Amazon Household Not Working [year] [4 Solutions]

Amazon users can now share their Amazon Prime benefits with family and friends using Amazon Household. Sometimes, this feature on Amazon may stop working or be challenging to operate. If this happens, you should know why your Amazon Household is not working and what you can do about it.

Why Is Amazon Household Not Working?

Amazon Household is probably not working because you’re trying to join a Household that has reached its member limit of two adults, four teens, and four kids. Another reason could be that you left an Amazon Household recently. When this happens, you can’t join another Amazon Household for 180 days.

Amazon Household provides numerous benefits to Household members. However, sometimes this could stop working, and you or other plan members may not be able to access your Amazon Household benefits. Keep reading to find out why this happens, how you can fix it, and other factors affecting your Amazon Household account.

1. Amazon Household Has Reached Its Limit

Every Amazon Household has a limit, and once it has reached this limit, you can’t have access to that particular Household account.

If you’re trying to join a Household or trying to add someone and it’s not working, you might want to check whether the Household account is already at its limit of members.

This is the most common reason why your Amazon Household is not working. So, the only way to fix this is if one Household member exits the account. Usually, you can only have a maximum of 10 members in Amazon Household.

Members of the standard Amazon Household include:

  • At most, two adults (18 years and above), each with their own Amazon account.
  • Four teenagers, ages 13 through 17. These teens will have specific logins to access content and shop on Amazon. Amazon also ensures that adults can monitor the digital activities of their teens.
  • Not more than four kids. These children, however, can’t shop on Amazon.

When a new member is to be added to the Household as a replacement, the new member must be a replacement for the same category that is vacant.

Only an adult can join in if an adult leaves the Household and the other categories are intact. If one of the teenagers leaves, then only a teenager can join.

If you have a vacant slot for a child and an adult is trying to get into the Household, Amazon will not grant Household membership access to that person. So this could also be why your Amazon Household is not working.

2. You Have Less Than Two Adults

You need two adults in an Amazon Household account to make it work. This is not to say that the other age categories are unimportant. However, there have to be two adults before you can share the Household benefits.

If you have fewer than two, a fix will be to get another adult to join your Household. Remember that you can only have two adults before the plan works, no less and certainly no more.

3. You Left an Amazon Household Recently

If you left an Amazon Household plan, you would be unable to join any Amazon Household for a while. This will take about six months (180 days).

The benefits of the adult that just left the Amazon Household account will be temporarily unavailable not only to the leaving adult member but also to other members.

So, they might notice that Amazon Household is working with Prime shipping or that Amazon Household not working with Prime Video. This is because every Amazon Household needs two adults before it can work.

Although both adults can’t join another Amazon Household for six months, the one adult who leaves can rejoin his previous Household anytime. Amazon puts this measure in place to prevent people from switching accounts to take advantage of Prime benefits.

4. You Haven’t Enabled Shared Payment

Your Amazon Household may not work because you have not shared your payment. Here’s how to fix that and enable the payment-sharing option:

  1. Enter your Amazon account and select “Your Account.”
  2. Go to “Manage Your Household”
  3. Select “Manage Your Shared Payment Instruments”
  4. You should see the option to Enable Payment Sharing. Click that
  5. Click on “Verify Account.”
  6. Follow the onscreen instructions and finish the process.

How Do I Share Amazon Prime Video With Household?

You can share your Amazon Prime Video on Amazon Household through the following steps:

  1. Enter your Amazon account
  2. Select “Your Amazon Prime Membership”
  3. Select “Manage Your Household” from the “Share Your Benefits” menu.
  4. Put in the name and email address of whoever you’re sharing Prime Video with
  5. When you’re done, select Continue
  6. Amazon will invite both of you to share Amazon Wallet.
  7. Select the Prime features you would like to share. This is not only for Prime Video but can also be used for apps, ebooks, games, and much more.
  8. Click on “Agree.”
  9. You’ll see the option to send your invite.
  10. When the other person gets the mail, they should log in to their Amazon account and accept the invite.
  11. When that is done, they now have access to Prime Video through their account as long as they have their own Prime Video subscription.

You can also do this for any other Household benefits you want to share. Amazon typically gives your invitee 14 days after you send the invite to accept the invitation. You and your invitee must live in the same country or region or share a preferred marketplace.

How Many Family Members Can Use Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon does not have a specific number for how many family members can use Amazon Prime Video. However, if this is done by linking accounts on Amazon Household, all ten family members can use Amazon Prime Video.

If you decide not to use the Amazon Household account, then another option is to share your Prime Video account with family members. You can share your Prime Video account with up to six family members, but only three people can use it simultaneously, and only two users can view the same video at the same time.

Amazon Household remains an excellent way to share Prime benefits with others. This platform also enables you to not only share your Amazon benefits with others but also to choose which Prime benefits you want.

You also get to manage the profiles of the teens on your Household account and streamline their content using the family library. However, only six people in the Household can enjoy all Prime benefits because the four children can’t shop on Amazon.

How to Remove Someone From Amazon Household

You can remove adults or teens that turn 18 from the Household account.

Here’s how to remove adults from Amazon Household:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account
  2. Go to Manage Your Household
  3. You’ll see the adult avatar, click “Remove” just below the person you wish to remove

It’s important to note that only the main Amazon member can keep the Prime benefits after removing an adult from a Household account.

Amazon will no longer give the removed adult access to the content shared in the Family Library, and both adults will have to wait for about 180 days before they can rejoin any other Household.

Here’s how to remove a teen from Amazon Household:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Go to “Manage Your Household.”
  3. Locate the “Edit Profile” for the person you wish to remove.
  4. Select “Remove from Household.”


Your Amazon Household is probably not working because the account has reached its limit, you left an Amazon Household less than 180 days ago, there are less than 2 adults on the Amazon Household account, or you’re yet to enable shared payment. You can share Amazon Prime Video on your Household account.