Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime? [Full Guide]

Amazon offers a lot of great benefits to its employees. So, if you’re thinking about getting a job at Amazon, you may be wondering if you get free Prime when you work at Amazon. Keep reading to find out!

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Prime?

Amazon employees do not get free Amazon Prime. They also do not get any different Prime discounts. However, employees can use their employee discount when buying on Amazon, which gives them 10% off of items sold and shipped by Amazon. This discount is capped after $1000 is spent a year.

Below, we explain more of the benefits that Amazon employees receive — and what they, unfortunately, don’t get.

Do Amazon Employees Get a Discount on Amazon Prime?

Amazon employees do not get any type of discount on Amazon Prime. They also do not receive free Prime just because they work at Amazon.

Therefore, if Amazon employees want to have Prime, they will have to pay the regular price for it — the price that everyone else pays.

What Perks Do Amazon Employees Get?

While Amazon employees do not get free Amazon Prime or a discounted Prime membership, they do receive quite a lot of benefits. When it comes to using Amazon, they do get some perks, too!

Amazon employees do get an employee discount that they can use when buying items on Amazon. This 10% discount, however, can only be used on items that are sold and shipped by Amazon.

So, this means that the discount can not successfully be used on items that are shipped by third-party sellers.

This 10% discount also has a cap on it. You can only use the discount on your first $1000 spent throughout one year. This means that you can get $100 off of $1000 for a year. Once you have spent more than $1000, you can no longer apply your employee discount to any order.

However, this discount does renew every year. So, once the new year starts again, you can once again use your 10% discount — until you spend $1000 for that year!

Does the Amazon Employee Discount Apply to Amazon Prime?

The Amazon employee discount does not apply to Amazon Prime memberships. This means you cannot use your discount when getting a Prime membership, so you do not receive any type of discount in this regard.

You can only use your employee discount on items that are sold and shipped by Amazon. Nothing else.

Why Does the Employee Discount Not Apply to Amazon Prime?

Amazon only wants its employees to use their 10% discount on items that are sold and shipped by Amazon. As an Amazon Prime membership does not fit this description, employees can not use their discount to get a discounted Prime membership.

When you upload your employee information to your Amazon account, you will be able to see your employee discount automatically taken off of all eligible orders. This system works extremely well, so you shouldn’t have any issues.

This also means that you’ll be able to see when your employee discount isn’t applied to your order. So, if you’re applying for an Amazon Prime subscription, you won’t see the discount attached at all — and it will be impossible for you to change this.

You will not receive your employee discount in this way, and will, unfortunately, have to pay full price for an Amazon Prime subscription.

Is Audible Free for Amazon Employees?

Is Audible Free for Amazon Employees

Amazon also doesn’t offer Audible for free to their Amazon employees. Therefore, if you are an Amazon employee, you will have to pay for Audible if you would like to use it.

Much like Amazon Prime, Amazon also doesn’t allow any discounts to be used when Amazon employees purchase Audible. So, if you’re an employee who would like to use Audible, you will also have to pay full price.

Does Amazon Offer Free Lunch to Employees?

On average, Amazon does not offer free lunch to its employees. In some warehouses and working places at Amazon, employees may be able to buy subsidized lunches. At the most, you may see free water, coffee, or tea offered in some workplaces.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t see any free lunches at Amazon workplaces. Supervisors or managers have been known to get food for their team or facility from time to time.

However, this doesn’t mean that Amazon supplies free lunch on any type of consistent basis.

Do Amazon Employees Get Free Shipping on Amazon?

Amazon employees only receive a 10% employee discount on the first $1000 spent on Amazon products. These products must be sold and shipped by Amazon. This is really the only perk that employees get when it comes to discounts to use on Amazon’s marketplace.

Therefore, Amazon employees do not get free shipping. If employees are also Amazon Prime members, then they will get free shipping through their Prime membership — not through their employee status.

Many people who aren’t Prime members can still receive free shipping, regardless of whether they’re employees or not. For example, if your total order is more than a certain amount, you can often receive free shipping through Amazon.

But again, you don’t receive this because you’re an employee, as there is no employee discount to use to get free shipping.


Amazon employees do not receive free Prime, nor can they use their employee discount to get a Prime membership discount. Amazon employees only receive a 10% discount which can be used on the first $1000 they spend on Amazon’s online marketplace. Eligible orders must be sold and shipped by Amazon.