Do You Get Paid for VTO at Amazon? [All You Need to Know]

With more than one million people directly working for Amazon in the USA, Amazon is the second largest private employer in the nation.

Working with Amazon comes with lots of benefits, including paid time off (PTO), leave of absence (LOA), voluntary time off (VTO), etc. Do you get paid for VTO at Amazon?

Do You Get Paid for VTO at Amazon?

Employees don’t get paid for VTO at Amazon. Voluntary time off (VTO) is unpaid time off that Amazon provides to the warehouse or entry-level employees who want to leave early or miss a shift when the overall workload is low. Taking VTO at Amazon comes with no penalty or getting fired.

When you take VTO, Amazon pays you only for the time or number of hours you worked. Since it’s voluntary, Amazon cannot force you to take VTO.

When you need to take VTO at Amazon, knowing how to get it is essential. Is there a limit to the amount of VTO you can get from Amazon? Keep reading to learn more.

What Does VTO Mean at Amazon?

VTO means “voluntary time off” at Amazon. Amazon VTO allows Amazon’s warehouse staff to terminate their shift early or miss the entire day when the general workload is low. VTO is available to full-time, part-time, and reduced-time workers at Amazon.

Amazon workers who want to balance work and personal obligations have the VTO Plan as an alternative. They can use a VTO to cut back their working hours for the month without losing their full-time employee benefits. Amazon does not pay employees for VTO.

How to Get VTO at Amazon?

Amazon places a high priority on productivity in its warehouses. VTO is one way the business manages payroll expenses while enabling workers to take more time off without sacrificing their leave balances or entitlements.

If you wish to take advantage of the VTO opportunities, you need to claim them as soon as they are announced, as VTO spots frequently fill up rapidly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting VTO from Amazon:

  • VTO notifications are first announced by email or SMS before being pushed to the A to Z app. (Sometimes, managers may verbally announce VTO without sending messages. In this case, they will simply scan your badge if you wish to take it).
  • If you got an alert about an open VTO to be claimed or if you need one and haven’t signed up for notification, simply open your Amazon A to Z app on your phone.
  • Select “Find voluntary extra time or voluntary time off.”
  • A message will be displayed if your warehouse does not have VTO opportunities available.
  • If VTO opportunities are available, you’ll see them listed as claimed or filled and the dates and number of hours to be claimed.

Remember that employees claim VTOs quickly. So, make sure you set up your account to receive notifications by phone and email.

Can I Go to Work if I Took VTO Amazon?

VTO may be available before or a few hours into the shift, depending on location. If a VTO is made and you accept it, you are not required to report to work. If it is given to you during your shift and you claim it, you are entitled to an early departure.

If you change your mind and want to go to work after claiming a VTO, be sure to let your boss or shift assistant know that you took the VTO unintentionally. They probably just needed to reverse it so you could work for the shift and get paid. However, this may depend on your manager and location.

Is It Bad to Take VTO at Amazon?

Is It Bad to Take VTO at Amazon

No, taking VTO at Amazon comes with no penalty. Accepting VTO favors Amazon because it reduces labor costs and enhances its efficiency. So, it makes them adjust their workforce per time to the amount of work to be done.

In the event of an illness, a personal or family emergency, or if you just need to maintain the balance of your work and home routines, you can take VTO. The primary principle is to work when possible and take VTO when necessary.

However, since VTO is unpaid, the more VTO you take, the lesser your paycheck. In addition, if you claim VTO regularly, it could lower your chances of getting promoted because your manager may think you’re not dedicated or have fewer hours of experience.

Amazon VTO Blacklist

Certain workers might not be eligible for VTO offers. This means you have been blacklisted, and you won’t receive alerts for VTO when they are distributed to the other staff when you are blacklisted for VTO.

Some of the reasons for this may include:

  • Having cross-trained in many roles, your absence might create a lot of gaps.
  • You have high rates of productivity.
  • You’re working in a crucial department (with few associates), like problem-solving.
  • Working in indirect roles as water spiders and other criteria might result in you being blacklisted from VTO.

However, you should contact HR if your AMs or PAs are keeping you from taking VTO or treating you differently when they shouldn’t be.

The only people who are technically not permitted to take VTO are those in indirect roles because only a specific number of people are trained for those duties on a specific day.

Amazon VTO Limit

There is no limit to the amount of VTO that Amazon associates can get. You must, however, have worked up to 30 to 40 hours that month to be eligible for VTO.

Depending on the facility, this may differ. In some other locations, anyone can take as much VTO as they like as long as they work four monthly shifts.

Why Does Amazon Offer Voluntary Time Off?

Amazon offers Voluntary Time Off when there is little work to be done or when too many associates are working or planning to work that day.

It’s a strategy for Amazon to reduce expenses, increase productivity, and ensure staff members have adequate time, resources, and support to handle the duties of modern daily life.

For workers, it’s an opportunity to deal with personal affairs or take additional time off without sacrificing vacation or sick leave.

How Often Does Amazon Offer VTO?

Each Amazon store has a different selection of VTO options. Depending on the number of workers and the amount of work, some fulfillment centers could be busier than others on particular days.

As long as daily tasks are completed early and the workload is low, Amazon gives its warehouse employees VTO to end the day earlier or miss their next shift. VTO is frequently provided before the hectic holiday season.

VTO offers are frequently abundant when there are fewer tasks and more people to fill them.

Does Amazon Offer Voluntary Time Off During Peak Days and Hours?

Generally, Amazon VTO can be available during peak seasons, although there are often very few of them.

This often depends on your location. Managers sometimes provide unpaid VTO if there is insufficient work at that particular peak hour or day.

How to Cancel VTO Amazon

As a worker, you cannot cancel the VTO once you claim it on your account. You can try to show up, but you might be sent home.

You should inform your supervisor or boss if you don’t want a VTO, as they have access to cancel your VTO.


You don’t get paid for VTO at Amazon. As long as daily tasks are completed early and the workload is low, Amazon offers its warehouse employees a VTO to end the day earlier or miss their next shift. Taking VTO at Amazon comes with no penalty or getting fired.