What Does “Undeliverable” Mean on Amazon? [FAQs]

You’re expecting a package from Amazon to be delivered… but then you see that your package has been marked as “Undeliverable” and has been returned to Amazon. What does this mean? What can you now expect? Keep reading to find out!

What Does “Undeliverable” Mean on Amazon?

An “Undeliverable” package on Amazon means that the mail carrier in charge of delivering your package could not do so for a variety of different reasons. This could have happened if your address was incorrect, restricted, or the delivery driver could not deliver your package after many attempts.

Below, we explain even more about what you can expect in this type of situation.

What Do I Do if My Amazon Package Says “Undeliverable”?

If your Amazon package says that it is “Undeliverable”, this means that your package is going to be immediately returned to Amazon. You will be refunded within 48 hours of the undeliverable scan.

All you can do at this point is wait to ensure that your refund officially goes through. Unfortunately, Amazon states that they cannot resend a package that has been marked as “Undeliverable”.

However, you can reorder the exact same order with the exact same items to try to get it successfully shipped out to you again. This time, ensure that your address is correct and try to make sure that nothing will keep your package from being delivered to you this time! 

Why Is My Amazon Package Undeliverable?

There are many reasons why your Amazon package may have been marked as “Undeliverable”. On average, this just means that a mail carrier could not deliver your package — but this could be for various different reasons.

Often, your package will be marked “Undeliverable” if:

  • Your address was incorrect
  • The address is restricted (prison, correctional facility, etc.)
  • The recipient refused delivery
  • The mail carrier attempted delivery (at least three days in a row) and failed
  • The address was illegible and could not be read because of shipping markings or damages
  • The package was damaged and torn open
  • The package was assigned to a mail carrier who doesn’t deliver to your address

These are the most common reasons why your package could be marked as “Undeliverable”. Every situation is different.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you — or doesn’t happen to you again — make sure your address is always correct!

Amazon “Undeliverable” Refund Policy

When a package is marked “Undeliverable”, it is returned immediately to Amazon. Amazon will then refund you completely about 48 hours after the undeliverable scan is sent through. You will not be able to receive a replacement, only a refund.

As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon also does not resend “Undeliverable” packages. So, if you’re looking to get those items in your order, you will need to make a completely different order with the exact same products.

Amazon will send this order out to you again — and hopefully, you will get your package this time!

How Long Does It Take To Get a Refund on an Undeliverable Product From Amazon?

On average, it will take only 48 hours for you to receive a refund after the initial undeliverable scan is completed. Of course, this could vary depending on your bank account and other factors.

As a result, some people state that they have received their refund closer to three to five days after the undeliverable scan was sent through. If the scan was sent through on the weekend, you might also have to wait longer.

Amazon does tend to be on time when it comes to this type of refund, just because they know that you never got the item and, therefore, should not be charged for it. If you have any issues at all regarding receiving this refund, you should definitely get in contact with Amazon Support.

What Should I Do if Amazon Will Not Refund Me for an Undeliverable Package?

Amazon’s return policy for Undeliverable packages states that they will always refund customers within 48 hours of the undeliverable scan going through. They must refund you your money, as you never received your package.

If they do not, this could be because of some external factor or a technological glitch. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you get in contact with Amazon Support immediately and tell them what is going on. Explain that you have still not received your refund.

Amazon Support will be able to immediately help you or at least get you to talk to someone who will explain why it might be taking longer for you to receive your refund!

Why Does Amazon Say “Undeliverable” When My Package Is Still Delivered?

If your package has been delivered — and you have it in your hands — but on Amazon, it is saying that it is “Undeliverable”, this could just be a logistical error that will be corrected in the next day or two.

First, you should ensure that your order was not split up into different boxes. Make sure that you truly do have that package that incorrectly says that it is “Undeliverable”.

If this issue does not work itself out in the next day or two, it’s always best to get in contact with Amazon Support. Explain that you have received your order. They can try to clear things up on their end and ensure that it shows that your order went through on your account.

Then, if you need to return any of your items, you won’t have any issues!

What Does “Undeliverable as Addressed” Mean?

The term “Undeliverable as Addressed” means that the package or mail could not be delivered for various reasons, as we’ve mentioned above. Specifically, this could mean that the package could not be delivered because of an incorrect or illegible address.

The recipient not being at the address could also be a factor. This could happen if the recipient moved or no longer lives at the address.


When an Amazon package is “Undeliverable”, this means that the mail carrier could, for some reason, not deliver the package. The package will then be sent back to Amazon immediately. Within 48 hours, you will receive a full refund for your order. Amazon cannot resend the package.