Can You Merge Amazon Accounts? [Full Guide]

You may be asking yourself: Can I merge two Amazon accounts? This is actually a very common question! Many people find themselves in a position where they believe it would be best to merge two different accounts. But can you do this? Below, we answer your question!

Can You Merge Amazon Accounts?

Amazon does not allow you to merge two Amazon accounts. If you have two accounts, you will have to choose one to use and close the other. However, you can create an Amazon Household for your family members to share Prime benefits and other content!

There’s a lot you need to know about trying to merge Amazon accounts: why you can’t do it, other options you have, and what to know about Amazon Household. Below, we answer any and all questions you may have on this topic!

Can You Merge Amazon Accounts if You Are Married?

Unfortunately, Amazon does not allow accounts to be merged or in any way blended together. Accounts with two different sets of information are completely different. Therefore, you cannot merge two Amazon accounts together, even if you’re married.

However, Amazon Household allows you to link multiple accounts together, which is a great option for married couples who want to share things like Prime benefits! We’ll talk more about Amazon Household below!

Can You Merge Two Amazon Accounts With the Same Email?

As Amazon does not allow you to merge accounts together at all, this also means that you cannot merge two Amazon accounts that have the same email. If you have two Amazon accounts, you will have to choose one to use from here on out.

Amazon doesn’t allow multiple buyer accounts. They state that customers can only have one account per email. Often, it’s impossible to even create another Amazon account with the same email. But alas, sometimes these things can happen.

So, if you’ve found yourself with a duplicate Amazon account with the same email, you cannot merge them together. If you are looking to use just one Amazon account from here on out, you’ll have to choose the account you want to use.

Then, you can have Amazon delete or close your other one. You’ll want to close your other account rather than just leave it open, as Amazon could put your account on hold if you have more than one account. So ensure you only have one and close the rest!

If you have things like ebooks or downloaded purchases on one account and want to switch this material over to another account, try to get in contact with Amazon Support. Let them know your situation and see if they can help transfer your purchases to your other account!

Why Doesn’t Amazon Allow You to Merge Two Amazon Accounts?

Amazon doesn’t have the option to merge two Amazon accounts. This is mainly because Amazon wants to keep you from having two accounts to begin with.

Buyers can only have one account per email address. Ideally, Amazon wants buyers to only have one account, though some buyers try to have multiple accounts. Fraud can run rampant with multiple accounts open, so Amazon tries to keep this from happening.

Can You Link Two Amazon Accounts?

Amazon completely understands how annoying it can be to have to buy multiple Prime memberships when you have a family. Why can’t you all just have one membership? With Amazon Household, you can!

Amazon Household allows families to share Prime benefits and other aspects by linking accounts together. Up to two adults, four teens, and four children can be a part of an Amazon Household.

Once you create an Amazon Household, you can then share your Prime benefits with your family. You can also create a Family Library!

How to Merge Amazon Accounts by Linking Them

Amazon Household allows you to link accounts together. However, you cannot merge the accounts. Each person that is attached to the family household has their own account and can do their own browsing or purchasing.

So, linking accounts through Amazon Household does not merge accounts. Amazon doesn’t offer an option for accounts to be merged.

Benefits Of Linking Amazon Accounts Together

There are many benefits to using Amazon Household. These include:

  • Sharing Prime benefits, such as Prime Video, with the entire family
  • Sharing content through the Family Library

For families, Amazon Household is one of the best ways to ensure that everyone is getting to use Prime benefits in their own way!

Can You Merge Amazon Prime Accounts?

Unfortunately, you cannot merge two different Amazon Prime accounts. Amazon does not offer any buyers any way to merge any type of Amazon account, whether it be a regular Amazon account or an Amazon Prime account.

Can You Merge Amazon Business Accounts?

Amazon also does not allow Amazon Business accounts to be merged. If you’re looking to change your Business account back to a personal Prime account, you can easily do this. However, you cannot merge two Business accounts together.

You can add other people to your Business account — you just cannot merge multiple accounts together!


Amazon does not allow you to merge two different accounts together, even if they do have the same email. You also cannot merge Amazon Prime accounts. However, you can link your family’s accounts together with Amazon Household and share Prime benefits and a Family Library.