Does Amazon Canada Ship to the US?

Looking to shop on Amazon Canada and ship to the US? Luckily, you can do just that without too many issues arising! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know when shopping on Amazon Canada!

Does Amazon Canada Ship to the US?

Yes, many sellers and companies on Amazon Canada offer to ship to the United States. US Amazon customers will be able to connect to their Amazon account on the Canada site, then can easily check out as long as they only buy items that can ship to them.

There’s a lot more you should know about this situation. Below, we tell you everything you need to know.

How to Buy From Amazon Canada and Ship to the US

Just as with the US Amazon site, Amazon Canada has so many different sellers and companies that offer different products — and different shipment options. As a result, some sellers offer shipping to the US. Some don’t.

This is important when you’re looking to shop on Amazon Canada. Obviously, you’re only going to want to purchase items that will be shipped to you in the US with no major problem.

So, to buy from Amazon Canada and have your order shipped to the US, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Amazon Canada’s site
  2. Browse for items
  3. Only add items that offer US shipping to your cart

Why Can’t Amazon Canada Ship Some Items to the US?

When you are trying to buy from Amazon Canada, are you met with the message “Item Cannot Be Shipped to Your Selected Location”? Unfortunately, this is common.

This is because not every single item on Amazon Canada allows for shipment to the US. As we mentioned above, sellers have the final say in where they can ship items — and some sellers do not want to ship to the US, as it can quickly become a bit of a hassle.

Extra custom fees and duties are the main reason why so many sellers may choose not to ship to the US. However, there are still quite a lot of sellers and companies on Amazon Canada that do!

Does Amazon US Ship to Canada?

Much like Americans can buy from Amazon Canada, Canadians can buy off of Amazon US! Of course, both Americans and Canadians alike can have issues in these situations.

This is because so many sellers may choose not to ship to Canada or internationally when they are in the US. So, some Canadians may not be able to buy everything they want, as it won’t ship to them. We all have the same problems!

Is Shipping on Amazon Canada Free to the US?

Shipping is not free when you’re buying from Amazon Canada and having the package delivered to somewhere in the United States. While overall shipping costs can vary depending on so many factors, shipping rates will start at about $6.99, at least.

It’s also worth mentioning that you will also likely have to pay extra fees to get this international package. Therefore, you should definitely keep a heads up about any customs fees and duties being sent your way.

You will more than likely be notified about these extra fees before you purchase your order, though!

How Do I Return Something I Bought on Amazon Canada?

Returning an item you bought on Amazon Canada is very easy — as you follow the same steps you would if you were returning an item you bought on the US Amazon page. As you can use the same Amazon account on both sites, you should have no issues when returning items.

First, start by heading to the “Your Orders” section of your Amazon account. Then, find the order or the item that you’re going to return. Click it to start the return process.

Amazon will then give you the options available to return this item. Often, mailing the package back to Amazon in Canada is the easiest and only way to go.

Is Amazon Canada the Same as Amazon US?

While Amazon Canada and Amazon US sites look remarkably similar, they are not completely the same. Obviously, one caters to Canada, while the other caters to the US.

Because these sites are dedicated to two different countries, different products and items will be available to buy on each. Some items will only be available to buy in Canada, while others will only be available to buy in the US!

Does Amazon Prime Work When Ordering From Amazon Canada?

If you’re ordering from Amazon Canada while using an Amazon Prime membership you bought on the American site, you likely won’t be able to use your Prime membership. You’ll therefore have to pay for likely longer shipping.

However, if you’re an American living in Canada (or staying there for a while), Amazon says that you can switch your Prime membership over, as you’ll still be shipping from within one country. It’s when you’re attempting to ship internationally that this becomes a problem!


To buy from Amazon Canada, you can go to the Amazon Canada page and easily start searching for any items that you’re looking to buy. However, you must ensure that any items you select ship internationally to the US — otherwise, you won’t be able to buy them.