Arriving Today by 10 pm From Amazon – Why Not Shipped Yet?

Are you waiting for your Amazon delivery yet left confused by the tracking information? Has your package not yet shipped, yet it says that it will be delivered by 9 pm or 10 pm?

This is actually somewhat common — and there’s a reason your tracking information has become confusing. Keep reading to learn why!

Why Is My Amazon Order “Arriving Today by 10 pm” but Not Shipped?

Your Amazon order may say it’s “Arriving Today by 10 pm”, but if it hasn’t shipped that it might be delayed. Your Amazon tracking may have just not been updated. If you live near a fulfillment center where same-day deliveries are common, you could possibly receive your package.

Keep reading to learn more about what you can expect. Will your package actually show up on your front doorstep today?

Can I Trust That I Will Receive My Amazon Order by 10 pm When It Has Not Been Shipped Yet?

If your Amazon order has not been shipped, yet it says that your package will be delivered by 9 pm or 10 pm, two things could happen.

Either you will not receive your package and Amazon will eventually update their tracking information to reflect this delay, or you will receive your package because you are located near a fulfillment center.

More often than not, the only people who will receive their package by the end of the day in this situation are those who live near Amazon fulfillment centers. This is because it’s very easy for delivery drivers to pick up packages at the center and deliver them within the same day.

Therefore, it would make sense that your package hasn’t “shipped” yet. Of course, even if you do live by fulfillment centers, you still might not see your package by the end of the day, as other issues and delays could come into play.

On average, if you live by a fulfillment center and you’re expecting your package today, if your tracking does not update to Out For Delivery by somewhere around 5 pm at the latest, then you can expect that you won’t receive your package by the end of the day.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives by fulfillment centers. If you don’t live near one and your Amazon order hasn’t shipped, yet it states you’ll receive it by the end of the day, you likely won’t.

This can happen when a delay occurs and Amazon’s tracking system just hasn’t updated yet to reflect that.

It can get a bit confusing. Therefore, never assume your package is actually on its way to your front doorstep until you get that Out For Delivery notification!

Does Amazon Deliver After 10 pm?

Amazon states that all deliveries can occur anywhere from 6 am to 10 pm. While you could expect a package during this timeframe, 8 am to 8 pm is a better range of when to prepare for delivery.

Therefore, Amazon will not deliver their packages after 10 pm. Most mail carriers that deliver Amazon packages will cease delivering well before 10 pm. During peak holiday seasons, you might see deliveries go into the night — but never after 10. 

What Happens if My Amazon Order Does Not Arrive by 10 pm?

If your Amazon order does not arrive by 10 pm as stated, then you should first wait to see if the tracking information has updated. If it’s still saying that the package hasn’t even shipped, give it some time. Check it in the morning.

This can be frustrating, but eventually, you’ll learn exactly what’s going on with your package. The shipping process will continue and your tracking information will update as a result.

Sometimes, you might be notified that your package is running a bit late. This is normal. It’s also a good sign! This means that Amazon is aware of the situation and working to ensure things aren’t held up more than they need to be!

If you’re very confused about what’s going on, you can always try to get in contact with Amazon or the mail carrier in possession of your package. They’ll better be able to handle your specific situation.

Will I Be Compensated if My Amazon Order Does Not Arrive by 10 pm?

You often will not be compensated if your order does not arrive by 10 pm. If you’ve paid for express or overnight shipping, you can always call Amazon to let them know the situation. They may compensate you for delivery costs only.


If your order hasn’t shipped yet, Amazon is saying that your package will arrive by the end of the day, you more than likely will not receive your package that day. However, if you live by a fulfillment center, your package could be delivered by the end of the day.

In some cases, you might also face the message “arriving today by 8 pm”. Read our article covering this here: Amazon Says “Arriving Today by 8M” When Not Shipped [Why?]