is greater than the cost of the item. Another reason why a seller may ask you to keep an item and then go on to refund you or resend the correct order is to avoid bad reviews.

But if Amazon ships an item to you by accident (you did not initially order or pay for the item), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allows you to keep the item legally.

Amazon cannot send you an item you did not order and demand payment. So, you don’t have to return or pay for an item you get but didn’t order and can keep it as a gift.

But, if Amazon sends you a wrong item different from what you ordered, you should inform them immediately and ask them to refund you or send the correct order.

If Amazon wants the wrong item shipped back, you can process the returns through UPS or other pickup methods for Amazon returns. The seller will have to incur return costs if any.

How Do I Contact Amazon About a Wrong Item?

There are several ways to contact Amazon and inform them about the wrong item you received. You can reach them via their toll-free number @ 888-280-4331 or drop your complaints at the customer service email:

Alternatively, you can:

  • Visit the Amazon returns & refunds page;
  • Login to your account
  • Select refund or replace an item
  • Fill out the refund or replacement form
  • Use the return label provided to send the wrong item back.

Amazon can either replace the item, refund you, or give it as a gift. If you speak with an Amazon customer service agent, they may ask you to keep the item.

However, if you reach them online and submit a request, Amazon may request that you return the item. Usually, it’s better to submit a written request online.

Be sure to get clear instructions on how you can send back the wrong package while they process and send the right package to you.

Does Amazon Refund or Replace Wrong Items Delivered?

Amazon will refund or replace wrongly delivered items if they receive complaints from you about an incorrectly processed package.

If you don’t communicate the situation correctly, Amazon may be unable to refund or replace the wrongly delivered package. Usually, you should have pictures showing the item and details.

Amazon can only replace your item if the product is available with the same seller. If the product is not available, you’ll have to contact the seller (go to “Your Orders” and then to “Contact Seller” to request a refund).

Can I Keep the Wrong Item From Received From Amazon?

You can only keep the wrong item received from Amazon if it was unsolicited or if it’s a gift. So, you must know how to identify who sent you an Amazon package to know what to do next.

If there’s a mix-up in your order, contact Amazon or the seller for what to do. If they ask you to keep the item, you can (and you should).

Usually, Amazon or the seller will insist that you keep the wrongly delivered item with you as a token or gift for the inconvenience the situation might have caused you. They will also likely offer to refund you.

Usually, Amazon or the seller will allow you to keep the wrong item if the cost of sending it back is higher than the cost of the item. But Amazon may ask you to return expensive items.

If you keep the wrong item you received without reporting it to Amazon, they may contact you in the future. And if you still need your order, you can ask them to send you the correct item.

How Do I Return a Wrong Item Delivered From Amazon?

Returning a wrong item delivered by Amazon is relatively easy. Simply follow the process highlighted below:

  • Log in to your Amazon account
  • Go to your orders section
  • Click on ‘return’ or ‘replace’ next to the order you want to be addressed
  • Input a reason for the return or refund request action you are initiating
  • Use the return label provided to you to send the wrong item back.

What Should I Do if Amazon Will Not Refund a Wrong Item?

If Amazon ships you the wrong item and will not refund or replace it after communicating the matter with them, the next course of action depends on you. You can either decide to forget about the matter and stop using Amazon or sue them.

If you want to take further action, ensure you have all documents indicating the delivery of a wrong package to you and the refusal or failure of Amazon to grant you a refund after your request.

These documents would serve as evidence or exhibit and can strengthen your case against Amazon.

Why Did Amazon Send the Wrong Item?

There are lots of processes that go into packaging items for shipping and delivering orders. Amazon insists on precision and accuracy in labeling and packing the items following the delivery address and the persons making the order.

But with Amazon shipping over 1.6 million packages a day, there may be an error in the shipping, handling, or labeling.

While warehouse personnel and packaging staff do their best to ensure the right package is set for the proper addresses and persons, some mistakes still occur.

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If Amazon sends you the wrong item, you should contact Amazon or the seller and inform them about the error as soon as you can. Request a replacement or refund and return the item if Amazon or the seller asks you to. Don’t keep wrongly sent items at your discretion.