Can You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts?

Amazon has quite a few rules that customers must follow. As a result, you may be wondering how many accounts you can have. Can you have more than one Amazon account? Keep reading to find out!

Can You Have Multiple Amazon Accounts in 2022?

While it’s not illegal to have multiple Amazon accounts, Amazon doesn’t like duplicate accounts and recommends against this. You cannot have more than one account attached to one email. Duplicate accounts could become flagged by Amazon and locked, which could keep you from purchasing items.

Below, we explain even more about what you can expect if you have more than one Amazon account!

Can I Have Two Amazon Accounts if I Use Different Emails?

Amazon does not want their customers to have more than one Amazon account, as this is their way of keeping scams and fraud away from the platform. As a result, they work hard to ensure that people do not have more than one account.

One way Amazon does this is by making it impossible to have more than one Amazon account with the same email. When you sign up with an account with one email, you cannot use that same email address to sign up for another. It’s impossible.

However, you could try to have two Amazon accounts with two different emails. But as Amazon tries very hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen, they also make it so that payment methods can only be used on one account.

So, if you have another Amazon account with a different email, this account will also likely have to have a different payment method.

Can the Same Address Be Used for Multiple Amazon Accounts?

The same address can be used for multiple accounts. Amazon allows this because many family members that live together may enjoy having their own private Amazon accounts. The same goes for roommates!

Therefore, the same address can be used for multiple Amazon accounts with no issue. If the same name, address, and payment method are being used for various Amazon accounts, on the other hand, Amazon could flag all of these accounts for security issues. 

Amazon knows that many family members live together and have separate Amazon accounts. This is one reason why they’ve chosen to create the Switch Accounts feature. If a household shares one computer, for example, all members can use this feature to easily switch accounts.

However, Amazon does have a limit to this and only allows 10 accounts to be registered per browser.

What Happens if You Get Caught Having Multiple Amazon Accounts?

Amazon does not want customers to have more than one Amazon account. So, if they in some way find out that you have more than one Amazon account, they will likely begin to lock all of your individual accounts.

When Amazon locks your account, you will not have access to buy anything. Amazon could just put your account on hold, which is a less problematic situation, though you still won’t have full access to your account.

When your account is on hold, you’ll have to get in contact with Amazon to fix these issues and get full control of your account back.

If you already have two accounts, find out if you can merge Amazon accounts to avoid both of them being locked.

How Does Amazon Know if You Have Multiple Accounts?

Amazon has many ways of knowing if you have multiple accounts. As we’ve mentioned above, Amazon looks at payment methods when ensuring that customers don’t have more than one account.

If the payment information and name associated with the payment are the same in multiple accounts, then Amazon knows that you have more than one account.

Amazon also pays attention to IP addresses and browsers. If multiple accounts are from the same area, same computer, and same browser, then Amazon also knows that you have multiple accounts.

Is It Illegal to Have Multiple Amazon Accounts?

While it isn’t technically illegal to have multiple Amazon accounts, Amazon can choose to pursue legal action against you if you’re using these multiple accounts for fraud. If you just have multiple accounts for yourself, then Amazon will just lock your accounts.

Amazon doesn’t allow customers to have more than one account because they’re trying to stop fraud from running rampant on the site. Therefore, you really don’t want to have multiple accounts, as Amazon will likely find out eventually.

How to Create Multiple Amazon Buyer Accounts

If you want to create multiple Amazon buyer accounts, you will need to have a completely different email address for each one. You’ll also likely need to use different payment methods and have different names attached to all of them. As you can see, this can quickly become difficult.

You’ll also have to ensure that your IP address is different for all accounts.

However, it can be done if you have separate information for all accounts. In this way, Amazon likely won’t know that you have multiple accounts!

Can You Have Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

We’ve discussed buyer accounts. Now, let’s talk about having multiple Amazon seller accounts. How many seller accounts can you have? Can you have two seller accounts with the same address?

Amazon does allow sellers to have more than one seller account. However, sellers need to ensure that they are using a different email address for each account. Just as buyers cannot have an account with the same email address, sellers also must have different emails! 

Previously, Amazon didn’t allow sellers to have multiple accounts, though that has since changed! Many sellers may choose to have multiple accounts to help increase their product visibility, as well as their overall sales.

Having multiple seller accounts can also help increase your product’s rankings on Amazon, which in turn could then help increase your overall sales.


Amazon works hard to ensure that buyers do not have multiple accounts, as they are attempting to fight fraud. To do this, Amazon will check your IP address, browser location, name, and payment method information to stop you from having many accounts. Sellers, meanwhile, can have more than one account.