What Does Unusual Reviewing Activity Mean on Amazon?

Have you recently received a message from Amazon saying that there is “unusual reviewing activity on this account”? Or maybe you’ve gone to review a product, only for Amazon to say that there has been an unusual reviewing on that specific product?

What does this mean? How does this affect your Amazon account and your ability to review? Below, we answer all the questions you may have about unusual reviewing!

What Does Unusual Reviewing Activity Mean on Amazon?

Unusual reviewing activity on Amazon means that Amazon believes that you are not reviewing products accurately and honestly. Amazon previously had a real issue with sellers and others paying customers to leave good reviews. To weed out bad reviews, they look at unusual reviewing activities.

Below, we explain what this term means in detail!

What Does Amazon Define as “Unusual Reviewing Activity”?

If Amazon has notified you and let you know there has been unusual reviewing activity on your account, this likely means your account has been flagged because of your reviews. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done something wrong.

It does mean that Amazon believes something might be up with your reviewing, though.

Amazon works hard to try to filter through reviews. They only want honest and accurate reviews left on products, whether the reviews be good or bad. They want to help customers and ensure that all reviews left behind are honest and true.

Sellers have been known to pay off customers to ensure that their products get good reviews. Obviously, Amazon doesn’t want this. To try to keep their customers from doing this, they have certain guidelines and factors that they look for.

If you’ve done something that falls in line with “unusual” activity — whether it’s actually unusual or not — Amazon may begin to review your account.

Real-Life Examples of Non-justified Unusual Reviewing Activity on Amazon

Amazon’s main goal in reviewing reviews is to ensure that sellers aren’t paying off customers for a good review. They want all reviews to be honest and true. However, sometimes Amazon stops honest reviewers and customers from leaving reviews.

If you’ve only ever posted honest reviews and now are faced with an “unusual reviewing activity” message, you’re not alone. Some past customers have unfortunately found themselves in the same position.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to who Amazon stops from reviewing. Many times, Amazon seems to get it wrong and will just keep customers from reviewing, even if they didn’t do anything wrong.

According to past customers, your account could be flagged for unusual reviewing activity if you’ve posted a lot of reviews recently that were all five stars. Amazon could feel that you are only leaving positive reviews because you are being paid to do so.

Obviously, this isn’t fair. But Amazon doesn’t seem inclined to stop its practice anytime soon.

Why Are Some Legitimate Reviews Considered Unusual?

Sometimes, a legitimate review could be considered unusual. This could be because of the language and the words that you use in the review.

There is evidently a few words that are banned — other than your average inappropriate words — that flag Amazon and let them know that a review is unusual. Unfortunately, nobody knows what these words are, so it can be hard not to use them if you aren’t sure what they are.

As we’ve discussed above, Amazon tries its best to keep inaccurate reviews from being published. However, they, in the process of removing inaccurate reviews, can often remove honest and legitimate reviews.

“Amazon Has Noticed Unusual Reviewing Activity on This Product”

Sometimes, you may go to review a product only for Amazon to notify you that there has been unusual reviewing activity on this product. As a result, they might only be accepting verified reviews on the product.

This means that they have, in some way, realized that there are too many inaccurate or odd reviews on the product. This tends to happen if there are a lot of reviews posted on the product in one day.

If you are a verified customer — which you will be if you are reviewing the product through the Amazon account you bought the product on — then you should have no issue reviewing the product at all.

In some extreme cases, Amazon could keep all customers from reviewing a product. This likely will only last a few hours or a few days at most. Eventually, Amazon will work out this unusual reviewing activity and allow customers to post once again.

Keep reading to find out why Amazon is not allowing you to review products. and how to get unbanned from Amazon reviews.


If Amazon notifies you to say that your account has unusual reviewing activity, this often means that Amazon believes you are reviewing products inaccurately. Amazon works to keep sellers from paying off customers for good reviews — and they sometimes can inaccurately pinpoint honest customers in the process.