Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Know What You Ordered?

We all like a little privacy when ordering on Amazon. But does that mean we truly receive it? Do Amazon delivery drivers know what you’ve ordered? Keep reading to learn if they do!

Do Amazon Delivery Drivers Know What You Ordered?

For the most part, Amazon delivery drivers do not know what you’ve ordered. Most orders are packaged in nondescript boxes and packaging which conceal what is inside. However, sometimes boxes from Amazon sellers can indicate what’s inside, though this isn’t very common.

Amazon Shipping Policy

On average, Amazon will ship all its products in nondescript Amazon packaging. This will not allow delivery drivers — or neighbors or anyone else! — to see what you have ordered. They will just see that you have a package from Amazon!

However, every now and then, you’ll find a company or seller on Amazon that doesn’t offer discrete packaging for whatever reason. They’ll ship your products in packaging that could reveal what your order is.

You can try to keep this from happening, though! For example, if you’re purchasing a gift for someone and you want to keep this a secret, Amazon offers a few different shipping options.

You can first choose that the item is a gift when you’re checking out your cart if it’s available. You can also check the “Ship in Amazon box” during checkout, if available! These two options will keep others from knowing what you’ve truly ordered!

Is Packaging Discrete With Amazon Prime Delivery?

Yes, packaging is discrete when you’re shipping with Amazon Prime Delivery. Amazon Prime Delivery uses the same boxes and packaging for all items, regardless of what you’re buying.

However, if you’re worried that some packaging may be revealed, you can always choose the gift option or the “ship in Amazon box” option, as we discussed above. This can definitely help calm any worries that you may have!

Is Packaging Discrete With Amazon Prime Fresh?

Packaging with Amazon Prime Fresh is often discrete. More likely than not, delivery drivers and others won’t have access to see what is in your Amazon Prime Fresh delivery — but only if that package is sealed.

If the packaging is not sealed, then drivers will obviously be able to see inside the bags and packaging. Packaging should always be sealed shut, though, when you’re ordering through Prime Fresh. As a result, Prime Fresh delivery is more discrete than it is not!

Is Packaging Discrete With Amazon Whole Foods Delivery?

Much like with Prime Fresh, Whole Foods delivery should be 100% discrete to delivery drivers and anyone who looks at your packaging. Nobody will be able to see what is in your order. However, if the packaging isn’t sealed, they might.

Of course, the packaging should be sealed, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue with this one. Whole Foods delivery packaging comes in regular brown recyclable bags — so people will only see that you’ve ordered through Amazon!

How to Order on Amazon Without the Delivery Drivers Knowing What’s in the Order

Obviously, we all love a little privacy and would like to keep others from knowing exactly what we’re ordering online at all times of the day. Plus, many worry about people possibly trying to steal packages off of their front doorstep — especially if they know what’s in the box!

If you’re worried about delivery drivers knowing what’s in your order, there are a few steps you can take to always ensure that your order is being shipped in nondescript packaging. You can:

  • Order the item as a gift, so it comes in plain packaging
  • Select “ship in Amazon box” upon checkout to ensure it’s in plain packaging

By following these steps, you can make sure that you won’t have any issues with delivery drivers (or anybody else!) knowing what you have ordered. All they’ll be able to see is that you’ve ordered something from Amazon. Nothing less and nothing more!

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Amazon delivery drivers do not know what you have ordered. They do not know what is in your package, as most Amazon packaging is nondescript and sealed shut. However, some individual companies and sellers on Amazon may send orders in revealing packaging that shows what you have bought.