Does Amazon Do Background Checks In [year]? [Full Guide]

When you apply for a job at Amazon, you must go through a thorough application process where Amazon decides whether you would be a good fit with them or not. A background check is also done after you have passed the interview portion, but before you officially start.

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Does Amazon Do Background Checks?

Amazon does conduct background checks when you apply for a job with them. Regardless of what position you apply for, a background check will be done. Amazon will look for many things in this thorough background check, including criminal convictions in the past seven years.

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Does Amazon Do Background Checks for Warehouse Workers?

Does Amazon Do Background Checks for Warehouse Workers

Amazon does conduct background checks for warehouse workers, regardless of what position you are applying for in the warehouse. These background checks are very similar to the normal background checks conducted by other companies.

Amazon must perform a background check before you are officially offered a job — and before you start your first day. While you likely have already been offered a job by Amazon at this point, the job can be rescinded by the company if you do not pass your background test.

Does Amazon Do Background Checks for Flex Drivers?

Amazon also conducts background checks for Flex drivers. Amazon background checks for Flex drivers can be much harsher — or much more thorough — than background checks for warehouse workers.

In comparison, if you are a warehouse worker and you fail your background check because of a minor discrepancy, you could work with your supervisor or hiring manager to still get the job. The same cannot be said for those trying to be Flex drivers.

On average, if you fail Amazon’s background check, you will not be able to work for Amazon as a Flex driver in any capacity. If you fail your background check and believe this shouldn’t have happened, you can always get in contact with Amazon HR to learn more.

Amazon is also less likely to hire felons for Flex driver positions. In comparison, Amazon will hire certain felons to work in their warehouses. So, yet again, we can see major differences when it comes to Flex drivers and background checks!

What Does Amazon Look For in a Background Check?

The bulk of Amazon’s background checks consists of a full criminal background check. Amazon looks for any criminal offenses or arrests you may have had in the past seven years.

n the United States, laws prohibit companies from using criminal offenses from more than seven years ago when deciding whether to hire someone. However, every state is different — so you should check what your state’s law is, if necessary.

If you have any criminal offenses or arrests, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not be hired by Amazon. Amazon does hire felons. However, this is always on a case-by-case basis.

On average, Amazon will not hire applicants who have been arrested for fraud or for stealing. They will, in comparison, hire those who have small misdemeanors.

Of course, when you first apply for a job at Amazon, you should always be honest with your hiring manager. Let them know your situation. You don’t want them to be surprised when they run a background check on you. And, above all else, do not lie about your past experiences.

The company that runs the background check for Amazon will find out if you’re lying — and this will cause you to fail your background check, even if the lie you told was small.

In total, Amazon may check:

  • Criminal history
  • Educational history (if applicable)
  • Employment history
  • Credit history
  • References

What Background Check Does Amazon Use?

Amazon runs a full criminal background check. Amazon also conducts past job experience checks, reference checks, and educational checks (if needed). They will also ask you to do a drug test.

These are the main things that Amazon looks for when they are about to hire you. Therefore, it’s always important to tell the truth about your job application!

Amazon Background Check Process

Amazon’s background check on you is a part of the entire application and hiring process. You must allow them to do a background check on you if you want the job.

You will not have to do a background check until after the interview phase of the application process. Once you have passed the interview, Amazon will give you both a verbal offer and a written job offer.

You must accept these offers and agree to a background and drug test to continue on.

At this point of the hiring process, you have the job — as long as you can pass both the background check and the drug test. You cannot start your first day of work until you pass both of these tests.

Amazon will quickly work to send off all of your information to the company that they outsource to accurately conduct a background check on you. On average, you will hear back if you have passed your background check anywhere from two days to a week later.

If more than 10 days go by and you still haven’t heard anything about your background check — if it is still ongoing and seems to be stuck — then you can always get in contact with your hiring manager or Amazon HR to ensure that nothing is wrong.

Sometimes, background checks can take a bit of time. A little patience may be needed during this final phase of your hiring process.

Once you have passed the background check, Amazon will let you know. You will then be able to choose your start date and what shift you would like. Soon enough, you’ll be starting the first day of your new job at Amazon!

Does Amazon Check References?

Amazon does check references when they determine whether to hire you or not. Therefore, you should always use accurate references that will help you get the job!

Now, does this mean that Amazon calls the references that you put down on your resume? Well, it appears that this just depends on the specific place and position you’re applying to.

Some hiring managers are so overwhelmed with work that they simply won’t do this. Others, meanwhile, definitely will. It truly does just depend on their — and your — specific situation.

Regular hourly workers may not have their references called as long as it’s clear they have an employment history.

However, if you’re applying for any type of manager or higher-up position, your hiring manager may end up calling the references you’ve listed. So, make sure all of this information is up to date!

How to Prepare for Amazon Background Check

There are a few simple ways you can easily prepare for your Amazon background check. As we’ve mentioned previously in this guide, you really should always be honest with Amazon from the beginning of your application process.

Don’t lie about your past employment, educational, or criminal history. Amazon will discover you lied about these things when they conduct a background check — and you always want to keep things on a good note when you’re trying to get a job!

So, you should prepare for a background check by being honest and upfront with your hiring manager. If you have a criminal history, let them know. This doesn’t mean they won’t hire you, as Amazon does hire those with a criminal history.

In fact, hiring managers can help ensure you get a job with Amazon — even if you fail your background check. So, you should definitely be honest, open, and respectful with them about everything!

It can also help to ensure that you are correctly giving Amazon accurate information about your past work employment. Ensure that all dates given for work employment or educational history are accurate. Any data you give them will need to be verified, so ensure it’s correct!

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Amazon does conduct background checks for all of its employees, regardless of the position they’re applying for. These background checks verify any criminal history an applicant has, as well as work history, educational history, credit history, and more. An applicant must agree to a background check to work for Amazon.