10 Biggest Amazon Warehouses in USA ([year])

Amazon’s storage facilities are one of the largest in the retail market, and there are many reasons for such a feat. Amazon has many warehouses at strategic locations where they store products and sort orders to help fulfill orders faster.

So, where are the biggest Amazon Warehouses in the USA?

Biggest Amazon Warehouses in the USA

Amazon has about 185 fulfillment centers and warehouses globally, with 110 in the United States. Amazon’s biggest warehouses are in Wilmington, Mt. Juliet, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, Jeffersonville, Nevada, Moreno Valley, Chesterfield, Fargo, and Canton. Amazon is currently constructing its largest warehouse in Inland Empire, Southern California.

Amazon has many warehouses worldwide, with about 110 active fulfillment centers (warehouses) in the US alone. With more warehouses, Amazon can employ more people, fulfill orders faster, and deliver more packages. Read on for more information on the size and location of the biggest Amazon warehouses in the USA.

1. Amazon fulfillment center, Wilmington, Delaware

Topping the list of the ten biggest Amazon warehouses in the world is the Amazon fulfillment center in Wilmington, Delaware. It employs more than 5000 people, making it one of the largest employers of human personnel in the country.

The five-story warehouse stands at 3.8 million square feet and has a ground area of approximately 640,000 square feet or nearly 14.7 acres.

The fulfillment center is equipped with the most recent technology from Amazon, including robots that transport goods over long distances each day and sensors that can detect when and where a product is stored.

Amazon does not produce anything at this warehouse. However, this warehouse helps to increase efficiency in delivering products across the country. This warehouse opened in Delaware in 2021, 24 years after the first Amazon Delaware warehouse.

2. Amazon warehouse Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

The warehouse at Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, is the second on the list of the ten biggest Amazon warehouses.

This fulfillment center’s 3.6 million square foot warehouse has five stories of highly automated warehouse space and 80,000 square feet of offices, making it 4.5 times larger than the standard Amazon fulfillment warehouse. It towers at 92 feet on the outside.

The warehouse opened in mid-July of 2021 and now has over 3000 employees, including part-time workers, toppling over the list of other large warehouses that Amazon built before.

You can fit 13 football fields on each floor of the footprint. This warehouse also has over 22 miles of conveyors, 40,000+ totes, 25 miles of wiring, almost 16,000 tons of structural steel, and 95,000+ cubic yards of concrete.

3. Amazon fulfillment center Colorado Springs

Following the preceding sequence, the third on the list of the biggest Amazon warehouses in the USA is the Amazon fulfillment center in Colorado Springs. This 3.5 million-square-foot building sorting center in Colorado Springs opened in 2021.

Since then, this Amazon fulfillment center in Colorado Springs has employed about 3000 employees, becoming the area’s largest employer. Amazon is also looking to open two more fulfillment centers in Colorado Springs.

This five-story, highly automated fulfillment center manages over 20 million items up to 2 feet long, wide, or high and weighs 50 pounds or less. These items range from small electronics and books to toys and other small items.

4. Amazon fulfillment center Salt Lake City, Utah

Amazon built this Amazon Fulfillment Center in Salt Lake City Inland Port in 12 months. It covers 2.3 million square feet, sits on about 71 acres of land, and is located west of Salt Lake City International Airport.

This structure comprises has about 196 concrete tilt panels and 1.7 million square feet of pavement. This new fulfillment center in the Salt Lake City region creates job opportunities for over 1,500 employees.

5. Amazon fulfillment center Jeffersonville, Indiana

The Jeffersonville Amazon fulfillment center is a four-story warehouse with over 2.5 million square feet of usable space, a 1.2 million square foot footprint, and four stories.

It holds over 30 million items and employs nearly 2500 people (up to 7,000 during peak season).

6. Amazon Tropical Distribution Center, Nevada

Nevada is one of the locations in the country popularly known for its consistent activeness in the e-commerce space. The building is over 50 feet tall and has a floor area of 2.3 million square feet, two conveyor process mezzanine levels, and four robotic storage platform levels.

The build-to-suit Amazon fulfillment center with a floor area of 855,000 square feet opened in May 2019. With more than 1,500 workers, it is the e-commerce company’s largest fulfillment center in Nevada.

7. Amazon fulfillment center Moreno Valley 

The Moreno Valley facility is the largest of Amazon’s over 25 warehouses in California, measuring 1,250,000 square feet. It is a great employer of human workers, as quite a large number of Californians are employed by it. 

It also occupies a large land in the country at approximately 75 acres. It was opened on the 24th of September, 2014, creating employment opportunities for more than 3,000 full-time workers at the facility.

8. Amazon fulfillment center Chesterfield, Virginia

The Amazon fulfillment center in Chesterfield, Virginia, is about 1.2 million square feet, or 28 football fields.

According to Amazon officials, this large warehouse houses tens of millions of products stored, packaged, and shipped by the employees at the Chesterfield fulfillment center.

At the height of the holiday shopping season, the 2,200 employees at the Chesterfield facility may increase by up to 1,000 seasonal workers.

9. Amazon fulfillment center Fargo, North Dakota

Amazon’s fulfillment center in Fargo covers over one million square feet in Fargo, North Dakota.

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, employees began their workdays in the brand-new, over-a-million-square-foot facility. This fulfillment center is the largest building in North Dakota and provides over a thousand full-time jobs.

10. Amazon facility in Canton, Mississippi

On August 11, 2022, a 700,000-square-foot facility known as the Amazon fulfillment center officially opened.

Amazon’s fulfillment center in Canton, Mississippi, is the state’s first fulfillment center to employ Amazon’s robotics technology and employs over a thousand people.

The world’s largest Amazon warehouse is currently under construction in Southern California’s Inland Empire. It will be a 4.1 million-square-foot, 97-foot-tall structure larger than any other Amazon Warehouse currently in operation.


Amazon operates about 185 fulfillment centers globally and 110 in the United States. The largest at the moment is a megastar five-story warehouse in Wilmington, Delaware, measuring 3.8 million square feet and employing more than 3000 people. Amazon looks to build bigger warehouses in the future.