How to Quit Your Job at Amazon Warehouse (Full Guide)

Are you preparing to quit your job at an Amazon warehouse? There are a few things you should know! Keep reading to learn the two ways you can properly quit your job — and what to expect after you have officially quit.

How to Quit Your Job at Amazon Warehouse

You can quit your Amazon warehouse job by logging on to your Amazon A to Z account and voluntarily quitting, putting in your last day in the process. You can also get in touch with your supervisor or Amazon HR at work to let them know you’d like to quit.

Below, we explain everything you should know about quitting your Amazon warehouse job.

1. How to Quit Amazon on A to Z

There are two ways you can quit your job at Amazon: online through Amazon A to Z or when you go to work and talk with HR/your supervisor.

Let’s first discuss how to quit online through Amazon A to Z. A lot of people choose this method when quitting their Amazon warehouse job simply because it’s incredibly easy. All you have to do is log on to your Amazon A to Z account.

Once you have logged in, towards the bottom of the page, you should see a phrase that says “Thinking of leaving Amazon? We don’t want to see you go, but we can help you resign. Learn more.”

You can then click the “Learn more” link. You will then be directed to fill out an online form expressing your desire to voluntarily quit your Amazon warehouse job. During this process, you can also learn when your last day will be.

After fully submitting your online form, you will likely receive a confirmation email about your desire to quit a few days later!

And that’s all you need to do! Many employees prefer to do this method, especially if they’re nervous about talking with their boss about quitting — or if they have no idea how to quit at work in the first place.

2. How to Quit Amazon Through HR

You can also quit your job in person during one of your work days. You can contact Amazon HR and let them know that you’d like to quit. Some people also like to talk to their manager or supervisor first and let them know about their decision to leave.

Your manager or supervisor can then direct you to HR, or how to properly quit, so you won’t be confused or lost during this process. You will still have to fill out a form or a letter that explains your decision to quit, though you can give this to HR in person.

Even if you explain your decision to quit to Human Resources in person, you can also still email the written form or letter if you’d like.

Regardless of which method you would like to use to quit, you have to fill out a written form and give it to Amazon. Amazon likes to keep documentation of all of this — and if you ever want to get a job at Amazon again, you should always ensure they have this written form and ensure that the company knows that you are leaving.

The goal is to always leave on a good note. You never know when you might want to get another job with Amazon in the future — or when you may want to use them as a reference!

Amazon Resignation Policy

Amazon doesn’t necessarily talk about its resignation policy — mainly because they don’t ever want any of its employees to quit. But employees come and go, and people quit all of the time.

Many people assume that you have to give a two weeks notice — and then work for these two weeks — when you decide to voluntarily leave your job. In reality, there is no law that says you have to do this.

However, you really should leave your Amazon job on the best note possible. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you still give a two weeks notice so that everybody is on the same page.

Once you decide that you’d like to leave Amazon, HR will handle most of the specifics. You won’t really have to do anything once you’ve sent in that written form expressing your desire to leave.

However, if you have any unused PTO or vacation time that you would like to be paid out to you when you fully resign, get in touch with your HR team. They might not do this automatically. Not every state enforces this at every job, so check with your HR about what you can and cannot get paid out.

Does Amazon Require 2-Week Notice?

As we mentioned above, Amazon does not technically require a two-week notice. This means that anyone could say that they’re quitting one day and then never returning the next. You technically don’t have to give the company two weeks’ notice.

However, this is the polite thing to do. If you want to leave on a good note, then you should always give Amazon a two-week notice.

What Happens if You Quit Amazon Without Notice 2-Week Notice?

Amazon has a high turnover rate. You’ve probably seen people suddenly just never come to work again. They don’t give any type of notice, let alone a two-week notice. They just decide they don’t want the job anymore — and they never show up again.

As we’ve already mentioned, Amazon doesn’t necessarily require a two weeks notice. However, it is recommended.

If you quit Amazon without a two weeks notice, you aren’t leaving on the best note. This could mean that you cannot use Amazon as a reference if you’re looking to get another job. If you do use them as a reference, they could speak negatively about you because of how you left.

If in the future, you decide that you’d like to work for Amazon again, this could also count against you when Amazon is deciding whether to hire you back or not.

Now, Amazon does tend to hire past workers back — and they could even hire those who didn’t give a two weeks notice if they’re in a condition where they really need workers.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give your two weeks’ notice. You always want to leave on a good note in all ways, as you truly never know what the future holds — or how this could count against you.

Do I Have to Work on My Last Day at Amazon?

Let’s say you’ve successfully put in your two weeks’ notice. You’ve worked these past two weeks. Now, your last day has arrived. Do you really have to work?

If you want to leave on good terms, then yes. You should always work every scheduled shift you have, including your last day.

Of course, if you’re not worried about leaving on the best of terms, then you could decide to skip it. But you should always try to do the polite thing and show up for your last scheduled shift!

What Happens After You Quit at Amazon?

After you quit Amazon, you normally don’t have to do anything else, as HR will handle everything for you. After your final day, you could receive an email requesting feedback about your work experience.

However, it doesn’t appear that every employee receives this email or message. For example, if you’ve left without putting in your two weeks or giving notice, then you likely won’t receive this type of message.

How Much Does Amazon Pay You to Quit?

After busy peak periods, Amazon sometimes offers a chance for full-time employees to quit. While this doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to, some warehouses may still do this.

On average, Amazon offers anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 for full-time employees to quit — and never return to work again for them again.

Can You Get Paid to Quit at Amazon Warehouse?

After very busy peak seasons (such as after the winter holidays), Amazon may begin reaching out to full-time employees and seeing if they want to quit. They do this when they have too many employees currently working in one location, warehouse, or department.

However, this doesn’t happen all the time. In fact, it doesn’t appear as if Amazon is doing this as much as it used to a few years ago. This could be because Amazon is still rapidly expanding. The company, as a whole, is really struggling with turnovers at warehouses, too.

Therefore, you could work at Amazon for a while and never be offered to quit for payment. Of course, things could change in the future — especially if the business in any way decreases in certain warehouses!

Can You Reapply at Amazon if You Quit?

You can reapply at Amazon if you quit — even if you leave on bad terms. If you do not give a full two weeks’ notice before you quit, Amazon will note this in their system.

Therefore, if you go to get another job with them in the future, they will see how you left the job before. As they’re looking to hire responsible and dependable workers — workers they can trust will show up to the job — they may decide against hiring you again.

However, some warehouses are in extreme conditions. They need as many workers as they can get. As a result, they could end up hiring past employees who left on bad terms. Of course, every single situation is different!

If you’ve left on good terms, you can always choose to get another job with Amazon. As you won’t have anything working against you because you did everything you were supposed to when you left, you will likely easily (and quickly!) be rehired.

Keep reading to learn exactly under which circumstances Amazon rehires after termination.


If you want to voluntarily quit your Amazon warehouse job, you can do this online through your Amazon A to Z account or in person by talking with Human Resources. In the future, you can also choose to reapply for another Amazon job after you quit.