Do Amazon Employees Get a Discount? [Full Guide]

If you work for Amazon, or if you’re looking to get a job with the company, it’s helpful to understand the employee discounts you may receive. Below, we’ve compiled a full guide of exactly what type of discounts and benefits Amazon employees can receive — and what they don’t get.

Do Amazon Employees Get a Discount?

Amazon employees are eligible for a 10% discount on qualifying items. However, this discount only works for the first $1000 spent on Amazon. Employees also receive health benefits, such as dental and vision plans, paid time off, paid maternity and parental leave, and more.

There’s a lot you should know about all of the discounts and benefits Amazon employees can receive. Below, we break everything down for you.

Amazon Employee Discount

All Amazon employees automatically get an employee discount that can be used when shopping on With this discount, you can get 10% off of qualifying items. Only items fulfilled by Amazon — sold by and shipped — qualify for this discount.

Therefore, your employee discount will not work on any items that are sold and shipped by a third-party seller.

This discount does have a cap on it, as well. You can only get 10% off for the first $1000 you spend at Amazon of the year. So, you get $100 off of $1000. If you spend over $1000 before the end of the year, then you will no longer be able to get your 10% discount.

However, the discount renews next year, so you can receive that 10% discount again.

Do All Amazon Workers Get the Employee Discount?

Yes, all Amazon workers can receive an employee discount when shopping on However, as we mentioned above, this discount will only work for the first $1000 spent.

When Do Workers Become Eligible for the Amazon Employee Discount?

It appears that employees will become eligible for the Amazon employee discount about 30 days after their first day of work. Therefore, once you’ve been working for Amazon for about a month, you can then start using your 10% discount when shopping on Amazon.

For some people, they may receive this discount earlier than normal — though 30 days tends to be the average time that most receive it.

You can find your employee discount code on your Amazon A to Z account. Once 30 days have passed after you have started working, head over there to find your code and start using your discount!

Are Seasonal Workers Eligible for the Amazon Employee Discount?

Seasonal workers are eligible for the Amazon employee discount — as long as they are working there for longer than a month. For example, if you’ve been hired during the seasonal winter season in September or October and work until January, you can receive an employee discount.

If you work for a month or less, you will not receive an employee discount.

Can I Use My Employee Discount on All Amazon Products?

Can I Use My Employee Discount on All Amazon Products

No, you cannot use your employee discount on all Amazon products. Amazon states that you can only use your 10% discount on items sold by and shipped by Amazon. Therefore, you cannot buy anything from a third-party seller and use your discount.

Amazon will not allow this automatically. So, even if you try to use your discount on these products, it will not work. You must only buy Amazon products.

Can I Use My Amazon Employee Discount on Prime Day?

As long as you are using your discount on items that are fully sold and shipped by Amazon, then you can use your employee discount on Prime Day!

However, your employee discount does not work with any Prime discounts. So, if you have Amazon Prime, you cannot also tack on your employee discount to get even more discounts. You can only use one or the other!

Do Amazon Employees Get Discounts on Car Rentals?

Amazon employees may be able to find discounts on car rentals through the exclusive Amazon Extras Program. This program offers a variety of discounts for current employees, including discounts on car rentals!

You can also save money on your car insurance, as well as when buying a new car, if you’re a part of this program. The program can change from time to time, so it’s worth checking it out to see exactly what is offered at that time!

Do Amazon Employees Get Discounts at Whole Foods?

Amazon employees, unfortunately, do not get any discounts if they shop at Whole Foods. In comparison, Whole Foods employees also do not get any discounts if they shop on

While Amazon bought Whole Foods, the grocery chain still operates separately from Amazon in many ways. If you are a Whole Foods employee, you are not an Amazon employee — and vice versa. Therefore, no discounts are offered to Amazon employees when they shop at Whole Foods.

Do Amazon Employees Get Discounts on Flights?

The Amazon Extras Program does offer a variety of different discounts to employees. These discounts can often be found for flights or vacations. However, employees must be part of or use the Amazon Extras Program to receive these discounts!

Do Amazon Employees Get Discounts on Hotels?

As we’ve mentioned above, the Amazon Extras Program offers quite a lot of discounts on a variety of items and purchases. This program offers discounts for employees planning to go on vacation.

Therefore, you may be able to find discounts on flights, hotels, and anything else relating to your vacation or travels!

Other Benefits Of Working at Amazon

Amazon offers quite a lot of benefits to their employees — other than the 10% employee discount. All Amazon workers can receive:

Let’s look at all of these benefits one by one.

Amazon offers different health, dental, and vision benefits and plans to their employees. Employees have the option to choose from several different plans that best suit them and anybody who is under their health and dependent care.

Amazon also offers a 401(k) plan to help you with retirement and long-term savings. Amazon will match the payments that you make and also offers different plans to help you reach any financial long-term goals that you may have.

Just like many other companies, Amazon also offers paid time off, including vacation time. The amount of paid time off you receive varies depending on the time you’ve been with the company and your position.

Amazon also offers paid maternity or parental leave before and after the birth of a child or an adoption. The company also offers a flexible plan to help you return to work after this leave. However, you must have been employed with the company for a full year before you received this paid leave.

Adoption assistance is also provided by the company. They will help pay for any legal fees, attorney fees, court fees, or travel costs that you may have to pay when you adopt a child. As we mentioned above, you can also receive paid parental leave before and after you adopt a child.

Finally, Amazon also offers employees to be a part of their Amazon Career Choice Program. This program helps employees pay for college and tuition. Through this program, employees can get 95% of their college tuition and expenses paid for.

Will My Amazon Employee Discount Continue to Work After I Quit?

Past Amazon employees state that your employee discount may continue to work after you quit, but not for long. On average, you may still receive your employee discount for about a month after you have left your job.

Some employees state that you may continue to receive your employee discount for longer, though this will likely fully end either by the end of the year or once you have used up your $100 off of $1000 (or whichever comes first).

Therefore, your employee discount will end eventually — though you may still have a few months to use it, depending on how much you’ve used thus far for the year.

Keep reading to learn how to use your Amazon employee discount.


Amazon employees receive a 10% discount off of the first $1000 they spend. This discount renews each year. Amazon employees can also receive various benefits, including health benefits, a 401(k) plan, paid time off, paid maternity and parental leave, college tuition help, adoption assistance, and more.