What Does “Used Like New” Mean on Amazon? [Full Guide]

When buying items on Amazon, you may often stumble across the item’s condition and wonder what this means. If you’re buying a used item, what does “Used Like New” exactly mean — and how does it compare to other conditions? Keep reading to find out!

What Does “Used Like New” Mean on Amazon?

“Used Like New” on Amazon means the condition of the item is incredibly good. While not 100% new, it appears as if it is news. This could mean that the packaging has been opened or the packaging is missing, but everything else is almost as good as new.

Below, we explain more about what to expect when you buy an item that is in a “Used Like New” condition.

Is the Condition “Used Like New” Good on Amazon?

If the condition of your item is marked as “Used Like New” on Amazon, this is considered a good condition! This is the best type of used item you can buy when compared to all of the other conditions you could choose from.

“Used Like New” items are in very good shape. Often, they are marked this because the packaging is gone or the packaging was opened. More often than not, these items are resold after being returned by customers.

Sometimes, these items may still be in new condition — and therefore, never actually used before. But, because the packaging was open, Amazon and sellers have to say that the item is “Used Like New”, rather than brand new.

But you could still be receiving a new item, even though it is “Used Like New”. Even if the item was used in any way, you wouldn’t be able to tell when purchasing an item in this condition. At most, there could be something slight (like one bent page in a book).

Is Amazon’s “Used Like New” Items Worth Buying?

Yes, Amazon’s “Used Like New” items are definitely worth buying! As we mentioned above, most of the time, these items are returns. Customers buy the item and then return them almost immediately after opening the package and receiving it for various reasons.

Sometimes, as a natural result, these items aren’t actually used. Their packaging has been opened, and maybe the item has been handled in some small way, but other than that, the item is brand new!

Therefore, you could be getting a discounted “Used Like New” item that is still, in almost all ways, brand new.

Of course, if you’re worried about the condition of the item, you can always see what description the seller explains the item is in. The seller will be able to accurately explain exactly why the item is in this condition!

What Discount Will I Get on Amazon “Used Like New” Items?

A “Used Like New” item will always be cheaper than a new item. Therefore, you will be getting a discount for this item. How much of a discount depends on the price of the new item, the seller, and other factors.

Sometimes, you will be able to find a “Used Like New” item that is incredibly discounted. Other times, especially if the item is very popular and sometimes runs out of stock, the “Used Like New” items won’t be discounted as much.

The price of a “Used Like New” item really just depends on the item itself, the popularity of the item, and the seller!

Can You Return “Used Like New” Items on Amazon?

If you don’t buy “Used Like New” items from third-party sellers, you can often buy them from Amazon Warehouse. According to Amazon Warehouse return policies, most used items can be returned within 30 days of receiving the item — much like Amazon’s regular return policy.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that every “Used Like New” item you purchase can be returned. You’ll always know when you cannot return an item, as Amazon will let you know when you’re checking out. The item will likely say that it is a Final Sale or that you cannot return it.

If you’re buying from a third-party seller, returns vary from seller to seller when it comes to used items. But again, you’ll always be able to see if you can return your item or not when checking out. Keep reading to learn if Amazon warehouse deals come with a warranty.

When Did Amazon Introduce “Used Like New” Items?

Amazon has allowed sellers to sell used goods and collectibles in “Used Like New” condition for many years now. Amazon Warehouse now offers this same service and mainly sells items that were returned.

Once Amazon began branching out back in the 1990s and early 2000s, the site began to offer “Used Like New” items and collectibles. So, in a way, it’s almost always been a part of the site!

How Does Amazon Rate the Condition of an Item as “Used – Like New”?

Amazon has a rating scale where they determine what the condition of a used item is. If the item is “Used Like New”, then the item is in perfect working condition. Often, only the packaging has been opened or removed.

Instructions and manuals will still be included, as will most, if not all, of the internal packaging. The item will have only minor damage if any!


If an item is in “Used Like New” condition on Amazon, the item is in perfect working condition and will only have minor damage, if any. Often, the packaging will be open or torn. However, the item will appear to be new in almost all other ways!