How to Get Promoted at Amazon Warehouse in [year]

Working at Amazon has quite a lot of benefits; however, working as an entry-level employee certainly has fewer advantages than working as a manager, supervisor, or in any of the upper-level positions.

So if you want to get promoted at Amazon, let’s find out: How do you work your way up in Amazon?

How to Get Promoted at Amazon Warehouse

To get promoted at an Amazon warehouse, you need to apply for an internal position that is above your current level. However, in addition to applying, it is essential that you make a good impression on your manager, as they will be the ones approving or denying your promotion.

Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting promoted at Amazon:

  • Impress your manager (this is essential.)
  • Be consistently hard-working, and don’t let your dedication waiver as the months go on.
  • Become a training ambassador, as this will show your desire to train and use your skill set to improve the warehouse.
  • Have a positive attitude. You would be surprised how far a polite and community-driven demeanor can take you at Amazon.
  • Make it known that you want to move up in Amazon and are dedicated to the company.
  • Notify management if you have any safety concerns or see anywhere the warehouse can improve its productivity; a little initiative goes a long way.

Now that you understand what you can and should do to increase your chances of getting promoted, let’s find out how promotions work at Amazon, including how to move up in an Amazon warehouse and how to become a manager at your Amazon warehouse!

How Hard Is It to Get a Promotion at Amazon Warehouse?

How Hard Is It to Get a Promotion at Amazon Warehouse

In general, employees say that it’s quite hard to get a promotion at Amazon warehouse.

The main reason why it is so hard to get promoted at Amazon is simply that there are so many employees. In total, Amazon employs over 1 million people, and in an individual sortation or fulfillment center, there can be more than 1,000 employees!

In the centers, most of the employees are tier 1, or entry-level, workers, which means you could be competing against hundreds of people for the same promotion.

This is why it is absolutely essential that you stand out from all of the other employees who hold the same job title by being not only an exemplary employee but one who is willing to go above and beyond.

How Often Do You Get a Promotion at Amazon Warehouse?

Experience is important to Amazon, and you will certainly need to have some under your belt before being considered for a promotion. That being said, you do have the ability to be promoted at Amazon after only several months of employment in a tier 1 position.

You might be wondering how to become a manager at an Amazon warehouse and whether or not you can do it quickly. The good news is that by following the recommendations listed above and proving yourself in your warehouse, you can move from a tier 1 position to a managerial role in tier 3 in only a few months.

The lower your position is, the quicker and more frequently you can be promoted, as there are most jobs in lower management. As you climb the ladder, promotions can become much more infrequent as there are fewer positions available and the competition increases.

So, how often do you get a promotion at an Amazon warehouse? Well, that depends on how good you are, how bad you want it, and how much you can impress your superiors! But there’s nothing that says it can’t happen every few months to every few years.

How Much Do Tier 3 Amazon Employees Make?

Before we dig into our salary comparison between tier 1 and tier 3 Amazon employees, it’s important to understand why we skipped tier 2.

Tier 2 employees are almost exclusively human resources, IT staff, and nondirect warehouse workers. So if you want to be promoted from a tier 1 direct warehouse worker to a supervisor, manager, or various other positions that are a direct step up from your current position, you will be moving into the tier 3 category.

Now, you’re probably wondering: How much does your salary increase going from tier 1 to tier 3?

While Amazon’s hourly rates vary substantially between warehouse locations and job titles, the average throughout the company for tier 1 workers is $17.56 an hour and $32 for tier 3 workers.

Essentially that means that tier 3 employees, on average, make double what tier 1 employees make!

Amazon Warehouse Career Levels

Amazon uses both tiers and levels to differentiate between categories of employees.

There are four subsections of tiered employees:

  • Tier 1: Entry-level Positions.
  • Tier 2: IT, Human Resources, Non-direct Warehouse Employees.
  • Tier 3: Assistant Management & Supervisors.
  • Tier 4: Floor & Operations Managers

Now, here’s where it gets a little confusing, the levels are organized from L1 to L12, and at the lower levels, the jobs overlap with tiered positions, and the length of time the employee has worked for Amazon is how the level is assigned.

As the levels increase, they are no longer based on salary but on job titles. For example, Jeff Bezos is the only person assigned to L12, directors are L8s, and senior managers are L7s.

In general, if you work at an Amazon warehouse and want to be promoted from an entry-level position to a managerial role, you won’t have to worry about the Level assignments for a few years.


To get promoted at an Amazon warehouse, you need to apply internally, impress management, and prove that you are there to stay and truly want to grow within the company. Although many report that it is difficult to get promoted at Amazon due to the fierce competition, it is possible!