Can You Use Manufacturer Coupons on Amazon?

Have a few manufacturer coupons and wondering if you can use them on Amazon? Below, we explain everything you need to know about this topic — including how to use coupons on Amazon!

Can You Use Manufacturer Coupons on Amazon?

You cannot use manufacturer coupons on Amazon. However, Amazon does allow you to use various coupons on their website and even allows you to browse through eligible coupons to use. You can then “Clip Coupon” to your order to use the coupon and save money.

Keep reading below to learn even more about what you can and cannot do with coupons on Amazon!

Alternatives to Manufacturer’s Coupons on Amazon

Unfortunately, you cannot use manufacturer’s coupons on Amazon. However, Amazon does allow you to use other kinds of coupons — and the website even makes it easy to browse and find coupons that you can use!

So, while it is unfortunate that you cannot use manufacturer coupons on Amazon, you have so many alternatives and so many different types of coupons you can use on Amazon itself. Therefore, there’s always a way to save money when shopping at Amazon!

How to Find Coupons for Amazon

Looking to find coupons for Amazon and save some money? The easiest way to find and browse through the many coupons Amazon provides, you can head over to Amazon. On the homepage of the website, find the little section that says “Today’s Deals”.

Once you click that, you’ll be taken to another page that lists all of the other deals Amazon offers for that day. On the very top of the page, where you can navigate that Deals section, you’ll see a tab for Coupons. Click this.

You’ll then be able to browse through all of the many coupons that you can use on Amazon. You can browse by category or brand. You can even see the most popular coupons that people have clipped and used!

How to Use Coupons on Amazon

Now that you know how to find coupons on Amazon, let’s discuss how you can use these coupons. As you’ll see when you browse through the many coupons that Amazon provides, there’s a button that says “Clip Coupon” underneath every given coupon deal.

You can click this button and clip the coupon, saving the coupon to your own coupon selection in the process. Then, when you check out the item of the coupon that you clipped, you will see that you are able to use this coupon to save money.

It’s as easy as that! You don’t need to do anything else. To rephrase, to use coupons on Amazon, you need to:

  • Browse through the coupon section of Amazon
  • Find the coupon you want
  • Click the “Clip Coupon” button underneath the coupon
  • Add items to the cart and checkout with the coupon automatically

Can You Use Multiple Coupons at Once on Amazon?

Yes, you can use multiple coupons at once on Amazon! However, you can only use one coupon for the item per order. For example, you cannot use two coupons on the same exact item in one order.

In comparison, you can use two different coupons for two completely different items in the same order. It appears that Amazon doesn’t have any limit to how many coupons you can use on one order.

Of course, you should always check out your individual coupon’s Terms and Conditions. Some coupons may explicitly state that you must — or must not — have certain factors a part of your order to redeem the coupon. So always read the coupon fully before ordering!

How Much Discount Do You Get With Amazon Coupons?

This all just depends on the type of coupon you’re using on Amazon! Some coupons can take off as much as 50% or more, while others will only offer a 10% discount. Coupons are updated and refreshed on a daily basis.

So, if you see a really great coupon on Amazon, you’re going to want to jump on that deal. Who knows how long that coupon will actually be available to use?

Can You Use Amazon Coupons on All Product Categories?

Yes, Amazon offers various coupons for various different product categories on their website. Check out their coupon section and browse through all of the options available. You might be surprised by all of the options you have!

Amazon does have rules and guidelines when it comes to using coupons, however. For example, many third-party sellers will likely not accept any Amazon coupons that you use. Therefore, pay attention to whether you’re buying from Amazon or a seller.

If you’re buying from a seller, then your coupon will not work correctly. However, if you’re buying from Amazon, you should have absolutely no issue!


Amazon does not allow the use of manufacturer coupons on any of its orders. However, Amazon does offer its own coupons on its website. Customers can browse through a large coupon selection, clip the coupon to their account, and then use the coupon immediately to save money!