Why Is Amazon Not Allowing Me to Review Products?

Have you gone to leave a review of a product on Amazon, only to be left with a message that says “We apologize, but Amazon is not accepting reviews on this product from this account”? Can you no longer leave reviews on any products due to unusual reviewing activity?

Unfortunately, things like this can happen. Below, we explain the most common reasons why people have found that Amazon has denied them the chance to review products!

Why Is Amazon Not Allowing Me to Review Products?

Amazon may not allow you to review products because you’ve violated their guidelines and terms somehow. This could have happened if they suspect a seller was paying you, if you are related to a seller, or if you have left reviews with certain “banned” words.

There’s a lot you should know if you have found yourself in this situation. Below, we explain the most common reason why people get banned from leaving reviews on Amazon!

1. Amazon Thinks You’re Working With a Seller

One of the most common reasons why you could be banned from leaving a review on all Amazon products? Amazon could think you’re in some way working with a seller!

Sellers have been known to offer coupons, goods, or payments to convince customers to leave a good review. If Amazon believes that you have done something like this — or if you are in any way working with a seller to give them an incorrect good review — then you could be banned from giving reviews.

Sometimes, Amazon could think this — and it could be wrong. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to convince Amazon that you aren’t working with a seller!

2. You’re Related to a Seller

If you’re related to a seller or author and you leave a review on their product, Amazon could ban you from leaving reviews on all products on the website. Amazon wants to keep all of its reviews free from influence.

Naturally, a family member will leave a good review. They want honest reviews. So, if you’ve recently left a review on a family member’s item, then this could be why they’ve banned you!

3. If Previous Reviews Had “Banned” Words

Amazon can be quite strict when it comes to what they allow in their reviews. Just as with other sites, there are certain banned words that should never be used in a review. Often, this means curse words or disrespectful words.

Your review will immediately be taken down if you use any of these banned words. Other words may be banned that you may not know — words that aren’t necessarily “curse” words. Your reviews could have been fully taken down because of the use of these banned words. 

4. You Left Too Many 5-Star Reviews

While it’s always nice to leave positive reviews on Amazon pages, it does appear that too many 5-star reviews could get you banned from reviewing all items in the future. This is because Amazon may believe that you’re being paid for your reviews.

Therefore, try to be as honest as possible when it comes to leaving reviews. Leave three to four stars, if needed. Obviously, you should never lie about an item just to keep from being banned from leaving reviews!

If you really can’t understand why you’re being banned from reviewing Amazon products, this could be the reason. Check your reviews and see if they are all five stars!

5. Your Reviews Are Always Removed

If your reviews are always immediately removed after you’ve posted them, then you’ll be banned from even attempting to leave reviews in the first place. Reviews could be taken down immediately if banned words are being used.

Reviews could also be taken down immediately if you are leaving negative reviews on a seller’s page over and over again.

There are many reasons why your reviews could be immediately removed. But if you’ve noticed in the past that your review has been immediately taken down, then this could be why you’re fully banned from reviewing now.

Can Amazon Ban You From Reviews?

Yes, Amazon can ban you from reviews. They can ban you from adding your own review, though they cannot ban you from seeing reviews.

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of reasons why Amazon may choose to ban you from leaving reviews. Often, this happens because you have in some way gone against their policies. However, mistakes could also be to blame for this reason.

Amazon works hard to try to keep sellers from influencing how customers review their products. Sellers have been known to try to tempt good reviews out of customers. Payment, goods, coupons, and more have been offered in exchange for a good review.

Amazon doesn’t want this to keep happening, so they work to try to stop this when they see it happening. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that people are banned from leaving reviews, even if they truly aren’t working with sellers in any way.

How Do You Become Eligible to Review on Amazon After Getting Banned?

If Amazon has banned you from reviewing items, you can always try to get in contact with Amazon Support and see if there is something you can do to fix this problem. Sometimes, Amazon will say that you are banned and there is nothing you can do.

If you’re really upset by this, try getting in contact with Amazon. Explain your case. While it might be hard to prove certain things, let them know that this whole thing has been a misunderstanding.

Amazon may not allow you to review items again. However, it doesn’t hurt to get in contact with them and let them know how you feel!

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If Amazon is not allowing you to review products, you may have gone against their policies in other reviews in some way. Amazon may believe that a seller is working with you to leave positive reviews. You may have also left too many five-star reviews recently.