Does Amazon Locker Ship Faster Than Home Delivery?

Amazon always works to try to deliver packages quickly — but could you receive your order faster if you use Amazon Locker versus home delivery? Keep reading to find out the answer to this very common question!

Does Amazon Locker Ship Faster?

Packages will not necessarily ship faster if they are going to be delivered to an Amazon Locker. However, some customers do feel that Amazon Lockers receive packages faster than normal, likely because of where they are located in cities and on main route deliveries.

Make sure to keep reading to learn more about when you can expect your Amazon Locker package to arrive!

Amazon Locker Delivery Time

When you use an Amazon Locker, you can safely have your packages dropped off in a secure location. You can pick up your packages within three calendar days after the package is dropped off. It’s quite an easy and popular way to receive your Amazon orders!

When it comes to delivery times, it doesn’t appear that shipments are pushed out faster if they are going to Amazon Lockers when compared to home deliveries. However, some customers feel that they receive their packages faster when they ship them to Amazon Lockers.

This is likely because of where the Lockers are located on mail routes. It’s always going to take a little time for USPS or UPS to go to your home to deliver your package.

In comparison, Amazon Lockers are often the main spots to hit every day for all mail carriers. Therefore, they may go to the Lockers at a designated time each day — which could then help you receive your package earlier.

Why Does Amazon Locker Ship Faster?

Amazon Locker packages do not ship faster. However, when these packages are out for delivery and being sent to Lockers, they may get there faster than when packages end up being delivered to homes!

Therefore, it’s not the overall shipment that takes less time — it’s the “Out for Delivery” process that could end up taking less time.

Obviously, this will change with each person’s experience. Some people may not notice any difference when they send their packages to an Amazon Locker. Others may!

Is Amazon Locker Always Faster Than Home Delivery?

As we discussed above, Amazon Locker isn’t always faster than home delivery. It really just depends on where you live! On average, it does appear that those who live in cities near fulfillment centers will receive their Amazon Locker deliveries faster.

Meanwhile, those who do not live near fulfillment centers will likely not see a huge difference in their delivery options. It may take just as long for an Amazon Locker delivery as it does for home delivery, in these situations.

Real-Life Experiences

Now, let’s discuss some real-life experiences that past Amazon customers have had. As we’ve already talked about, some people have felt that they’ve received Amazon Locker deliveries faster than they have home deliveries.

This only seems to happen to those who live in cities where there are fulfillment centers nearby. Same-day deliveries may also even be possible for people who live in these zip codes.

For people who do not live near fulfillment centers, it really just depends on when they’ll receive their Amazon Locker package. Sometimes, it appears that mail carriers will hit Lockers first, or at a designated time. In this way, this could make it a quicker experience for customers!

Is Amazon Locker Faster Than Amazon Prime?

When your package arrives depends more on what shipping method you chose, rather than where you chose to send your package. Therefore, Amazon Prime always seems to be the fastest shipping option, as you really can’t beat free 2-day shipping.

You can use your free Prime shipping to send your package to an Amazon Locker — and then see if the delivery times decrease even more. Again, it really just depends on where you live and when the mail carrier hits the Lockers on their delivery routes.


Amazon Locker does not ship faster than home delivery options, on average. However, some customers do feel that they receive their packages at Lockers quicker than they do when using home delivery. This could be because of mail carrier routes and those living by fulfillment centers.