What Happens if You Fail Amazon Background Check?

If Amazon has offered you a job, you cannot start your first day of work until you pass a background check.

Amazon’s background check can easily take more than a week and it can be a tough waiting period.

If you fail an Amazon background check, does this mean that you will no longer have that job offer?

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What Happens if You Fail Amazon Background Check?

If you fail an Amazon background check, you may have your job offer rescinded. This means that you will not have the chance to work for Amazon. However, every case is different, so talking with your hiring manager can help you understand your specific situation.

There’s a lot you should know about this situation — and we explain everything below!

Is My Job Offer Still Valid if I Fail Amazon’s Background Check?

Your job offer may not be valid if you fail Amazon’s background check. It really just depends on why you have failed this background check. If it has anything to do with uncovered criminal offenses, then your job offer will likely be rescinded and you will not have a job with Amazon.

If it has something to do with your educational background — maybe you exaggerated what degrees you have — then this may depend on what the hiring manager wants to do. Every case is different.

It’s important to be honest when you first apply for a job with Amazon. If you know that you have something that will come up in your background check, tell your hiring manager. Let them know ahead of time.

This won’t necessarily keep you from getting the job, depending on what Amazon allows and doesn’t allow in their employees’ past. However, lying to your hiring manager and not telling them the truth won’t look good and could keep you from getting the job!

Keep reading about what misdemeanors Amazon allows when hiring.

Amazon Background Check Failed – Minor Discrepancies

If your background check failed because of a minor discrepancy, you might be able to talk with your Amazon hiring manager and keep your job offer. Of course, this really just depends on what your minor discrepancy is.

Sometimes, background checks can fail for minor reasons. If you slightly lied about your educational background or previous job experience, for example, this could make your background check fail.

This is why it’s very important to tell the truth when you’re trying to get a job.

If you have any type of discrepancy in your background check, this means that whatever you reported on your job application has turned out to be wrong.

A small discrepancy could happen for a small misreporting. However, if you’ve lied about your entire career or educational background, this would be considered a major discrepancy.

Amazon Background Check Failed – Major Discrepancies

Major discrepancies in your background check mean that there were major issues with whatever you reported on your initial job application. The background check has found many lies or inconsistencies in what you said.

If you have said you attended college for two years instead of three, for example, this would be a minor discrepancy.

However, if you said you attended college for four years and have a bachelor’s degree when, in reality, you have never attended college and never received any type of degree, this would be a major discrepancy.

If you stated that you have never been arrested or charged with criminal crimes, yet the background check came back to show that you have, then this is also a major discrepancy.

Can You Reapply to Amazon if You Failed the Background Check?

If you have failed the background check, then you could always try to reapply with Amazon. However, this doesn’t mean that you will in any way get a job this time around. In fact, Amazon will have a note that you failed the background check in the past.

If you fail the background check in a serious way, then this could hurt you in your new application. However, every situation is different. Again, talking with your hiring manager to understand why your background check failed could help you plan for the future!

What Happens if You Fail Your Background Check for Amazon Flex?

If you are applying for a job with Amazon Flex and you have failed your background check, then your job application will likely be rejected completely. You will no longer have a chance to continue with this application to get a job with Amazon Flex, unfortunately.

If you have questions about why you have failed your background check, you could always try to get in contact with Amazon to see what they say.


If you have failed your Amazon background check, your job offer could be rescinded. However, it may depend on why your background check was declined. Talking with your hiring manager will help you better understand what you can expect — and whether or not you have a job with Amazon.