What Does “Used Very Good” Mean on Amazon?

When buying used items on Amazon, it’s nice to understand the many conditions the items can come in. “Used Very Good” conditions often mean that the item is in almost great condition.

Below, we explain everything you need to know about this condition!

What Does “Used Very Good” Mean on Amazon?

If you buy a “Used Very Good” item on Amazon, this means the item is in great condition but has been used slightly. Minor damage or scuffs to the item may appear. Packaging may be missing. If any accessories are missing, you will be told.

Keep reading, as we explain even more about what a “Used Very Good” condition means!

What Is the Condition “Used Very Good” Like on Amazon?

When you buy a used item that is considered a “Used Very Good” condition, this means that you’re almost getting a perfect item. The item has likely been used by a previous customer once or twice and then returned.

As a result, things may be missing. Packaging will likely be gone or torn. Some items may have been repackaged by Amazon or the third-party seller selling the item.

The item may also have some minor damage or wear and tear to it, though not too much. In many ways, this damage may not be readily noticeable at first glance.

Accessories, manuals, or small parts of the item could also be missing. However, Amazon or the seller in charge will be able to explain exactly what is missing — and it will be in the item description.

Is “Used Very Good” Worth Buying on Amazon?

While “Used Very Good” obviously isn’t as good as a “New” or “Used Like New” item, it’s still a great investment, especially because you’ll get a cheaper item.

As we discussed above, there isn’t a lot wrong with “Used Very Good” items. If there are — for example, if there are missing accessories or manuals — then you will know this well ahead of time. Often, however, all parts are included in this used item.

The only thing wrong with this item, then, is that it’s been used by a previous customer. However, that doesn’t mean that anything else is wrong with the item. It could even look brand new in many ways!

So, if you want to buy a discounted item on Amazon, then don’t be worried about purchasing a “Used Very Good” item. Likely, you won’t have an issue with this type of item!

How Much Discount Does Amazon Give on “Used Very Good” Items?

The discount a “Used Very Good” item receives depends on a few factors. Who is selling the item, what the price of the new item is going for, and how popular the item is can all determine the discount you’ll receive.

If the item is very popular and the “New” items are always running out of stock, then you might see more demand for the used items — and will likely see the price of the used items rise.

However, discounts could be quite big. For example, if a seller is just looking to get rid of the item, as nobody will buy it because it’s used, then you might see a drastic discount!

Amazon “Used Very Good” Return Policy

Amazon Warehouse return policies differ from product to product. However, most used items can be returned for a full refund or a replacement within 30 days of receiving the item. Some items may not offer returns, though you will know this before checking out.

If you are buying a “Used Very Good” item from a third-party seller, returns will vary from seller to seller. Most sellers will offer returns on their items — but not all. Some may not offer returns on already discounted or used items.

However, you will again know this before checking out. Just pay attention to all policies that come associated with your used item so you know what to expect! Keep reading to learn if Amazon warehouse deals come with a warranty.

How Does Amazon Rate the Condition of Amazon Warehouse Deals?

Amazon rates its used items depending on a variety of factors. “Used Like New” is the best-used condition, as this means that items are in perfect working condition. Some of these items may not have even been used at all, though their packaging was opened.

In comparison, “Used Very Good” items were used, though only a few times, before being returned. Every subsequently used condition is lesser than these two listed here. This could mean the used items have more missing parts, more damages, or were used heavily before being returned.


A “Used Very Good” item on Amazon means that the item was used a few times by a previous customer before being returned. However, the item is still in great working condition. A few minor appearance marks may be notable, and packaging may be torn, lost, or repackaged.