What Does “Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon? [Full Guide]

Amazon has made online shopping a breeze, with swift, stress-free delivery and information on the status of your order at any time.

If you place an order on Amazon, you might find a message on the Order Status indicating “Not Yet Shipped.” So, what does “Not Yet Shipped” mean on Amazon?

What Does “Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

When the Amazon Order Status displays “Not Yet Shipped,” it means Amazon has received your order but has yet to pick, prepare, package, and label your product for delivery. So, when your Order Status reads “Not Yet Shipped,” you can still make changes, like changing the shipping speed.

There are many reasons why your Order Status is showing “Not Yet Shipped.” It simply means that Amazon is yet to process your order or that there may be some delay in processing it. Keep reading to understand what “Not Yet Shipped” mean on Amazon.

What Does It Mean When Amazon Says “Not Yet Shipped” for Multiple Days?

When Amazon says, “Not Yet Shipped,” for multiple days (more than 36 hours), there is a delay in getting the order prepared for shipping.

There are numerous reasons why your Order Status might read “Not Yet Shipped” for multiple days. For example, Amazon may not have picked, prepared, packaged, or labeled your order.

It is possible that the item is unavailable in the fulfillment facility nearest to you (temporarily out of stock) and is currently being transferred from one fulfillment facility to the other before being shipped.

Another reason your Order Status is showing “Not Yet Shipped” for multiple days could be that Amazon is facing some technical issues in the warehouse and that while you have placed your order, it is yet to register online.

“Not Yet Shipped” could also mean that while Amazon has picked and packed your order, they are yet to scan it and send it out for delivery, or the delivery service is yet to pick up the order. So, it means your order is not yet on the way.

You may also have chosen slower delivery options, like the No-Rush Shipping on Amazon. Also, sometimes, unpredictable events beyond Amazon’s control could be why your order is yet to be shipped for multiple days.

Once your order has been prepared, packaged, labeled, and ready for delivery, your Order Status will change to “Preparing for Shipment.”

Should I Contact Amazon About the “Not Yet Shipped” Order Status?

Suppose your Amazon Order Status is still with the tag Not Yet Shipped after 36 hours when you made the order. In that case, you should contact Amazon about the “Not Yet Shipped” Order Status and await feedback from an Amazon customer care representative.

But if your Order Status reads “Not Yet Shipped” for only a few hours after you placed the order (less than 36 hours), you can wait for some time before contacting Amazon if the Order Status doesn’t change.

You can also check your shipping option to confirm your preferred shipping method. If you chose No-Rush Shipping by error, you can change your shipping speed for faster shipping and check if the status changes after a few hours.

Before you contact Amazon about the “Not Yet Shipped” Order Status, check if your payment method and address are valid and up to date. If everything is correct, you can go ahead to contact Amazon about your Order Status 36 hours after you place your order.

If there’s a technical problem from Amazon, they will provide a solution once you reach out. To contact Amazon about the “Not Yet Shipped” Order Status, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Proceed to your dashboard and select the “Your Order” icon.
  3. Locate your current orders.
  4. Click on the order with the Order Status “Not Yet Shipped.”
  5. Select “Contact us” to contact Amazon customer care service.
  6. Inform them about your Order Status in an email.

You can wait for further response from the Amazon Customer Service representative or call them at 1-888-280-4331 if it’s urgent. If your Order Status does not change as fast as you want even after the complaint, you can request a refund for the item and shipping fee.

When Will I Receive My Package When It Is Not Yet Shipped?

When Will I Receive My Package When It Is Not Yet Shipped

How soon you receive your Amazon package depends on your chosen shipping method. But usually, Amazon will give you an estimated delivery date. If Amazon gives you a guaranteed delivery date and your order does not arrive by then, Amazon may give you a refund.

Here are the different shipping options on Amazon and how they determine how long your package will take to ship.

