What Does Non-Retail Packaging Mean on Amazon?

What is non-retail packaging on Amazon? Should you expect anything different in your order when you receive non-retail packaging? Don’t stress — we answer all of your questions below!

What Does Non-Retail Packaging Mean on Amazon?

Non-retail packaging on Amazon means that your order is coming in regular, plain packaging. The packaging will not have any logos or branding on it. It will just be a basic box with no hint of branding or company logo.

There’s a reason why companies use non-retail packaging. We explain everything below!

Amazon Non-retail Packaging vs. Retail Packaging

If your package is coming in non-retail packaging, this means that your package will not have any branding or logos. The box or packaging will be completely plain — much like the type of packaging you can buy online or at stores yourself.

So, it won’t look like regular Amazon packaging or Amazon Prime packaging. However, nothing else is different about this packaging. The overall packaging is still good quality, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling about during the shipping process!

Now, let’s discuss retail packaging — which is the complete opposite of non-retail packaging. Whereas non-retail packaging isn’t branded and is just plain, retail packaging will likely have some type of brand, logo, or company icon on the packaging.

Think of the regular Amazon Prime boxes or envelopes you get. They have Amazon’s branding on them, and they are considered retail packaging!

Types of Packaging on Amazon

Amazon offers various different packaging when you order from their website. As the company sends a lot of packages out on a daily basis, they have worked to become more sustainable.

Often, you’ll receive Amazon orders in boxes and envelopes that have branded Amazon logos on them. If you buy from third-party sellers, however, you might see more orders that are sent in non-retail packaging. This is common and completely normal.

Nothing really differentiates retail packaging from non-retail packaging — other than the branding and logos. All boxes are high-quality and safe to ship items and orders in!

What Does Standard Packaging on Amazon Mean?

Standard packaging on Amazon is the basic, regular packaging that you may often receive from Amazon. This packaging comes in boxes or envelopes. The packaging is also sturdy and ensures that your item will not be damaged during the shipping process.

What Does Bulk Packaging Mean on Amazon?

Bulk packaging on Amazon often means that you’re receiving a delivery in bulk — meaning you’ve bought quite a lot of items. Often, this is common if you’re ordering for a business!

Often, bulk packaging will come in its original retail packaging. So, the main bulk packaging holds all of the individual retail packagings. Because there may be a lot of items in this packaging, cushioning material and other materials are used for safe transport.

What Is Frustration-Free Packaging on Amazon?

Frustration-free packaging is relatively new on Amazon. Amazon has worked to make the customer experience as easy and seamless as possible. Ever stress about opening an Amazon delivery box? With frustration-free packaging, you don’t have to worry anymore!

With standard packaging, you often need a knife or scissors to open the box. However, with frustration-free packaging, Amazon has made it so that you don’t need to have anything extra to get to your order.

As a result, you can easily open the packaging yourself — frustration-free. The packaging is still durable and safe to use when shipping, too!

What Is the Difference Between Frustration-Free Packaging and Standard Packaging?

The main difference between frustration-free packaging and standard packaging is that frustration-free packaging is much easier to open. As we mentioned above, you often need a knife or scissors to open up standard packaging.

With frustration-free packaging, you don’t. You should be able to open it yourself without anything else. Often, this means there is some type of pull tab or easy way to open the packaging up.

Amazon works to make the customer experience better with each passing year. As many customers have struggled to easily open up Amazon packaging, they have made more sustainable frustration-free packaging to help!


Non-retail packaging is any packaging that has absolutely no labels, branding, or anything that reveals what the company or business is. The boxing will be completely devoid of anything and will be blank. Retail packaging, in comparison, often has logos or signs of branding on it.