What Is Amazon.ca? [All You Need to Know]

Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world, with operations not only in the United States but also in many other countries worldwide.

If you have seen Amazon.ca, you may wonder what it means. So, what is Amazon.ca? Here’s all you need to know.

What Is Amazon.ca?

Amazon.ca is Amazon’s Canadian website or arm with similar operations as Amazon US. Like the official Amazon website (Amazon.com), Amazon.ca offers millions of products, from household supplies to office essentials. However, the two websites may differ in products, shipping fees, and prices.

Amazon shoppers from Canada can save on shipping expenses by ordering their everyday necessities from Amazon.ca. The website delivers millions of products from brands and sellers worldwide and local vendors in Canada.

Keep reading to discover why you have Amazon.ca on display, how Amazon.ca operates, how it differs from Amazon.com, and lots more.

Is Amazon.ca the same as Amazon.com?

Amazon.ca is an affiliate of Amazon.com. The Canadian website offers the same services as Amazon.com. However, sometimes the inventory could differ from country to country.

Although general operations like customer care service, advertising strategies, offers, and return policies are the same, there are notable differences in product availability, taxes, prices, and shipping charges.

So, some products can be available on Amazon.com but unavailable on Amazon.ca. There are also cases where the products are available on both websites, but the prices and shipping costs differ.

If you want to purchase multiple items at once, it is best to shop on Amazon.com. However, if you want to buy a single low-priced commodity, the Amazon.ca website is the better option to shop at.

Thanks to Amazon’s expansive growth as one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, Amazon has a global presence in many countries, including Germany, Italy, the UK, Spain, Australia, and Canada.

Why Does My Amazon Say “Search Amazon CA”?

If your Amazon shows you “search Amazon CA,” you are using Amazon’s Canadian website, Amazon.ca, and not Amazon.com.

When you shop on Amazon US, the search box displays “Search Amazon,” and when you use Amazon.ca, it says “Search Amazon.ca.”

This is because when you shop on the Amazon website, the Amazon assistant automatically assigns the web language and Amazon marketplace based on your IP address.

You can always change this setting on your Amazon app by doing the following:

  • Select the “Settings” icon at the top of Amazon Assistant.
  • Next, tap “Change country/region.”
  • Lastly, choose the marketplace you prefer.

These changes should apply immediately and reflect offers and items available at the selected address.

How Do I Get Out of Amazon.ca On The Amazon App?

You may want to shop on Amazon.com instead of Amazon.ca or just want to check the offers on the other address. If you want to switch from Amazon.ca to Amazon US on the Amazon App, here’s how to go about it:

  1. Open your Amazon app and tap on the kebab button (the three horizontal lines stacked on each other at the lower right section of your screen). You should see your home, profile, and orders icon there.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the “settings” menu and tap on it.
  1. Select “Country & Language”
  1. From there, you can change from Amazon CA to any other Amazon marketplace you prefer. When you click “Country/region,” you will see a list of other Amazon countries/regions available in other languages. Select your preferred marketplace and hit the “Done” button.
  1. Your Amazon app will immediately change to the marketplace you select, and the language associated with that region will apply.

What Is The Difference Between Amazon.ca and Amazon.com?

Amazon.ca is the official Canadian website, while Amazon.com is based in the United States. While their operations are generally the same, there are some differences in price, product availability, shipping fees, and taxes.

Here are some of the same products offered on both websites and the prices they are tagged at:

  • UNO Family Card Game, with112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin, costs 17.99 CAD ($13.88) on Amazon.ca, but on Amazon.com, it costs $10.99.
  • The 2022 Flagship Acer 311 Chromebook on Amazon.ca is priced at 260 CAD ($200.65), while on Amazon.com, it is $179.
  • The Sony Alpha 7 IV Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera with 28–70mm Zoom on Amazon.ca is priced at 3397.97 CAD ($2622.38); meanwhile, the price is $2698 on Amazon.com.
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy-Nintendo Switch Standard Edition costs 68.25 CAD ($52.25) on Amazon.ca, while on Amazon.com, it costs $48.80.
  • On Amazon CA, the Sam Edelman Women’s Briar Flat Sandal is priced at 133.56 CAD ($103.07), while it is priced at $120 on Amazon U.S.

Amazon.com is generally superior to its Canadian counterpart as it provides a larger selection of items at lower prices. This does not mean Amazon.ca is not affordable, as some items are cheaper there than on Amazon.com.

The current exchange rate between the US and the Canadian dollar is thirty cents. This means that the Canadian exchange rate for every USD is $1.30.

Keep reading if you want to learn if Amazon in Canada ships to the US.


Amazon.ca is a subsidiary of Amazon.com and offers millions of products to customers in Canada. While Amazon.ca has the same operations as Amazon.com, there are differences in prices, taxes, costs of shipping, and products available. You can change your location to shop in the country you wish.