What Credit Bureau Does Amazon Use? [[year] Update]

Amazon offers many options when it comes to credit cards, each with different benefits and perks. But before applying for an Amazon credit card, you should know which credit agency Amazon regularly pulls credit scores from and reports to. So, what credit bureau does Amazon use?

What Credit Bureau Does Amazon Use?

The top three credit bureaus that Amazon uses are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Amazon often checks customers’ credit reports when they apply for an Amazon credit card. Amazon retrieves data about credit reports, including credit history information and scores, from card issuers through credit bureaus.

Amazon obtains credit history information from the top three credit bureaus. Keep reading to see which credit bureau Amazon reports to, relevant credit scores required for an Amazon card if Amazon does a hard credit check, and lots more!

Experian Credit Bureau

Experian is one of the big three credit reporting agencies that compile consumer credit information from lenders, credit card companies, and companies for loans and other kinds of business.

The credit reporting agency employs the FICO 8 credit score system and a premium subscription plan which allows users to see their credit reports. They further deliver credit monitoring services and other beneficial perks.

Customers applying for Amazon Business Cards will likely have their credit reports pulled from Experian. American Express, the card issuer of Amazon Business Cards, largely retrieves credit information from Experian.

Equifax Credit Bureau

Founded in 1899, Equifax has significantly grown and extended its operations to over 24 countries. This credit reporting agency is part of Amazon’s big three credit bureaus to collect and monitor consumer credit data.

Equifax extends customers’ protection against credit fraud. It also delivers monitoring aids and credit score reports, which customers may purchase.

TransUnion Credit Bureau

Thanks to its extensive global presence, TransUnion is one of the most recognized credit bureaus. The company is reported to oversee as many as one billion customers in 30 countries.

TransUnion collates financial information about customers, which is known as credit reports. These credit reports are used to calculate a customer’s credit score and are one of the credit bureaus Amazon uses.

TransUnion also offers a premium subscription that provides monitoring assistance and credit resources, including accessible credit scores and other relevant credit tools.

Which Credit Bureau Does Chase Use for Amazon?

Amazon employs Chase as one of the card issuers for its credit cards. For example, Amazon Prime Visa Cards are issued by Chase, which obtains credit history information from the top three credit bureaus.

Chase uses the big three credit reporting agencies to obtain customers’ credit reports: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

When you apply for an Amazon credit card, Chase gathers information about your financial credibility through a credit report from any of the top credit bureaus. Chase primarily prefers the FICO Score of 8 in making credit decisions.

Does Amazon Report to Business Credit Bureaus?

Does Amazon Report to Business Credit Bureaus

Amazon reports to business credit bureaus. For example, Amazon Business American Express Cards report monthly to business credit bureaus like Dun & Bradstreet. Amazon also reports to other business credit bureaus such as Experian Business and Equifax Small Business.

Amazon reports to Dun & Bradstreet to appraise growth, general risk health, and risk level based on payment patterns, size, age, and other necessary business data. This is because Dun & Bradstreet collects data on payment records, foreclosures, bankruptcies, insurance, and additional relevant financial information from creditors.

Dun & Bradstreet also gathers information from public records to allot several D&B scores. The Paydex score is predominantly used to evaluate a business’s performance when it comes to bill payments.

Which Credit Bureau Does Amazon Report To?

Amazon reports credit information to all three top credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

The account information reported will include payment history, account balance data, credit limit, and other relevant information about the card. Amazon uses these reports to examine the creditworthiness of a customer.

Depending on the location of the card owner, the bank may favor one particular credit reporting agency over another.

What Credit Score Does Amazon Credit Require?

The minimum score required to secure an Amazon credit card is a credit score of 640. Your chances of being approved for an Amazon credit card strengthen with a good credit score.

According to Amazon, a credit score of 680 is promising, and that of 700 and above is outstanding. This means that the bigger your credit score is, the better your likelihood of getting approved.

Customers are also required to have a valid ID and SSN and be over 18 to be eligible for the card. Failure to fulfill these requirements may cause your application to be rejected.

Does Amazon Do a Hard Credit Check?

Authorization for an Amazon credit card usually requires a hard credit inquiry, and this hard credit check may cause your credit score to decrease by 5 points or more. Hence, a healthy credit score is essential when applying for an Amazon credit card.

When you apply for an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card, Chase Bank will inquire into your credit report and score from a credit bureau to determine your financial credibility.


Amazon will check your credit reports when you apply for an Amazon credit card. Usually, Amazon reports to and retrieves information from the big three credit bureaus—Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. These three credit bureaus help Amazon gather information to create credit reports and scores that show your creditworthiness.