When Does Amazon Charge for Pre-Orders?

When preordering items on Amazon, what can you, a customer, expect? For example, when does Amazon actually charge your card if you preorder something weeks in advance of it being released? Below, we answer all of your preordering questions!

When Does Amazon Charge for Pre-Orders in 2022?

Amazon will charge you for preorders once your package has shipped. Sometimes, you may see an authorization for the purchase pending on your bank account right after purchasing. However, this money won’t actually come out of your account until your package is completely shipped.

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How Do Pre-Orders Work on Amazon?

First, let’s discuss everything you need to know about preordering items on Amazon. If you preorder an item before it is officially released, you will receive the item on the day of the release date.

For example, let’s say you preorder a book that isn’t officially released for a month. You can preorder that book a month ahead of time. Then, on the official release date, you will receive your package at your door — or, at the very latest, a few days later.

Amazon works hard to offer customers the opportunity to have preorders delivered to their door the day the item they’ve purchased is released

Does Amazon Charge for Pre-Orders Right Away?

When it comes to purchasing preorders, you can expect not to have your card charged until your package officially ships. So, Amazon won’t charge you right away. However, you may notice that there is an authorized pending purchase from Amazon in your bank account.

As it’s pending, this amount has not been officially taken out of your account. In a few days’ time, this pending charge will go away — and you will not be charged. Amazon just does this to ensure that your payment method is verifiable.

Once your order officially ships, you will be charged. So, this could mean that you order something and will not be charged for a whole month, as your item won’t ship until then. This is normal and nothing to worry about!

If I Am Not Charged Right Away, Can Amazon Still Guarantee the Price of My Pre-Order?

Yes, Amazon always works to get you the lowest price available for your preorder! You won’t see any crazy surge in price if you preorder something a month ahead of time!

Amazon states that they will always give you the lowest price from the time you order the item to the time the item is actually released. So, if the price of the item goes down after you’ve already preordered it, you don’t have to worry. You’ll get this lower price!

Does Amazon Charge Extra for Pre-Orders?

Amazon has no control over how much some preorders actually cost. Sometimes, this has to do with the seller in charge. Other times, Amazon only offers the regular price the item will be once it is officially released.

Therefore, Amazon does not charge extra for any preorders — neither the item itself nor shipping. If you do not have Prime, you might have to pay for shipping, though.

Sometimes, you might even get a good deal if you order a preorder. For example, many publishers work with Amazon to push discounts for book preorders, as they want a lot of people to buy the book the week it is released.

So, you might even get a deal if you preorder an item before it officially comes out!

Can I Cancel a Pre-Orders Before and After I Am Charged?

You can cancel any preorder you have already ordered — as long as you are canceling the order before the item is shipped to you. As we’ve mentioned above, you will be charged whenever your preorder ships.

So, if you want to cancel your preorder, you should do this before it ships. Normally, preorders will ship a few days before the item is set to be officially released. So, if you’re looking to cancel your preorder, be sure to do it before this timeframe.

Amazon allows you to cancel any preorder at any time before this shipment process. So, even if you cancel your preorder a few days before release, you will be able to! Again, as long as your package hasn’t yet shipped!


Amazon charges for preorders when the order is shipped. This likely happens a few days before the item is officially released. You may see a pending charge on your bank account right after ordering, but this will go away in three to five business days, and you won’t be charged.