If I Order Multiple Items on Amazon, Do They Ship Together?

When you’re ordering multiple items on Amazon, it can be so much easier to receive all of the items in one box upon delivery. Unfortunately, it seems that this doesn’t happen that often, as customers always seem to receive two or more boxes with their order.

So, is there any way to get all of your items together in one box? Why do you receive multiple packages in the first place? Keep reading to learn more!

If You Order Multiple Items on Amazon, Do They Ship Together?

If you order multiple items in one order on Amazon, they sometimes ship together in one box. Other times, they do not and will ship separately. This all depends on whether you’re buying from a seller, as well as where the items are located in various fulfillment centers.

To learn even more about how you can potentially consolidate your order into one package, keep reading!

How to Make Amazon Ship Multiple Items Together

If your Amazon order has many items in it, it’s also so much easier to receive all of the items in one package rather than various small ones.

When your entire order is in one package, you’ll only have to track one package throughout the shipping process — and you’ll have only one package to deal with once your order is delivered.

However, it seems to be somewhat hard to get all of your order’s items into one package. This is for a variety of reasons.

Buying from sellers is one of the main reasons why you may receive different packages for one order. Sellers may be in charge of their own shipping, which will make it impossible to combine your entire order, unless you’re only buying from that particular seller.

Therefore, it might help to only order items that Amazon themselves sells. But even then, you’ll run into trouble. This has to do with fulfillment centers and where your items are actually located.

If you’re ordering two items that come from two different fulfillment centers around the country, your items won’t be combined into one package. You’ll get two separate packages.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to see if your items will be coming from different areas.

You might be able to limit the number of boxes you receive — and possibly get it down to one! When you go to check out your order, you’ll be given a few different delivery options. You’ll always have one that says you will receive your order in the least amount of boxes.

Often, this delivery is on Friday, also called Amazon Delivery Day. You just might be able to only receive one package for your entire order if you set your delivery to this shipping method!

If I Order 2 Items on Amazon Within a 30-Minute Interval, Do They Ship Together?

Sometimes, you might even find that two separate orders you’ve made will come in one package and will ship together. This often happens if you’ve made both order purchases in a quick timeframe, one after the other.

Therefore, once Amazon fulfillment centers begin to work to package your order together, they’ll see that you have ordered a few items. If the items are located in the same fulfillment center, they’ll put the orders together in one package.

This only happens if the items are in the same fulfillment center. If they aren’t, you’ll receive multiple packages instead.

Can You Combine Orders on Amazon for Free Shipping?

Amazon does offer the chance to extend Free Shipping to other orders that you may make after your first initial order! Let’s say you start with an order that exceeds $25, thereby allowing you to receive Free Shipping when you check out. You complete this order process and get that Free Shipping.

Once you’ve made this order, you can extend your Free Shipping to any other order that you make within the next 24 hours — regardless of that order’s price. You don’t need to meet that $25 threshold within this timeframe.

You can only receive this if you buy items that are shipped from Amazon rather than from sellers. Plus, all of your orders need to be made by the same Amazon account and also need to be delivered to the same address to qualify.

Reasons Why Amazon Sometimes Does Not Consolidate Orders

Sometimes, you might not be able to consolidate your orders into one. This may happen if:

  • You buy from multiple different sellers
  • The items are not located in the same fulfillment center or warehouse
  • All items are not being shipped to the same address
  • The items were not bought by the same Amazon account


If you order multiple Amazon items, they sometimes will ship together in one package. Sometimes, they will not. Where the items are located in fulfillment centers can affect this. If you buy from different sellers, you may also receive more than one package upon delivery.