Package Transferred to Another Carrier for Delivery Amazon

When tracking your Amazon package, there are many confusing phrases that often pop up. For example, what does “Package Transferred to Another Carrier for Delivery” truly mean? And how could this affect your package delivery?

Keep reading to learn what this phrase means, as well as what you can expect if your package is transferred to another carrier for delivery!

What Does “Package Transferred to Another Carrier for Delivery” Mean on Amazon?

“Package Transferred to Another Carrier for Delivery” means that your package has switched carriers for the final stage of delivery. Often, this just means that your local mail carrier or USPS will now take charge of delivering your package, whereas another carrier had it previously.

There’s a lot to know about what to expect if your package has transferred to another carrier — and you can learn all about this below!

Why Is My Package Being Transferred to Another Carrier?

It’s normal to have your package transferred to another carrier. Often, one mail carrier will be in charge of the beginning stages of shipment. The final stage — the delivery stage — may be handled by USPS or another local mail carrier.

Therefore, the first mail carrier will then give the package to the next mail carrier. You will see this when you track your order, as Amazon will let you know that your “Package Transferred to Another Carrier for Delivery”.

This is common, normal, and nothing to worry about. Many mail carriers work together with Amazon to ensure that packages are all delivered on time. This just reflects that.

When Can I Expect to Receive My Package?

When you’ll actually receive your package can vary. If you track your package through Amazon, you’ll be able to see exactly when your package will be dropped off at your door.

Sometimes, Amazon cannot be 100% accurate on their tracking, though — and this often is because of the mail carrier that currently has your package. However, if your package has switched carriers for delivery, this often means that your package will soon be delivered.

On average, you can expect your package to be delivered in one to three days max after seeing this message. Of course, other factors could keep this from happening. Tracking your package through Amazon, if you are able, is the best way to really know what’s going on.

Which Carriers Do Amazon Transfer Packages To?

Amazon works with a variety of different carriers that packages can be transferred with. The most common include:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL

There are always other carriers, but these four are the most common ones! On average, many packages tend to be shipped to your local USPS when ready to be delivered.

However, depending on the circumstances, your package could also be transferred to UPS or another carrier during this final stage of shipment.

USPS Package Transferred to Another Carrier for Delivery

Sometimes, USPS isn’t the one to deliver your package to your front doorstep. But they might start out with it! In this case, a USPS package would then be transferred to another carrier for delivery.

This carrier could be UPS, FedEx, or others. It just depends on your location and how Amazon works with the local mail carriers there. Again, it’s nothing to worry about!

Package Transferred to USPS for Final Delivery

Amazon customers often find that their package is transferred from one mail carrier to USPS for final delivery. This is quite common! USPS often gets the package at the end of its journey and is in charge of delivering the package to your door!

This means that one mail carrier started out with the package and shipped it to your local mail carrier. USPS then, once they have the package, will be the ones to drop it off at your door, often during their regular mail routes!

Again, this is very common and nothing to worry about. This also won’t affect when your package is delivered. It shouldn’t be delayed at all, and your package should still end up delivered by the date it says it will!


“Package Transferred to Another Carrier for Delivery” means that one mail carrier started out with your package, but now it’s been transferred to another mail carrier for the final delivery trip. This will not affect when your package arrives, as it will still, on average, be on time.