What Does “Used Acceptable” Mean on Amazon? [[year] Update]

Buying used items on Amazon doesn’t have to be stressful. Let’s discuss what you can expect when purchasing used items — and specifically used items in “Used Acceptable” condition. Keep reading below to find out more!

What Does “Used Acceptable” Mean on Amazon?

An Amazon item in “Used Acceptable” condition means that it has been fairly used or worn, which is apparent. Marks, scuffs, dents, and other aesthetic damages may downgrade the item’s appearance. Missing parts or components may also occur. Packaging could also be torn, missing, or repackaged.

Below, we explain in full detail what you can expect in this type of situation!

How Bad Is the Condition on “Used Acceptable” Amazon Items?

When it comes to the true condition of “Used Acceptable” Amazon items, this can definitely depend from item to item. Some items may be in relatively good shape… and some items may not be.

When it comes to buying “Used Acceptable” items, you really are taking a gamble. The other used conditions tend to be much better choices. For example, “Used Like New” conditions mean that the item is in perfect working condition.

In comparison, a “Used Acceptable” item isn’t in perfect working condition and may not work 100% accurately at all.

Meanwhile, a “Used Very Good” item means that the item was used only once or twice before being returned. A “Used Acceptable” item, however, was used quite a lot — and this is apparent when surveying the item.

So, you’re getting a heavily used item when you’re buying a “Used Acceptable” item. Know this going in — and know that you’re getting a potentially marked or even damaged item in exchange for getting a discount!

Is Amazon’s “Used Acceptable” Items Worth Buying?

This really just depends on what you’re buying. A little bit of luck may also be needed in this type of situation.

Some past customers swear by purchasing used items from Amazon Warehouse. Even though they’re receiving a potentially damaged item, some customers have stated that many “Used Acceptable” items are much less problematic than they thought they would be.

Meanwhile, other past customers feel the complete opposite. They’ve bought “Used Acceptable” items that are completely destroyed, in their opinion.

So, you might need to use your own judgment call. If you really want that discount and want a take a chance, you could be pleasantly surprised when buying a “Used Acceptable” item! 

Which Item Categories Are Best to Purchase as “Used Acceptable” on Amazon?

There are some items that are naturally just better to purchase than others when it comes to items that are in “Used Acceptable” condition. On average, books that are “Used Acceptable” are okay — if you’re okay with bent pages and potential scuffs on the front cover.

However, even with these issues, the book is still readable. Even if there are markings or highlights in the book, you can still use the book and read it. So, books are okay to buy in “Used Acceptable” condition — as long as you know what you’re getting!

It might be best to steer clear of buying any type of electronics, such as TVs, computers, or cell phones, that are in “Used Acceptable” condition. When it comes to these types of items, you’ll likely always be best buying them new or in better-used condition, just to be safe!

“Used Acceptable” Amazon Discount

When you buy an item that is in “Used Acceptable” condition, you’ll get a discount, as the item is used. How much of a discount you’ll receive depends on a variety of factors.

Often, the price of a “Used Acceptable” item will depend on the price of the “New” item, how popular the item is (and if the “New” item ever runs out of stock), and what the seller wants to sell the discounted item at.

Some third-party sellers are more generous with their discounts when selling “Used Acceptable” items. Other sellers aren’t. Again, the discount you can expect to receive will always vary from seller to seller and product to product!

Do You Waive Your Return Rights for “Used Acceptable” Amazon Items?

Amazon Warehouse’s return policy states that you can return any used item up to 30 days after the item has been delivered. However, not every item is returnable — so you should always double-check your item before purchasing it to understand its return policy.

When it comes to replacing your item, this is more difficult, as it can be hard to replace used items. On average, you’re better off just receiving a refund if you return your item.

Third-party sellers may differ when it comes to returning “Used Acceptable” items. Some may not allow it and may state that these items are Final Sale and unreturnable. But you will know this before purchasing! Keep reading to learn if Amazon warehouse deals come with a warranty.


An Amazon item that is in “Used Acceptable” condition is an item that has been used often before being returned. As a result, it is likely noticeably used and may have damage to its appearance. The item may not work 100% correctly because of its previous use.