  • Standard Shipping Option. Standard shipping takes between 4 to 5 business days.
  • Two-day shipping option. You should get your package within two business days.
  • One-day shipping option. You should get your package within one business day.
  • No-Rush Shipping option. No-Rush Shipping can take six or more business days.

If your Order Status reads “Not Yet Shipped,” you may not be able to receive your Amazon package today. If your package arrives on that day, your Order Status will read “Out for Delivery,” meaning your order has left the fulfillment center and is on its way to you.

Amazon’s delivery estimate should not exceed eight days with any shipping options you choose. But sometimes, the delivery estimate might not work out as predicted. For example, if your order is delayed as “Not Yet Shipped” for more than 36 hours.

If you report the delay to Amazon, they may help you proactively upgrade your shipping so your package can arrive on time. This is especially true when the package can no longer reach you at the estimated delivery date with standard shipping.

Why Has My Amazon Order Not Been Shipped Yet?

Your Amazon order might be moving between distribution centers and won’t show as Shipped until it exits the distribution center near you. Here are some other reasons why your Amazon order has not been shipped:

  • Address details. When there is an error in the address, there may be a mix-up with your package. So, when placing your order, ensure the address you gave is correct.
  • Technical problem. Another factor is technical problems in Amazon’s warehouse. It is possible that the order has been shipped but has not been registered on Amazon. If this is not updated, your order might seem delayed even when it is not.
  • Human error. Before shipping a package, Amazon staff scans the product before sending it out of the warehouse. You might see a “Not Yet Shipped” status if there’s a scanning error.
  • Weather condition. The weather significantly affects how swiftly your package will be delivered or delayed. During winter, for instance, your package Order Status can read “Not Yet Shipped” or “Preparing for Shipment” if there’s no pickup service due to bad weather.
  • Problem with Logistics. Unforeseen events in shipping processes and transportation (delivery trucks and drivers) can cause delays.
  • Payment Details. Error in card details while paying for the package should be corrected to prevent shipment delay.
  • Order temporarily out of stock. When you see the message “Not Yet Shipped,” we’ll email you when available,you can order the item, but it is not currently in stock. You will receive a mail indicating the new date for delivery when the stocks are ready.
  • The size of your order. If your order size is larger, it might experience a minor delay in delivery.

Can I Add an Item to My Amazon Order if It Has Not Been Shipped Yet?

It is usually impossible to add a product to an Amazon order after it has been placed.

Trying to add another item after an order has been placed cannot be done for several reasons. For instance, you may be ordering from two distinct sellers, which is one of many reasons you cannot combine orders after they have been placed.

Before the item ships, you can modify your delivery address, but you cannot change the contents of your order unless you cancel and place a new order.

So, if you wish to combine orders to save money on shipping costs, you will need to cancel the order and then reorder. You can cancel your order if it is yet to enter the shipping process. Follow these steps to cancel your physical order on Amazon:

  1. Go to “Your Orders.”
  2. Choose the order to cancel.
  3. Click on “Cancel items.” (If you’re buying from a third-party seller, you may see “Request Cancellation” instead. Contact the third-party seller if this option is not available.
  4. Check the box of the items you want to cancel. You can cancel all items if you wish.
  5. Click on “Cancel selected items in this order.”

If your order has been canceled successfully, you’ll get a confirmation message on your screen and in the Message Center on your Amazon account.

If the option to cancel items is unavailable, Amazon may have already shipped your package. This could mean that the “Not Yet Shipped” Order Status is a technical error or glitch.

If you still want to cancel the order, go to “Your Orders” and select “Track Package.” Then select “Cancel this delivery.” If this option is unavailable, you can refuse the package on delivery or return it to Amazon.


When your Amazon Order Status shows “Not Yet Shipped” after placing your order, it implies that Amazon has received your order but has not processed the item or shipped it. Contact Amazon if your Order Status keeps showing “Not Yet Shipped” more than 36 hours after placing the order.