How to Create an Amazon Account Without Phone Number

Looking to create an Amazon account without adding your phone number? We’re here to help! By following this guide, you’ll easily be able to create an Amazon account — all without ever adding your phone number.

How to Create an Amazon Account Without a Phone Number

Amazon does not require you to add your phone number when creating an account; it is completely optional. So, you can skip this step and only choose to add an email account. However, you may need to add your number when ordering for shipping purposes.

Interested to learn more about how you can avoid adding your phone number when first creating your Amazon account? Keep reading!

Do I Need a Phone Number to Create an Amazon Account?

You do not need to add your phone number when creating an Amazon account. According to Amazon, adding your phone number is completely optional. As a result, you can completely skip this process if you would like to.

However, you do have to add your email address, as Amazon needs to be able to contact you somehow!

The only time you may have to add your phone address is when ordering on Amazon — but this is only for shipping reasons. You may be asked for your phone number during this time, as it makes it easier if delivery drivers need to call you.

However, if you do add your number during this time, your number will never be used in any other area of your account. It will stay private.

Therefore, you do not need to use a phone number when creating your Amazon account! You can just easily skip this process when they ask you to provide a phone number!

How to Skip Amazon Phone Verification

Skipping the Amazon phone verification process is pretty easy — all you have to do is press the “Skip” button they provide you with on the page.

For example, say you log in right after creating a new Amazon account. You’ve already verified your email, and maybe you’ve even successfully ordered an item or two. But now, right after you’ve logged in, you receive a notification saying you need to verify your phone number.

Amazon states here that they’d like to have your phone number for security reasons. While it may seem as if you have to give them your phone number, you actually don’t.

Right underneath the box where you can fill in your number, you’ll see the word “Skip”. Just press that button and you’ll have no issues at all!

The page will refresh to a new one, taking you back to Amazon and away from being asked to verify your phone number!

Benefits Of Creating an Amazon Account With a Phone Number

Should you ever consider adding your phone number to your Amazon account during the creation process? If you feel comfortable doing so, then yes!

The best thing about adding your phone number to your Amazon account is that it adds another level of security to your account. So, if anyone ever tries to log in to your Amazon account, Amazon can easily let you know through text.

If you have placed an order — or done anything else on your account — Amazon can also let you know via text. If you’re concerned about having your account hacked, then adding your phone is a great way to rest easy.

If you like to be texted when your package is being delivered, giving your phone to Amazon is also a great way to always be updated!

Restrictions From Creating an Amazon Account Without a Phone Number

We’ve talked about the benefits when adding your phone number to your account. Now, let’s discuss the restrictions — which are just the opposite of the benefits we already discussed.

For example, if you don’t add your phone number to your Amazon account upon creation, you will not receive text messages when your package is being delivered. You’ll have to log into your account to find out these updates rather than knowing the immediately.

Without a phone number added to your account, your security could diminish somewhat, too. However, don’t worry too much — Amazon has a good security system in place. They’ll also still send you emails if they notice a log-in from an odd location!

Can I Have Two Amazon Accounts With the Same Phone Number?

No, you cannot have two Amazon accounts with the same phone number, just as you cannot have two Amazon accounts with the same email address. Amazon doesn’t want you to have duplicate accounts — they only want you to have one.

So, if you share a phone number with someone, then you should only allow one account to have this phone number attached. The other account doesn’t have to have an attached phone number at all.

How to Delete Your Phone Number on Amazon

To delete your phone number on Amazon, you should:

  1. Go to Amazon
  2. Click “Your Account”
  3. Click “Login and Security”
  4. Find where your mobile number is inputted and press delete


You do not need to add a phone number when you are creating an Amazon account. It is completely optional to add a phone number. However, if you do add a phone number, you can benefit from texts and updates when your package is being delivered.