How to Get Unbanned From Amazon Reviews

Amazon reviews are a great way to write about your experience or thoughts about certain items or sellers. If you violate community guidelines, you might get banned from writing Amazon reviews. There are some steps you can take to get unbanned though and continue writing reviews.

How to Get Unbanned From Amazon Reviews

To get unbanned from Amazon Reviews you will need to file an appeal through your Amazon account by emailing support or using the chat service feature. An associate from Amazon will review the request and decide whether to give you your review privileges back or not.

If you have received a message that you are no longer permitted to review products on Amazon, you might be wondering what you did to get banned from reviews. This guide will cover common reasons as well as how to get your privileges back.

How Long Does It Take To Get Unbanned From Amazon Reviews?

Once you figure out how to get review privileges back on Amazon, you might be wondering how long Amazon will give you back your ability to write reviews. If Amazon decides to allow you to be able to review again, it will probably take a few weeks for you to get unbanned.

Keep in mind this is if Amazon allows you to write again. Many people find that Amazon denies their appeal and they are permanently banned from writing reviews.

Once you have submitted an appeal, wait a few weeks and see if you get a response. If you do not receive any messages, you might need to send an email and ask about the status.

Are Amazon Review Bans Permanent?

Amazon review bans are not permanent but Amazon might deny your appeal if they think you have breached their community guidelines. You can review their Amazon review policy to see if there might have been something you violated. 

If your appeal has been denied more than once, though, you will be permanently banned from writing reviews and you will not be able to submit another appeal.

Why Won’t Amazon Let Me Leave a Review?

If you have been banned from leaving Amazon reviews, you might be wondering what you did for Amazon to not allow you to leave reviews anymore. The simple answer is that you wrote a review that breached community policies in some way.

Here are some ways you might have accidentally violated community guidelines:

  • Your account has left a large number of reviews in a very small amount of time
  • Your account was hacked and fake reviews were left on products
  • Amazon flagged your review for using specific keywords
  • Your review contained curse words or profanity
  • You were asked by a seller to change or remove a review
  • You posted a review for a product made by your relative or a seller you are employed by
  • You wrote a review in exchange for a discount or reward
  • You wrote a review for a product you made
  • You wrote a negative review for a competitor’s product

Amazon Review Ban Appeal Process

If you have been banned from making reviews, you will need to talk to a representative directly through online chat or on the phone. You can do this through your account by going to the Customer Service Page.

  • Click Something Else.
  • Scroll down to the Tell Us More section.
  • Choose Memberships, Subscriptions, or Communications.
  • Choose Other Memberships and Subscriptions.
  • Select Phone.

From here, you can start talking to a representative and explain to them that you have been banned from reviews. They will be able to check your account and see what happened. They can also file the appeal for you.

How Does Amazon Review Moderation Work?

Once you have submitted an appeal, Amazon associates will begin looking at the appeal and determining how you violated the community guidelines.

They will also determine if you wrote reviews for products you actually purchased or not.

They will determine if your account was hacked or if it was possibly you writing the reviews. If it’s your first offense, they will probably reverse the ban and give you the privileges back.

If you wrote many bad reviews and have been banned before, you might not receive your privileges back.

Does Amazon Block Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews are not blocked unless they violate community guidelines, such as if the review is racist, threatens the seller, or contains inappropriate photos or other material. Honest negative reviews are not blocked but may be temporarily flagged as unusual reviewing activity until Amazon has verified that they are legitimate.


If you have been banned from writing Amazon reviews, you will need to log into your account and file an appeal. You will need to talk to a representative either over the phone or through the online chat feature. Amazon associates will review the appeal and deny or approve it.