Amazon Recruiter Call After Onsite Interview

You’ve recently been asked to have a call with an Amazon recruiter shortly after your onsite job interview.

What does this mean? What can you expect: a job offer or a rejection?

Keep reading to find out!

What Should I Expect From an Amazon Recruiter Call After an Onsite Interview?

If an Amazon recruiter has called you after an onsite interview, they could either be calling to get your feedback on the interview or to offer you a job. Amazon recruiters do not, on average, call to reject you. Therefore, the call will likely be positive.

Keep reading to learn more about what you could expect from an Amazon recruiter after your onsite interview!

Does the Amazon Recruiter Call to Reject?

On average, Amazon recruiters will not call you to reject you after an onsite interview. In fact, Amazon rarely even lets you know that you’ve been rejected after an interview. The most they’ll do is change your application status to “No Longer Under Consideration”, but even this isn’t guaranteed.

Therefore, if you’re being told to expect a call from an Amazon recruiter, this call will likely be positive.

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Is It a Good Sign That the Amazon Recruiter Wants a Call Rather Than Giving a Response Over Email?

Yes, it is a good sign that Amazon recruiters are calling you rather than sending you an email or not calling you at all. If an Amazon recruiter doesn’t call you more than a week after your interview, this likely means that you have been rejected for the position.

So, if you’re expecting a call from Amazon, this call will likely be positive and result in a job offer. At the very least, the recruiter is just calling to get your feedback on the interview, to follow up, or to make another interview with you (though this is rare).

Again, Amazon does not reject people over the phone after interviews. So, you shouldn’t worry about rejection in this situation.

How to Prepare for an Amazon Recruiter Call After an Onsite Interview

If you’re expecting a call from an Amazon recruiter after your onsite interview, prepare by:

  • Having the necessary paperwork (calendar, potential questions, etc.) ready
  • Knowing when you can start work
  • Ensuring you are in a quiet area to take the call

Overall, it’s recommended that you have any necessary paperwork available to easily grab during this call. For example, if you have any questions about the job you’re applying for, write these questions down before the call, so you remember to ask them.

It might also help to have a calendar ready and to know when you can start work if the recruiter asks. Having blank paper to write any information down will also help.

Finally, you should also ensure that you are in a quiet area when you take this call. The last thing you need is a bunch of noise drowning out what the recruiter is trying to tell you!

What Will the Amazon Recruiter Tell Me on the Call After the Onsite Interview?

A few things could happen during this phone call with an Amazon recruiter.

First, they could just be getting feedback from you about the interview. They’ll be asking how you felt the interview went, if the interviewer did a good job, and if you have any helpful feedback about the interview process for the company or the team at hand.

If this is the case, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have been accepted or rejected for the position. However, as we’ve already mentioned, Amazon does not reject people over the phone — so you, at the very least, won’t be rejected during this phone call.

The Amazon recruiter could also be calling to set up another interview with you. This is rare, as Amazon often only does one interview and likes to hire people quickly. However, this does depend on what position you’re applying for, so this could differ for some candidates.

Finally, the recruiter could be calling to offer you a job and let you know what the next steps of the application process can be. You will have to undergo a background check before you can officially start work and attend orientation.

What Does It Mean if the Amazon Recruiter Tells Me That I Am Moving Ahead in the Process?

If you are moving ahead with the process after an onsite interview, then this means that you have basically gotten the job! All you need to do now is pass your background check — and then you’ll be able to start your first day of work.

As long as you successfully pass these two tests, you’ve got the job!


If your Amazon recruiter is set to call you after an onsite job interview, this means they are either looking for interview feedback for their team, or they are going to offer you a job. Amazon does not, on average, reject candidates over the phone.