Does Amazon Flex Hire Felons in [year]? [+ DUI Policy]

Amazon Flex allows you to get some cash when you deliver Amazon orders to customers. But if you are a driver with a felony conviction, you may wonder whether Amazon Flex hires felons and what their DUI policy is.

So, does Amazon Flex hire felons, and what is their DUI policy?

Does Amazon Flex Hire Felons?

Amazon Flex does hire felons. However, if you were convicted of a serious offense or were last convicted within the last seven years, the chance of being offered a job decreases significantly. Furthermore, Amazon Flex will not hire you if you have a recent DUI record.

Amazon Flex conducts background checks on potential drivers before they can be considered for a position at Amazon Flex. But what would they do about drivers with criminal records and DUI charges?

Keep reading to find out what Amazon’s DUI policy is, if Amazon hires drivers with a DUI charge, if it is hard to get hired at Amazon Flex as a felon, and more.

Can You Drive for Amazon With a DUI?

Amazon may not hire you if your DUI misdemeanor is relatively recent. Amazon Flex could employ drivers with a DUI charge if the most recent charges were seven or more years ago. So if you apply as an Amazon Flex driver, your DUI charge should be over seven years.

Amazon ensures to run a check on drivers applying to work with Amazon Flex to ensure that while they are independent contractors, they don’t put Amazon customers at risk of theft or delay.

Usually, you’ll have a better chance as a Flex driver if you don’t have an excessive number of traffic violations or DUI charges. And if you don’t have any traffic violation charges, felony charges, or DUI records, you have even better chances of getting hired as a Flex driver.

So, Amazon Flex’s DUI Policy allows you to drive for Amazon with a DUI if your DUI record is less than seven years.

What Will Disqualify You From Being an Amazon Flex Driver?

Amazon will disqualify you from being an Amazon Flex driver if you were convicted of a serious felony or your conviction is relatively recent. A conviction that was less than seven years ago is pretty recent.

Also, if Amazon detects that you have a recent DUI record, they may disqualify you from being an Amazon Flex driver.

If you were convicted of violent crimes like murder, sexual abuse, theft, fraud, etc., you might have a slim chance of getting hired at Amazon Flex.

This is because, although Amazon is felon-friendly, the company has zero tolerance for serious felony charges as these felonies show violent tendencies that they cannot just ignore.

Thus, if you were convicted of a non-violent crime, you have a significantly better chance of being hired as an Amazon Flex driver.

Amazon may not hold felonies older than seven years against you because the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) restricts felonies older than seven years from being reported in background checks for potential employees.

This also applies to tax evasion, arrest history, and other lawsuits.

Another reason why you may get disqualified as an Amazon Flex driver is if you do not satisfy other Amazon Flex driver requirements. To be an Amazon:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must possess a valid Social Security Number (SSN).
  • You must undergo, complete, and pass Amazon background checks.
  • You must own a qualifying vehicle.
  • You must have a certified driver’s license.
  • You must prove that your vehicle is covered by insurance.
  • You must possess an Android (6.0 or higher) phone or an iPhone 6s or higher.

Is It Hard to Get an Amazon Flex Job With a Felony?

Is It Hard to Get an Amazon Flex Job With a Felony

Getting a job at Amazon Flex with a felony is not complicated, as Amazon does not discriminate against felons.

For the record, Amazon has hired many felons in the past decades to fill various positions for doorstep delivery services and warehouse jobs and is still hiring.

So, if you are a felon and wish to get an Amazon Flex job, you have about the same chance as other applicants. Here is an easy guide on how to apply for an Amazon Flex job as a felon:

  1. Go to Amazon’s website to see if Amazon Flex is hiring drivers in your area.
  2. Create an Amazon Flex account online
  3. Download the Amazon Flex Application
  4. Input your information into the fields provided.
  5. Supply answers for additional questions
  6. Set up your Flex driver block to start as an Amazon Flex driver.
  7. Once you have completed the above, you are ready to begin as an Amazon Flex driver.

Amazon requires honesty, so you should answer all questions truthfully. All the information you provide should be verifiable because Amazon will try to verify it. Amazon may not hire you if they find any background check discrepancies.

Is It Easier to Get Fired From Amazon Flex as a Felon?

It is not easier to get fired from Amazon Flex as a felon. So, Amazon does not punish you or penalize you more than others for the same offense, and this is because Amazon has no support for discrimination against felons.

Although felons are first employed as temporary staff, they will be made permanent if Amazon is convinced of their diligence and honesty. Felons are not treated with extra stringency or strictness, and felons are also not deprived of any promotion they are due.

They are entitled to everything other Flex drivers without felony or DUI charges are entitled to. However, Amazon will fire felons if they commit any serious violations or felony convictions after employment.

Does Amazon Flex Do Background Checks?

Amazon Flex conducts two background checks for Amazon Flex drivers to ensure they are properly fit for the job. Once you fail any of these checks, as a prospective Amazon Flex driver, you may be disqualified. These checks are the criminal-background check and the driving-background check.

Amazon conducts a criminal background check on Amazon Flex drivers to know their criminal history fully. This check is performed after the interview and helps Amazon see the kind of felony a felon was convicted of and when the felon was convicted.

Also, Amazon Flex conducts a driving background check on prospective drivers to ensure they have no excessive driving infringements or other traffic offenses and no DUI record. Since their primary job is to deliver packages, this check is as important as the first.

So, if you intend to work at Amazon Flex as a felon, Amazon may not hire you if you do not pass any of these background checks.

Most check results take between 3 to 5 days to complete, especially if there are no incriminating criminal records.

However, some felony background checks could take ten days or more. This is because Amazon aims to maintain the integrity of the Amazon Flex delivery service.

If you feel your background check is taking longer, you can reach out to Amazon Flex Support to find out if there are any issues.


Amazon Flex will hire felons as Flex drivers if the conviction is not for a violent crime. Your criminal or DUI record as a felon must be older than seven years, and you must also fulfill other Amazon Flex driver requirements for Amazon to consider your application.