Can You Use Sezzle on Amazon in [year]? [Full Guide]

Card payment is one of the most favored payment methods for online shopping; almost every shopper uses cards. If you have a Sezzle card, you may be asking yourself, “Can I use Sezzle on Amazon?”

So, can you use Sezzle on Amazon, or does Amazon accept Sezzle?

Can You Use Sezzle on Amazon?

Amazon does not accept Sezzle cards as a payment method or option. However, Amazon may start taking Sezzle as a payment option because other retail stores like Target accept it. Customers who want to shop on Amazon using virtual cards can try out alternatives like Affirm and Klarna.

Do you want to shop using your Sezzle card? Keep reading to learn more about other stores that accept Sezzle and the Amazon alternatives available.

Accepted Financing Virtual Cards on Amazon

Amazon has several accepted payment methods like Visa, the Amazon store Card, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

With the increasing popularity of the buy-now-pay-later payment model, Amazon provides other virtual card services that cater to this payment method.

Although Amazon does not accept Sezzle cards, it offers other financial virtual card alternatives for payment, like Affirm and Klarna.

  • For example, Amazon partnered with Affirm to provide financing options for customers. As of 2022, Affirm provides virtual payment options for purchases of $50 and above to select Amazon customers.
  • Amazon also accepts Klarna as a buy-now-pay-later method. The payment method allows customers to pay for items in installments and choose either a full or partial payment.
  • Another virtual payment option Amazon customers can use is Paypal Key. The PayPal Key is a variation of the Paypal virtual card employed by shoppers who do not have a Paypal Cash Card or whose cards are yet to be delivered.
  • Amazon also offers a virtual payment option called Amazon Pay. To use this payment method on, you must connect your credit or debit card to Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay is, however, reserved only for customers in the United States, and shoppers in other countries will have to employ alternative payment options.

How to Use Sezzle Alternatives on Amazon

How to Use Sezzle Alternatives on Amazon

There are different Sezzle alternatives on Amazon. These include Affirm, Klarna, Amazon Pay, PayPal Key,

To use Affirm, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • After adding the items you want to your cart, choose Affirm as your preferred payment method at checkout. A soft credit check is usually done to collect the necessary information.
  • Select a payment plan for your purchase
  • Now all you have to do is pay over time. You can make payments on the Affirm app or at

To use Klarna, follow these steps:

  • Download the Klarna app and create an account. You can use the Klarna browser extension if you’re on a PC.
  • Search for Amazon on your Klarna home screen
  • Add the items to your shopping cart
  • Go to the checkout page and select “Pay with K.”
  • Now you can pay over time, usually in four installments.

To use Paypal Key:

  • Connect your credit or debit card to your Paypal account
  • You will receive a 16-digit code after linking your card
  • Go to the order page and click “new payment method” to enter the 16-digit code used for payment.

Will Amazon Accept Sezzle in the Future?

Amazon does not accept Sezzle cards as a virtual payment method for now. However, there is a possibility that the company will accept Sezzle in the future.

Sezzle is one platform that provides the buy-now-pay-later payment method, and several benefits come with using the card.

Amazon is a forward-looking business constantly looking for the best ways to provide easy payment options for customers. This is why the company may accept Sezzle later in the future.

Advantages of Using Sezzle on Amazon

While Amazon does not currently accept Sezzle, there are benefits to using Sezzle virtual cards, and it is a desirable buy now, pay later option.

For one, customers can pay the remaining balance on items purchased later after the upfront payment of 25%. Sezzle also fronts payment to vendors instantly at checkout, so you can take your goods home instead of waiting for the payment to go through at the store.

Stores That Accept Sezzle Virtual Cards

Over 29,000 online retail stores accept Sezzle Virtual Cards. There are also some physical retail store locations like Target and other large businesses that accept Sezzle Cards.

You can also use the Sezzle virtual card, which accepts Google Pay and Apple Pay. Sezzle cards are also accepted for payment in some physical stores like Target and online retail stores.

Most of the businesses that accept Sezzle cards are retailers. You can use Sezzle in a growing list of retailers. Some of these stores include:

  • Lou Lou & Company
  • Soft Moc
  • Game Stop
  • HydroJug
  • Perfectly Posh
  • The Stainless Depot Company
  • Orca
  • Crunchyroll
  • Zolt
  • K9 Ballistics
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • Target


Amazon does not accept Sezzle as a payment option but may accept it as a payment option in the future. Amazon instead provides alternatives to Sezzle, such as Affirm and Klarna virtual cards. Sezzle Virtual Card is accepted as a payment option by several online stores and in-store retail locations like Target.