How Does Amazon Deliver So Fast?

Amazon has worked to improve its business and get orders out to customers as soon as possible. In fact, in 2019, Amazon was even able to make a new record and deliver a package 13 minutes after the customer ordered!

How does Amazon deliver so fast? In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know!

How Does Amazon Deliver So Fast?

Amazon delivers orders quickly through its thorough logistical system, warehouse practices, and shipping methods. Amazon works with various mail carriers to quicken delivery times. They also own their own trucks, planes, and boats to help customers receive their orders quickly.

Now, let’s jump into discussing these reasons a little more thoroughly. Keep reading below!

1. Logistical System

Amazon’s logistical system works. Sure, every now and then, a problem appears and could delay packages — but this is actually quite rare. Amazon has worked to limit late deliveries as much as possible, so fixing any flaws in its logistical system has been vital for the company.

And they’ve truly done a great job! You’re more likely to get an early package than you are a late one!

Amazon’s logistical system comes into play immediately after you order. This system can quickly calculate the best way to get your order. This is all done through their system automatically.

Amazon’s entire logistical system runs very well. There is always an understanding of when items are out of stock — and when they are being restocked. The system always knows what’s happening at warehouses and which warehouse should send you your package.

So, one of the main reasons why Amazon is able to deliver so fast is because of its entire logistical system. It works wonderfully!

2. Warehouse Practices

Yes, the logistics behind Amazon work very well. But without good warehouse practices, this wouldn’t matter. Amazon has so many warehouses and fulfillment centers around the United States that work to easily package your order so it can be shipped.

There are a lot of warehouses. Some fulfillment centers work long hours or even 24/7. Workers and robots package thousands of orders a day.

On average, the warehouses run just as they’re supposed to — which means that people are able to receive fast shipping often. 

3. Shipping Methods

While Amazon can package your order quickly after you finish ordering, the actual process of delivering your order is another thing entirely. However, Amazon is still quite quick when your package is in the shipping phase and has left the warehouse!

Amazon works with a variety of different mail carriers to make the entire shipping process a lot smoother. Commonly, they’ll work with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Express, and more.

However, they also have their own delivery trucks, planes, and boats to help ship orders to customers throughout the United States as well as the world.

Once your order is “Out for Delivery”, various mail carriers could be the ones delivering your package. It could also be Amazon, as they have their own delivery team that may be in charge of delivering your package to you!

So, Amazon clearly has a range of options when choosing how best to ship your package and get it to you. They work with a lot of different mail carriers and companies to make this happen. And, when all else fails, they also have their own delivery methods to rely on!

Does Amazon Prime Ship Faster?

On average, Amazon Prime packages do ship faster than non-Prime packages. This is because Prime members get free 2-day shipping. So, Amazon works quickly to ensure that Prime packages are packaged and ready to be shipped as soon as possible.

Prime orders, therefore, will often ship within 24 hours after ordering. In comparison, non-Prime orders will ship within 48 hours or more after ordering — unless customers pay for express shipping, that is.

How Fast Is Prime Delivery?

Prime members always get free 2-day shipping on eligible items, which means that Prime members will always get the fastest shipping available. Non-Prime members can pay extra to receive 2-day shipping; it won’t be free.

Some Prime members will also be eligible to receive same-day deliveries as long as they live in a certain zip code or near an Amazon fulfillment center. If you qualify for this service, you’ll receive your order on the same day that you ordered it!

Prime delivery, therefore, is always quite fast. Just ensure that the items you’re purchasing are eligible for the 2-day shipping (some individual sellers don’t offer it), and you’ll have no issues!


Amazon is able to deliver packages so quickly after ordering because of its logistical system, warehouse practices, and shipping methods. Amazon works with a variety of different mail carriers to ensure that packages are delivered on time. They also have their own delivery services!