Is It Safe to Buy Food From Amazon in [year]? [Full Guide]

Over the years, Amazon has continued to expand its consumer-focused sales strategy to include things like electronics and home goods.

Today, Amazon offers grocery goods, making it possible for consumers to buy all their groceries online in one place. But is it safe to buy food from Amazon?

Is It Safe to Buy Food From Amazon?

It is safe to buy food from Amazon because Amazon only offers food from sellers who meet high standards for food safety. All food items on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market meet regulations from the CDC. In addition, grocery delivery drivers do not have access to confidential client information.

Amazon prioritizes the health of its customers and employees and takes extra care to offer safe and affordable products. Read on to find out more about Amazon’s food services, including their safety, where they are stored, and some of their best products.

Can You Buy Food from Amazon?

Can You Buy Food off Amazon

Yes, you can buy food from Amazon. Customers can purchase assorted food products on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, including fresh vegetables, candy, baking tools, canned salmon, etc.

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market are two of America’s most popular grocery delivery services. Amazon Fresh is a subscription service that delivers fresh produce and groceries to your door. Whole Foods Market is an upscale grocery store that sells natural and organic foods.

Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market have both an online and physical presence. So, you can either shop for groceries online or from their physical store.

Do Reddit Users Agree That It’s Safe to Buy Food From Amazon?

Most Reddit users don’t agree that buying food from Amazon is safe. According to a Reddit user, food items purchased from Amazon have mostly gone bad or could be well past their expiration dates.

There are claims that Amazon no longer has its “pad time” element, where they fix an expiration date before the actual expiration date. This element makes it possible to keep products fresh in inventory so they don’t deliver spoiled products to customers.

Without this element, Amazon fulfillment centers can deliver products in inventory up to the expiration date. So, Amazon can send food or other products that may have expired, spoiled, or be too close to expiry.

People on Reddit who have talked about their own experiences say that Amazon sold them food that leaked, went bad, or had passed its expiration date.

Where Does Food Come From When You Order From Amazon?

Amazon gets into agreements with grocery suppliers to secure their food supply. So, when you order food from Amazon, they get it from other grocery stores or food suppliers.

All Amazon has to do is fill in your order from the food items in their warehouses, box your order, and deliver it.

Where Is It Stored and Is That a Good Environment for Food?

Amazon keeps its food supply in its large warehousing facilities.

When they procure food items or groceries from suppliers, they store the food items in parts of the warehouses cut out for Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market inventory. This area of the warehouse is always kept clean and secure.

Amazon packs and ships food orders according to CDC guidelines to ensure the food is stored properly and there are no bacteria around it.

So, people who buy groceries from Amazon can be sure that the foods have been put through strict safety standards that make them safe to handle and eat.

How Does Amazon Ensure That Their Food Is Safe to Buy?

Amazon has a food safety investigation policy that sellers must follow before Amazon can buy its food products.

Amazon doesn’t accept products that don’t meet their safety and quality standards. This is to make sure that their staff and customers are safe.

What Food Shouldn’t You Buy From Amazon?

Sometimes, Amazon does not offer the best prices or quality of some food items or products. The following is a list of food items that you’re strongly encouraged not to buy from Amazon based on reviews from other customers:

  • Trader Joe’s items
  • Fresh produce
  • Fruits like strawberries
  • Dog food
  • Beverages
  • Skippy natural peanut butter
  • Kix cereal

Best Candy to Buy on Amazon

According to the suggestions of Amazon shoppers, here’s a list of the best candies to buy on Amazon.

  • Cadbury flakes
  • A bag of fizzing hard candy
  • Haribo gummy bear
  • Sour patch kids
  • Kinder Bueno chocolate hazel cream bars
  • Licorice Toffee
  • Bassetts Jelly babies
  • Twizzler
  • Blue raspberry dum dums
  • Green tea kit kats
  • Choz Zero’s milk chocolate
  • Almond M&M

Best Snacks on Amazon

Amazon offers a variety of snacks that people love. Whether you want to shop for your kids, have a sweet tooth, or just need something to munch on, these are the best snacks on Amazon:

  • Larabar carrot cake
  • Pocky chocolate cream-covered biscuit sticks
  • Dang coconut chips
  • Welch’s fruit snacks
  • Berry macaroon Almond mix
  • Moon cheese
  • Pointless potato crisps chips
  • Frito-lay sweet & salty snacks variety box
  • Pop corners snacks gluten-free chips


Amazon carefully selects, procures, stores, packs, and ships food items and groceries to ensure consumer and employee safety. In addition, Amazon has a strict food safety investigation policy that suppliers must follow to ensure that the grocery items are safe. Most groceries from Amazon are risk-free to handle and consume.