If I Cancel Amazon Prime, What Happens to My Order?

If you have Amazon Prime, you can receive benefits such as free 2-day shipping. However, if you choose to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, does this impact any existing orders you currently have? Keep reading to find out!

If I Cancel Amazon Prime, What Happens to My Order?

If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership while you’re still waiting for your order to be delivered, you will still benefit from Prime membership (such as free 2-day shipping) on this specific order. However, you will not receive the benefits on any future order.

There’s a lot you should know about canceling your Amazon Prime membership. We tell you everything you need to know below!

Does Amazon Prime End Immediately After Cancellation?

Once you end your Amazon Prime membership, you will no longer receive any Prime benefits, such as free 2-day shipping. All of these benefits will immediately end along with your Prime subscription.

If you cancel at the beginning of your monthly or yearly subscription, you will be refunded an amount to make up for this early cancellation. Refunds will often hit your bank account a few days after cancellation.

Because you will be refunded, your membership will end immediately after you choose to cancel it. Also, if you have any other Amazon subscriptions that are tied to your Prime membership, these will also be canceled alongside your Prime one.

If I Cancel After the Order Is Processed, Will I Still Get Free Prime Shipping?

If you’ve ordered from Amazon with a Prime membership, then canceled your membership after ordering, you will still receive Prime benefits and free Prime shipping with this order. However, any subsequent or future order after this cancellation will not include any Prime benefits.

Once you order from Amazon, you are essentially locked into the price that you have agreed to pay. So, even if the price of shipping or the price of the item increases right after you’ve ordered, you will not see this reflected in the price you pay. You will only pay what you agreed to.

Therefore, when it comes to Prime shipping, you will still receive free 2-day shipping if this is the shipping method you choose when checking out.

Obviously, you should always wait to cancel your Prime membership until after your order is actually processed. This tends to happen within 24 hours. Once you get an email notification and are charged for the purchase, you can easily cancel your Prime membership with no worries!

If I Cancel Amazon Prime, Do I Get a Refund?

Yes! If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership, you do receive a refund for the time you paid but did not receive any of the Prime benefits. So, if you’ve bought a monthly subscription but then canceled after only a few days, you will be refunded much of what you paid.

The same goes for annual memberships. Even if you’ve used half of your annual membership, you will still be refunded for the time frame in which you paid, yet you did not receive any benefits.

According to Amazon, you will receive this refund about three days after canceling your Prime membership. If you haven’t received your refund in a week or more after cancellation, definitely get in contact with Amazon Support to see if anything is amiss.

If I Cancel Amazon Prime, What Happens to My Photos?

If your Amazon Prime membership is tied to your Amazon Photos account, you will need to pay attention to your photo storage, as your storage will revert to the free storage option. Amazon Photos offers a free storage quota, so you’ll always be able to have this.

However, if your stored content is greater than this free storage quota, then you will not be able to upload any more photos. You will still be able to view, download, and delete all of your photos, though.

If your stored content is greater than what is offered in the free version of Amazon Photos, you will have 180 days to either delete this extra content or subscribe to a new plan that increases your available storage.

If you do not do this within 180 days after cancellation, Amazon will begin to delete your photos, starting with the most recently uploaded ones. They will delete your content until it is below the free storage quota available.

Therefore, you’re definitely going to want to ensure you download any photos you want to keep during this time if your content exceeds the available storage! If your content doesn’t exceed it, you don’t need to worry about anything!

Amazon Prime Terms & Conditions

Reading Amazon’s Prime Terms & Conditions can help you better understand what options you have. For example, what are your options if you signed up for a free trial of Prime? Do you receive any refund if you cancel your subscription immediately?

If you cancel your Prime membership three days after your free trial converts to a paid subscription, you will receive a full refund — as long as you did not use any Prime benefits during this three-day period.

How to End Your Amazon Prime Membership

Looking to end your Amazon Prime membership? Luckily, this is quite easy to do! To end your Amazon Prime membership, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Prime membership page on your Amazon account
  2. Select the Update/Cancel/More button
  3. Follow the directions given to you on-screen until your membership is officially canceled

It’s that easy!


If you cancel your Amazon Prime membership after your order has been processed, that order will still receive free 2-day shipping or any other Prime benefit attached to it. However, all subsequent orders completed after this Prime cancelation goes through will not have any Prime benefits.