Can Amazon Sellers See Your Email Address?

Have you found yourself in a situation where it seems like an Amazon seller has started to email you on your personal email account? Can sellers actually see your email address? There’s a lot you should know about this situation — and we explain everything below!

Can Amazon Sellers See Your Email Address?

Amazon sellers cannot see your email address. At most, they can only see your name, your address, and your phone number (all for shipping purposes). However, sometimes customers may receive emails from sellers due to signing up for coupons, deals, or other situations.

This issue can quickly become complex. Below, we explain what you need to know.

Does Amazon Sell Your Email Address?

Amazon’s Privacy Policy states that they do not share or sell your email address with anyone, including Amazon sellers.

While third-party sellers will have information about your address, your name, and possibly your phone number, they should not have access to your email address.

Sellers that ship through Amazon — meaning that Amazon is the one who does all of their shipping for them — will likely not have any kind of information about you. Only third-party sellers that ship their own orders will.

How Did an Amazon Seller Get My Email?

Unfortunately, even though Amazon states that they do not share your email address with sellers, Amazon sellers can still somehow get ahold of your email.

Many customers have had problems with these sellers than emailing them and offering them money if they change a negative review into a positive one. Obviously, having this happen is not okay at all.

Amazon does work hard to protect its customers, and they never make it easy for sellers to find customers’ emails. However, a seller may have gotten your email if:

  • You signed up for a coupon or deal with the seller and gave them your email
  • You’ve registered for a product after buying it from a seller, providing your email in the process

These are the two main ways sellers are able to find your emails. Therefore, you should always be wary about filling out any forms that sellers send you.

Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Want Your Email

Why would an Amazon seller want your email to begin with? The most common reasons include:

  • They want to convince you to leave a good review
  • They want to offer you a coupon or deal
  • They want to convince you to buy more products from them

While sellers may not always want your email for nefarious purposes, they also have no reason to have it, to begin with. So, if a seller continues to email you, you should contact Amazon to let them know about this seller’s behavior.

You can also try to block their email account to help stop their emails from landing in your inbox.

What Should I Do if an Amazon Seller Is Asking For an Email Address?

If an Amazon seller is asking for your email address, you do not have to give it to them. You really shouldn’t give it to them in any regard, even if they are offering you coupons or deals. You never quite know what they could send you — so just avoid this situation if you can.

It might not hurt to also contact Amazon to let them know that a seller is asking for your email address, mainly because there’s no reason why they should have it. If the seller is getting quite persistent in questioning you and wanting your email, definitely contact Amazon.

Amazon is really protective of its customers. If they hear that a seller is acting inappropriately with their past customers, then they will always ensure that this stops happening. Just as Amazon can flag customer accounts, Amazon can also flag seller accounts.

If an Amazon seller tells you that they have to have your email address in order to ship your package, this is not correct at all. This is a complete lie — and you should also get in contact with Amazon support to let them know that this seller is saying this.

Keep reading if you want to know if Amazon sellers can see your home address.


Amazon sellers cannot see your email address at all. Amazon does not share or sell this information to sellers or anyone else. However, if a seller has somehow gotten your email address and continues to email you inappropriately, you can get in contact with Amazon Support to let them know.