Amazon: Held for Pickup at Carrier Location (Meaning)

Waiting for your Amazon package to be delivered, only to then find that your package is being held for pickup at a carrier location? What does this mean — and what can you do about it?

Keep reading below to learn what this phrase means, as well as the options you can then take to receive your Amazon package.

What Does “Held for Pickup at Carrier Location” Mean on Amazon?

“Held for Pickup at Carrier Location” means that your Amazon package is at a carrier location waiting to be picked up. This occurs if delivery drivers, for various reasons, could not drop off your package at your home. You’ll have to go to the carrier location to get your package.

Keep reading to learn more about everything you can do if your package is being held for pickup at your local carrier location!

Why Is My Amazon Package Being “Held for Pickup”?

There are various reasons why your Amazon package may now be “Held for Pickup”. Often, this happens if delivery drivers, for some reason, cannot drop your package off at your home.

This could happen if your package requires a signature, yet you were not there to provide one. Any reason why your package could not be dropped off at your home is a viable factor. As a result, your local carrier will now not deliver your package.

This means that it’s being held for pickup — which means you will have to go to the carrier location to pick up your package.

It’s worth noting that Amazon doesn’t automatically do this to any package. So, if your package is being “Held for Pickup”, this means that an attempt to deliver your package was made. Often, it means more than one delivery attempt was made.

Carriers like USPS, which is often the local carrier holding your package in these situations, will try to deliver your package up to three times before holding it at their location. Your package being “Held for Pickup” is likely the last option available.

What to Do if Your Amazon Order Says “Held for Pickup at Carrier Location”

If your Amazon order says that your package is “Held for Pickup at Carrier Location”, there are a few things that you can do to get your order:

  1. Call your local carrier (often USPS) to understand the situation
  2. See if they will deliver the package again
  3. If they are unable to deliver the package, make plans to go to the carrier location to pick the package up

Sometimes, it’s just faster to go down to the local carrier that has your package and pick it up yourself. Obviously, it can be annoying to find yourself in this situation. But if you want your package, this may be the best way to get it quickly.

This is also a great time to learn why your package wasn’t delivered. Why didn’t the delivery drivers just leave the package at the door? Ask the mail carrier when you call them about the situation so you can better learn how to keep this from happening again!

Can I Still Get My Amazon Package Delivered to My Address?

If your package is being held at your local carrier, waiting to be picked up by you, you can still get this package delivered. As we mentioned above, first start by calling the mail carrier that is holding your package.

This will often be USPS, though it could be another carrier Amazon works with, such as UPS, FedEx, and others. Give them a call to learn about your package’s situation.

You can then request that your package be delivered to your address again. Carriers will likely agree to this — though you should definitely be sure to be there to receive the package if it requires a signature. Or eliminate the situations that kept drivers from delivering it before.

Carriers may not agree to try to deliver your package again for various reasons. Talk to the carriers and explain your situation. If they do not agree to redeliver, then you can still go to the carrier location to pick up your Amazon order.


“Held for Pickup at Carrier Location” means that your Amazon order was not successfully delivered to your door and is now being held at your local carrier location. You will have to pick up your package at the carrier location yourself or call them for more options.