Amazon Night Shift Hours and Pay ([year])

About 15 million Americans work permanent night shifts. And people work the night shifts for many different reasons. If you want to work night shifts at Amazon, you may want to know the hours and pay.

Here’s all you need to know about Amazon’s night shift hours and pay.

What Are the Night Shift Hours at Amazon Warehouse?

Typical Amazon night shift hours start between 6 pm and 8 pm, and end between 5 am and 7 am. Night shifts could last anywhere between 8 and 12 hours. Amazon night shift workers are paid about $16 per hour on average and can earn up to $2 extra per hour.

Amazon offers several other positions on her night shift plans for willing employees. This plan comes with competitive pay and mouth-watering incentives, e.g., sign-on bonuses for specific warehouse jobs. Read on to find out about Amazon night shift hours and pay.

How Much Does Amazon Pay for Night Shifts?

While the pay varies by location, Amazon night shift workers are paid about $16 per hour on average. In some states, the average pay per hour could be as high as $25, e.g., in California.

Apart from this pay, some night shift workers, particularly those in the warehouse sections, are offered incentives such as sign-on bonuses. This extra pay and bonuses compensate for the inconveniences night shifts can cause.

Does Amazon Pay Extra for Night Shifts?

Amazon pays extra for night shifts. Amazon night shift workers are entitled to a shift bonus known as a shift differential, and this shift bonus ranges from $0.5 to $2.

Usually, Amazon night shift workers earn more than day shift workers. Usually, night workers at Amazon get paid an average of $1 per hour, whether the night shift is on weekdays or weekends.

Amazon Night Shift Hours Part Time

Amazon’s part-time night shift typically starts at 10 pm and ends at 2 am the next day. However, the work schedule may vary from station to station, and the total shift hours remain constant despite any variance in the work schedule.

This shift is particularly desirable as you still have time during the day to attend to other businesses or appointments in your schedule.

Amazon Night Shift Hours Full Time

Amazon’s full-time night shift typically starts at 7 pm and ends at 5:30 am the next day.

However, there are variations to this time, which could differ by location. Full-time night shifts start between 6 pm and 8 pm, and end between 5 am and 7 am. Some employees can choose to work 12-hour night shifts, known as megacycle shifts.

If you intend to work this shift, you take time out during the week to rest adequately. Usually, the workload would thin out towards the middle of the night and peak again in the morning.

Are Amazon Night Shifts Hard?

Amazon night shifts are not that hard, especially during the weekdays. How hard night shifts are will depend on your type of person and what time of the day you’re most active.

While the definition of ‘hard’ is subjective and largely dependent on a person’s view of how cumbersome or demanding the work is, several Amazon night shift workers say Amazon night shifts can be moderately tedious. Here’s what to expect at a typical night shift.

If you’re not a night owl, staying awake or as active as expected might be difficult. You must remain active to avoid errors that may lead to queries. Taking a nap approximately 30 minutes before the start of your shift can help.

Having a solid reason for working night shifts can keep you motivated. Seeing that you’ll earn extra money can be a good motivation.

An Amazon night shift worker claims her weight dropped from 210 pounds to 160 pounds after working night shifts with Amazon for about two years. She sees the night shift as a workout she is being paid for.

Amazon Night Shift Jobs Near Me

If you’re interested in night shift jobs, you can easily locate Amazon night shift jobs near you. Go through the available Amazon night shifts jobs, and choose a location near you so you can easily go from home to work and back home.

You don’t want to choose a night shift location far from home so that you don’t have to commute home late at night, especially if you want to work this night shift part-time.

Alternatives to Amazon Night Shifts

While Amazon does its best to satisfy its customers and employees, it is impossible and impractical to meet everyone’s needs.

For example, you might not be able to work nights at Amazon if you don’t like the work environment or shift schedule. Or you might need an alternative to Amazon night shifts if the Amazon workplace is not close enough to your home.

There are other suitable night shift alternatives to Amazon. Here are some other organizations or companies you might be interested in working with for night shifts.

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Best Buy
  • Flipkart

While the above is not an exhaustive list of suitable alternatives to Amazon night shifts, they are worth considering while you search for other options for night shifts at Amazon.


On average, Amazon pays night shift workers $16 per hour, apart from special incentives like sign-on bonuses. You can choose part-time night shifts, and work between 10 pm and 2 am, or choose full-time night shifts and work between 6 pm and 8 pm to between 5 am and 7 am.