What Does “Application Submitted” Mean at Amazon?

When you first apply for a job at Amazon, you may see that your application status says “Application Submitted”. What does this mean? When can you expect to see your application status change? Keep reading to find out!

What Does “Application Submitted” Mean at Amazon?

When you apply for a job at Amazon, your application status will immediately say “Application Submitted” once you fully apply for a job. This just means that your application is submitted and is now awaiting review status by supervisors or by the hiring managers in charge.

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How Long Will My Amazon Job Status Say “Application Submitted”?

Your Amazon application could stay in the “Application Submitted” phase for a variety of times. It could change within 24 hours or a few days. You might have to wait for a few weeks to see this update.

While Amazon states that they keep all application statuses as up-to-date as possible, this doesn’t necessarily always happen. Hiring managers could get behind and forget to update if your application has moved on to a new phase.

So, don’t worry if your application has stayed in this phase for a few days. Wait to see if it gets reviewed and see if it updates in time!

Why Does My Amazon Job Status Say “Application Submitted” After the Interview?

If your application status has moved back to “Application Submitted” after you’ve been interviewed — so, during the “Under Consideration” process — you can likely just ignore this.

As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon says that they keep your status as up-to-date as possible. However, sometimes logistical problems arise. Your application will say you’re in a different phase than you are.

When this happens, it’s always just best to ignore your application status and only listen to what your hiring manager is telling you. They’ll be able to tell you what to expect. So, if your application status has reverted back to “Application Submitted” just ignore it for now!

What Does It Mean if Your Amazon Job Status Changed From “Under Consideration” to “Application Submitted”?

Similar to what we discussed above, this likely doesn’t mean anything. This could be a logistical error. Your hiring manager could have pressed the wrong thing. This could have happened for a number of reasons.

Often, when things are going accordingly to plan, you won’t see your Amazon application revert back to a previous phase. So, if the hiring manager has decided not to hire you, you won’t revert to a former application status phase. Your phase will now be “No Longer Under Consideration”.

So, if your application status has reverted from “Under Consideration” to “Application Submitted”, wait and see if this works out and changes in the next few days.

What Does It Mean if My Amazon Job Status Says “Application Submitted” for a Month?

If your Amazon job status stays stuck on the “Application Submitted” phase for a month and you haven’t received any contact from a hiring manager, this could mean that they have stalled hiring for the time being.

This could also mean that they have already hired enough people and are no longer filling the position.

So, this doesn’t mean that your application has been rejected, as you never got through to the “Under Review” or “Under Consideration” part!

Amazon Application Submitted – Reddit Experiences

People have often talked about what happens when their Amazon job application status is under “Application Submitted”. Often, this appears to be the phase that only occurs in the beginning. So, you don’t really need to worry about it too much.

However, you might grow worried if your application status reverts back to the “Application Submitted” phase when you’ve already gone on to the “Under Consideration” phase. We’ve talked a bit about that above. You really shouldn’t worry about this at all!

On Reddit, many users have urged others not to worry if they’ve found themselves in this position. If you’re already in the interview process especially, don’t worry. Instead, just pay attention to your hiring manager. They’ll always keep you updated!

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If your Amazon job application says “Application Submitted”, this means you have successfully submitted your full application. After this, Amazon will begin to review your application. “Under Review” and then “Under Consideration” will then follow naturally if you qualify for the job!