How Long Is a Seasonal Job at Amazon?

Seasonal jobs are an excellent way to gain experience and make money from short-term commitment work during busy seasons.

If you’re interested in a seasonal job at Amazon, you’ll want to know how long it lasts. So, how long is a seasonal job at Amazon?

How Long Is a Seasonal Job at Amazon?

Most seasonal jobs at Amazon last anywhere from a month to six months. The best time to get a seasonal job at Amazon is from October to January. If you work hard and enjoy working at your seasonal job, you can apply to become a full-time employee after your contract ends.

Many people love seasonal jobs at Amazon because they only require a commitment over the holidays or sales season and provide some easy extra income.

Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s seasonal employment and the benefits that come with it.

What Is an Amazon Seasonal Worker?

An Amazon seasonal worker is a person who’s been hired to work for a short seasonal time in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

Amazon hires seasonal workers when there’s a lot of demand for labor, allowing Amazon to meet the needs of online shoppers. Amazon seasonal jobs are open at specific periods each year, but these workers are typically hired during the winter and summer.

Amazon seasonal workers are responsible for sorting and packing Amazon packages. Other workers manage processes, clean offices, and move items around warehouses.

Seasonal employees at Amazon often work about 30 hours a week. Though there is no set rule on how many hours a seasonal employee should work, it usually depends on the location, department, and how much work there is to be done.

Usually, seasonal jobs last for only a few months, and most seasonal workers get to work from October to January. They typically have white badges/IDs (full-time workers at Amazon have blue badges).

Is It Easy to Get a Holiday Job at Amazon?

More people than ever are applying for seasonal jobs at Amazon. Since Amazon is a giant e-commerce retailer, it’s always hiring. And during seasonal events or periods, Amazon employs thousands of people.

If you stay close to an Amazon fulfillment center, especially one of the newer locations, you’ll likely have no problems finding seasonal job openings or offers at Amazon.

You must meet Amazon’s basic eligibility criteria to get hired as a seasonal worker. One essential eligibility requirement is that you must be at least 18 years old.

Amazon has exciting seasonal job openings to suit all experience levels. You can apply to be a seasonal warehouse team member, a seasonal warehouse operative, a virtual customer service associate, and lots more. Just search for the position or job you’d like to take.

Apart from being above 18 years old, you may need a high school diploma or GED depending on the position. You can find other requirements specific to your role in the job description.

It is not uncommon for seasonal employees at Amazon to transcend into full-time workers, which is true for workers who enjoy their jobs and perform beyond expectations.

Amazon Seasonal Employee Benefits

Amazon is one of the top recruiters of seasonal employees in the United States. And Amazon seasonal employees enjoy competitive pay, a short-term commitment, and flexibility.

But their seasonal workers don’t receive the same benefits as full-time, part-time, or reduced-time workers. For example, seasonal employees at Amazon don’t have benefits like 401k or the possibility to own company stocks as an incentive.

Seasonal employee salaries can range from $14 to $18 per hour, and with additional pay, this can get up to $25 per hour. But the average starting pay for Amazon employees (full-time or part-time) is $18 per hour.

If you work at Amazon as a seasonal worker over the weekends, you will get an extra $1 per hour. You could get an additional $3 per hour if you work different shifts. Plus, there is a sign-on incentive of $3,000.

Do Seasonal Amazon Employees Get PTO

Paid Time Off (PTO) hours are only available for salaried employees (full-time, part-time, or reduced-time workers) at Amazon. This is the time accrued yearly for vacation, personal time, sick time, holidays, and leave of absence.

Amazon does not give PTO to seasonal employees. Seasonal employees who gain permanent positions at Amazon must work for at least one year to enjoy PTO hours.

The number of hours of PTO you get as an Amazon employee also depends on your employment type, how many hours you work a week, and how long you’ve been at Amazon. You can check out Amazon paid time off policy to see how many PTO hours you get as an employee.

How Flexible Is Amazon With Hours?

While Amazon is flexible with work hours, they don’t want workers failing to comply with their labor agreements. The company is very strict about when employees can access the Amazon Work Portal to submit timesheet requests.

Amazon wants its employees to comply with their limits for scheduling overtime work hours. They do not want employees to repeatedly exceed (or work below) their allotted schedules to prevent or delay other workers from obtaining jobs with the company.

There’s flexibility for day or night shifts, weekend work, weekdays-only work, etc. You can do some seasonal jobs at Amazon remotely and always discuss flexible work hours with your manager.

When Should You Apply for Seasonal Jobs at Amazon?

The best time to apply for seasonal jobs at Amazon is when you find the job listing.

Seasonal jobs are mostly advertised all year long, not just between August and October, when the holidays are in full swing. Amazon usually requires seasonal workers close to annual events like Prime Day.

Check Amazon’s job pages for lists of seasonal jobs, and note the ones with fixed contract terms. Read through each job description or requirement so you can choose which Amazon seasonal job position to apply for.

You can use Amazon’s filters to search for suitable seasonal jobs by location and time of year that fit your needs.

How to Go From Seasonal to Permanent at Amazon

It’s easy for anyone to go from being a seasonal employee to a permanent at Amazon. Though, there’s no guarantee that everyone interested in a permanent position will get it.

The best way to go from being a seasonal worker to landing a permanent job at Amazon is to do your job well. Amazon recognizes its exceptional seasonal workers through evaluations during and after employment, and outstanding workers can get offers for permanent positions at Amazon.

To go from seasonal to permanent at Amazon, you should show up on time, communicate proactively, take extra shifts if and when you can, be reliable, have a positive attitude, and always go above and beyond.

Also, if someone quits or you’re asked to cross-train (go to another department), be ready to oblige to work more or switch departments. Also, if you have some licenses or certifications (for example, a license to operate some equipment), you can get a higher chance of being a permanent worker.

If you qualify, you’ll have to apply for the position, but this time, you’ll apply for the “Conversion” position whenever it’s posted.

Reddit User’s Experiences From Going From Seasonal to Permanent at Amazon

According to an Amazon seasonal worker on Reddit, there are no stated criteria for becoming a permanent employee at Amazon. However, there are certain things you can do to “qualify.”

If you want to go from a seasonal job to getting hired for a permanent position at Amazon, these Reddit user experiences and tips may prepare your mind:

  • Be as punctual as possible—and keep an eye on your attendance points.
  • Make sure you don’t have any active written warnings.
  • Ensure your point balance doesn’t exceed 3.
  • Follow instructions, do what is asked, and take on more work when you can.

Also, a conversion position must be listed on Amazon, and you must apply for it if you’re interested in being a permanent worker. So, if your location or work doesn’t have such a listing, you can’t choose to become a permanent worker.


Seasonal jobs at Amazon last between 1 to 6 months. The peak periods for seasonal work are October to January. You can expect to work around 30 hours weekly as a seasonal worker. Seasonal employment at Amazon can become permanent.