Amazon Package Arrived Empty in [year] [Here’s What to Do]

Amazon ships about 66,000 orders every hour. And because they have many orders to fill, a delayed or missing box package can occur.

Since this is a random error, it could happen to anyone or even you. So, what should you do if your Amazon package arrives empty?

What Should I Do If My Amazon Package Arrives Empty?

If your Amazon package arrives empty, you must immediately report the case to the seller. If they cannot solve it, contact Amazon customer support and lodge a delivery complaint. After receiving and verifying the complaint, Amazon will issue you a replacement or refund.

Amazon rarely sends an empty package. But if your Amazon package arrives empty, you may be wondering what to do and how to contact Amazon about the empty package. Keep reading to find out.

How Do I Contact Amazon About an Empty Package?

Before requesting an empty package replacement or refund from Amazon, you must first contact the seller (Amazon or third-party seller) to report the incident.

Usually, you should wait up to 48 hours to hear from the seller after reporting the empty package. If the immediate seller cannot resolve the problem, you should contact Amazon customer service and file a complaint.

When you report the case to Amazon, you can decide whether you want a replacement or a refund. Amazon’s customer service can help you answer Amazon logistics and delivery, order, or return questions.

If the error is from Amazon, you can rest assured that they will correct their mistakes.

Does Amazon Refund Empty Packages?

Amazon can refund empty packages if Amazon has confirmed that you ordered the item from them.

Usually, Amazon will refund empty parcels if they can verify that the tracking status on your dashboard reflects that the item was delivered.

You may not get a refund if Amazon cannot track your order. Your order will only be eligible for a refund if you have a receipt or if the status reads “delivered” and has arrived.

However, there is a chance that two errors occurred, and you received not only an empty package but also the wrong one. What if this is the case? What should you do if Amazon sends you the wrong item?

Will Amazon Send Me a Replacement for an Empty Package?

Once you’ve reported to Amazon that you got an empty package, they will verify your claim. Once verified, Amazon will replace the empty package if you request it.

So, if you get an empty package, the first thing to do is to contact the seller directly and then report to Amazon customer service if the seller is unable to solve the problem.

Amazon will refund your money if the item is no longer in stock. However, they will give you an option for a refund or replacement if the item is still in stock.

So, if you want a replacement for an empty package, Amazon will send you a replacement if the item is still in stock.

Amazon can only send you a replacement after it has been verified that you ordered from Amazon and not from online fraudsters.

Why Did Amazon Send Me an Empty Box?

While receiving an empty package rarely happens, it does happen. You’re not the first and probably won’t be the last person this happens to. But why did Amazon send you an empty box in the first place?

If you have received an empty package from Amazon, it could be for several reasons.

  • Amazon prepped your package for shipping but missed it during the packaging process. This can easily happen, considering the large number of daily orders Amazon has to fulfill.
  • Amazon did not seal your package correctly, and the item got out of the box during delivery.
  • You did not order from a trusted seller on Amazon and did business with a fraudster who claims to be an Amazon vendor. i.e., you might have been a victim of empty package scalping.

What is Empty Package Scalping?

Empty package scalping is an e-commerce scam in which an online seller increases the success of package delivery statistics on large e-commerce platforms like Amazon by sending and tracking the successful delivery of empty parcels.

When this happens, the victim’s details, such as their name and address, are stolen by fraudulent e-commerce business owners who send light “junk” shipments or empty padded envelopes to the victim’s foreign address.

A customer may purchase an empty box from Amazon through empty package scalping. Since this is a complete scam, Amazon will not be held liable when this occurs, so there may not be a refund or replacement.

How Do I Report Empty Package Scalping?

You’ve just received an empty package you never ordered from Amazon at your doorstep. Or you ordered from Amazon, as you thought, got an empty package, and discovered that you’ve just fallen victim to empty package scalping.

How do you report empty package scalping? Here are ways to handle it:

  • Report the seller for the false review and the empty package to Amazon.

All questions about Amazon logistics are answered by Amazon customer service. Call 844-311-0406 to report the event to Amazon for instant help. If you have any more queries concerning the security of your account, you may get in touch with Amazon.

  • You may also report the fraud to

Contact the Federal Trade Commission at (877) 382-4357 or online to report the fraud. You may help prevent others from falling for the same scam by reporting this act.

  • You can go on to change the passwords on your online accounts.

You should change your password and other security settings if your account is ever hacked. This is to ensure the fraudster doesn’t have access to it again. Thus, all possibilities that might have exposed your account must be disabled.


You must immediately report an empty Amazon package to the seller. If they cannot solve it, contact Amazon customer support and lodge a delivery complaint. Usually, Amazon will offer a refund or replacement after verifying your complaint. If you’re a victim of empty package scalping, Amazon might not be able to help.