Does Kohl’s Price Match Amazon? [[year] Update]

Kohl’s and Amazon have a lot of the same products, and because Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world, more often than not, people choose Amazon over Kohl’s.

However, if you want to get an item from Kohl’s but see that it is cheaper on Amazon, you probably want to know: Does Kohl’s price match Amazon?

Does Kohl’s Price Match Amazon?

Kohl’s absolutely does price match Amazon! But there are several rules to the policy: Kohl’s will only price match in a physical store, not on Kohl’, the item needs to be available in that Kohl’s store, and it needs to be identical to the product on Amazon.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Kohl’s price match policy, including how it applies to Amazon products and how to get a price match for your item!

Does Kohl’s Price Match?

While Kohl’s certainly does price match, its policy is a little confusing. For your convenience, we have broken it down into exactly what the policy does and does not offer so you can fully understand the service!

Here’s everything you need to know about Kohl’s price match policy:

  1. Kohl’s will match a competitor’s in-store prices but not their online prices.
  2. Amazon is the exception; Kohl’s will price match items found on
  3. Kohl’s will price match items at other Kohl’s locations, including their online store.
  4. Advertised prices during the week of Thanksgiving will not be matched.
  5. Kohl’s requires proof of the item’s current price through a printed advertisement or a photo on a phone.
  6. You cannot receive a price match on Kohl’; you must physically be in a Kohl’s store.

Now that you understand Kohl’s price match policy, let’s talk about how it works specifically with Amazon and how to request a price match at Kohl’s.

Does Kohl’s Price Match Amazon Plus 10%?

No, Kohl’s does not price match Amazon plus a 10% price beat. While this was a popular policy for many retailers in the past, it simply made prices far too low, as Amazon’s prices are already far more affordable than most retailers.

The best discount you will get now is a direct price match for the Amazon listed price at Kohl’s.

Does Kohl’s Price Match Amazon Both In Stores and Online?

Does Kohls Price Match Amazon Both In Stores and Online

Interestingly, Kohl’s does not price match Amazon online at Kohl’; you can only get a price match discount in stores.

While it may not seem logical, as so much shopping is now done virtually, it may be because Kohl’s wants to retain its customers who shop in person and encourage foot traffic at its many locations.

Will Kohl’s Price Match Everything on Amazon?

Realistically, Kohl’s will price match everything on Amazon.

However, although there are no items that are technically off-limits, there are a few specific rules in place that make certain items not available for a price match in specific situations.

Which Items Are Not Included in Kohl’s Price Match to Amazon?

As you now know, there are a few reasons why a certain item might not be included in Kohl’s price match to Amazon.

  • If an item is on sale.
  • If it is refurbished or renewed.
  • If the price was set during the week of Thanksgiving, i.e., a Black Friday sale price.
  • If the item is not identical in make, model, and size.
  • If it is a wholesale item.

It is also important to understand that if Kohl’s does price match your item from Amazon, you will not be able to use any Kohl’s coupons on the purchase and Kohl’s reserves the right to put a limit on how many of the items you have price matched you can purchase at one time.

How to Request Amazon Price Match in Kohl’s Stores

In order to request a price match in one of Kohl’s many in-person stores, you will need to bring in proof that the item is available on Amazon at a lower price point, is not on sale, refurbished, or only available to Prime members.

As well, the identical item needs to be in stock and available in the Kohl’s store in which you are.

If these criteria are met, simply ask a Kohl’s sales associate to validate the price match. They may have to contact their manager or supervisor, and the process may take slightly longer than a standard purchase.

How to Request Amazon Price Match at Kohl’s Online

There is no way to request an Amazon price match at Kohl’s online. In order to receive the benefits of the policy, you need to physically be in a Kohl’s store and follow the steps listed in the previous section.

Does Kohl’s Price Match Amazon After Purchase?

If you purchased an item at Kohl’s but then realized that it was less expensive on Amazon, you do have the opportunity to request a price adjustment.

The request has to be made within 14 days of the original purchase, and of course, you still need to have proof and follow the above guidelines.

NOTE: Kohl’s price match policy is technically at the discretion of Kohl’s management staff, there is a chance they could refuse the partial refund, even before the 14-day deadline, and it is even possible they could approve it after the time is up!

If Kohl’s refuses to meet the price match after purchase, you do have the option of returning the item and repurchasing it to get the price match.

What Other Stores Does Kohl’s Price Match?

Kohl’s price match policy applies to many of the store’s direct competitors. Here are some of the most popular retailers that Kohl’s will price match:

  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • Target
  • Costco
  • Lowe’s
  • Other Kohl’s Stores
  • Kohl’

It’s important to remember that Kohl’s will not match most of these retailers’ online prices. Of course, Amazon and are the exceptions.

For the others, you need to have proof that the in-store price of an item is less expensive than that of the item at Kohl’s.

Also, many people take advantage of the fact that Kohl’s will price match from one location to another or from their online store. If you show a Kohl’s sales representative that the item is less expensive on their own website, they will absolutely price match it for you.


Kohl’s will price match with Amazon; but there are a couple of rules: you need to physically be in a Kohl’s store where the item is available and show proof that the product is less expensive at full price on Amazon.