Does Amazon Lie About “Delivery Attempted”?

Unfortunately, when waiting for your Amazon package to be delivered, you could find yourself experiencing a number of delivery problems. Has your delivery driver attempted to deliver your package, with no success?

What does it mean when Amazon says a delivery was attempted, though you know it wasn’t? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this kind of situation.

What Does “Delivery Attempted” Mean on Amazon?

On Amazon, “Delivery Attempted” means that a delivery driver went to deliver your package but was unable to. This could be because you weren’t there to sign it, or they couldn’t get access to your home or front door. Amazon will then attempt to deliver three consecutive times.

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Why Does Amazon Say “Delivery Attempted” When It Wasn’t?

Unfortunately, many delivery drivers are overwhelmed and overworked — and this can sometimes result in mistakes being made.

Many Reddit users have voiced their frustration when they are told by Amazon that a delivery was attempted — only they’ve been home all day and know for a fact that a delivery was not attempted. Instead, it appears that a delivery driver just didn’t get to the house in time.

If a driver is not able to meet the many deliveries they have that day, it does appear that some will, unfortunately, state that a delivery was attempted when it was not.

Normally, delivery drivers will just leave a package at your front door in a secure location if you are not there to pick it up yourself. Orders that require a signature release, however, may not be left behind.

Sometimes, drivers will not have access to leave the package on your front step or in a secure location. Neighborhood gates blocking access to delivery could be to blame. These are the main reasons why Amazon will say that delivery was attempted.

However, past Amazon customers have also explained that sometimes, a delivery wasn’t attempted at all — and yet delivery drivers will state that one was.

Will Amazon Reattempt Delivery on the Same Day?

Amazon tends not to reattempt delivery within the same day. Drivers have a route they have to stick to, lest they fall behind and get even later with their deliveries.

Instead, Amazon will try to deliver the package for three consecutive days after this initial delivery attempt. If the package is never delivered to you, then your local mail carrier may hold the package at their location. You will have to then pick the package up yourself.

Amazon may also return your package for a refund if it is not delivered during these three days. It does appear that many people have different experiences in this situation, though most can often just pick up their package at their local mail carrier.

How Many Times Does Amazon Attempt Delivery?

After the first initial delivery attempt, Amazon or the mail carrier in charge of your package will try to attempt delivery for three consecutive days.

As we mentioned above, if the package is not successfully delivered in these three days, then you might have to pick up your package at your local mail carrier — or Amazon may return the package themselves and issue you a refund.

What Will Happen to My Order if I Run Out of Delivery Attempts?

If you run out of delivery attempts and your order is never successfully delivered to you, you can expect two things. If a local mail carrier, such as USPS, is trying to deliver your package, they may hold the package at their location.

You will then have to go to this location to pick up the package. You might have success by calling them up and letting them know the problem you have.

This could also help you understand why your package is not being delivered properly — and if you can do anything about it. However, it might be easier and save you more time by just going to the USPS location and picking your package up.

But that’s not the only thing that could happen to your package. Unfortunately, Amazon states that they will return your package and issue you a refund if the three delivery attempts are unsuccessful.

If this happens, talking with Amazon’s Customer Service and figuring out what’s going wrong is likely the best option.

How to Make Sure That Amazon Actually Attempts to Deliver

Unfortunately, there isn’t too much that can be done to try to make sure that delivery drivers actually attempt to deliver your package.

However, following these steps could help you ensure that Amazon truly tries to attempt delivery:

  • Wave away signature requests (make package delivery possible without needing a signature)
  • Ensure delivery drivers have an easy and noticeable way to deliver your package
  • Call your mail carrier or Amazon after the first day of a false “Delivery Attempted”


“Delivery Attempted” means that a delivery driver tried to deliver your Amazon package but was unsuccessful. This could have happened because the driver did not have access to leave behind your packages or you were not there for a signature release. Three extra attempts will ensue after this.