Do You Get Paid for Personal Time off at Amazon? ([year])

Even the most hard-working people sometimes need to take some personal time off work, which is different from taking a leave of absence.

If you work at Amazon (or plan to), you may wonder what happens when you need to take some personal time off. Do you get paid?

Do You Get Paid for Personal Time off at Amazon?

Amazon employees get paid for personal time off. How much personal time you get in a year depends on your weekly work hours. Full-time employees can have 48 hours (6 days) of personal time in a year. Part-time employees get 24 hours (3 days) of personal time a year.

Personal time is similar to vacation time, however, personal time is meant for employees to take a break from work, not a vacation from the workplace. Keep reading to understand personal time at Amazon and how it differs from other types of time off at Amazon.

Amazon Personal Time off Policy

The Amazon personal time off policy ensures that Amazon employees have the opportunity to take some personal time off to relax and recharge.

The number of personal time off hours in a year varies depending on your type of employment and working hours (part-time, reduced time, or full-time).

Here’s the number of hours of personal time employees have at Amazon per year.

  • Part-time employees (working 20–29 hours/week): 24 hours (3 days).
  • Reduced time employees (working 30–39 hours/week): 36 hours (4.5 days).
  • Full-time employees (working 40+ hours/week): 48 hours (6 days).

Employees are entitled to paid personal time off. You will start accruing paid personal time on the final day of your first pay period (and January 1st in subsequent years). The remaining time will be spread out over the following 11 pay periods every two weeks (5 pay periods if you are paid monthly).

Do You Get Paid for Personal Time off at Amazon Warehouse?

Yes, you get paid for personal time off at the Amazon warehouse. How many hours of personal work time you get depends on your type of employment. Full-time employees can get up to 48 hours (or six days) of personal paid time off a year and 80 hours (or ten days) of unpaid time off a year.

What Does PTO Mean at Amazon?

PTO (Paid Time Off) is the time you get paid for the periods you don’t work. PTO allows Amazon employees to rest, recharge, and renew.

At Amazon, both hourly and salaried workers get some PTO annually, and PTO includes vacation, personal time, sick time, holidays, and leave of absence. The paid sick time Amazon grants employees are based on local, city, and state ordinances.

Generally, you can receive seven paid holidays as an employee at Amazon. These holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Labor Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

How Much PTO Do You Get at Amazon?

How much PTO you get at Amazon depends on your type of employment, working hours per week, and how long you’ve worked at Amazon.

New employees begin with around 20 hours of PTO per year, which increases based on how long they have worked with the company.

  • Employees who work 20-29 hours a week (part-time) get 20 hours of PTO or roughly 2.5 days. After six years, it increases to 60 hours or 7.5 days.
  • Employees who work 30-39 hours a week (reduced time) get 30 hours or roughly 3.75 days. After six years, it increases to 90 hours or 11.25 days.
  • Employees who input 40+ hours a week (full-time) get 40 hours or roughly five days. After six years, it increases to 120 hours or 15 days.

Does PTO Expire at Amazon?

Yes, PTO expires at Amazon, and Amazon employees cannot roll over their PTO until next year. If you’re an Amazon employee, you must forfeit any unused PTO.

For example, if you work part-time at Amazon, you get 20 hours (or 2.5 days) of PTO. If you don’t take this time off in a given year, you cannot decide to take double the PTO (40 hours or five days) the following year.

How to Request Time off Amazon a to Z

Amazon has an automated computer system set up for taking time off. This system enables you to take a day off without informing anyone officially.

To request time off, log in to the Amazon A-Z app, click the “menu” button at the top left of the screen, scroll down to “time,” and select it. If you’re eligible, the option to request “time off” will pop up afterward.

Other Types of Time off at Amazon

Unpaid Time Off  (UPT) is for Amazon employees who take time off for illness or emergency. UPT affords you a certain amount of time off every 3-4 months.

This is different from PTO, which accrues depending on the number of hours you work and how long you’ve worked at Amazon.

Amazon gives employees a UPT of 20 hours per quarter or 80 hours per year. It is allocated on the first day of the quarter and segmented into 20-hour chips.

Voluntary Time Off (VTO) allows Amazon warehouse workers to go home early by ending their shifts when the workload is low. Amazon does not pay employees for the cut hours.

Leave of absence (LOA) is given to employees requesting it after it has been approved by HR or your manager. Most LOAs are unpaid; some of the paid LOA at Amazon include military duty, parental and pregnancy leaves, bereavement leave, and jury/witness duty.


Personal time off is a type of PTO benefit Amazon employees are entitled to. Full-time employees get 48 hours of personal time per year; part-time employees get 24 hours of personal time per year; reduced-time employees get 24 hours of personal time off.