Can I Reuse an Amazon Box to Ship USPS? [[year] Guide]

We should all work to try to be a bit more environmentally friendly — and reusing Amazon boxes to ship your other packages is a great way to do this. Plus, it saves you from having to buy another box! But can you truly reuse an Amazon box when shipping through USPS?

Below, we explain everything you need to know in this common situation.

Can I Reuse an Amazon Box to Ship USPS?

You can reuse an Amazon box when shipping another package through USPS. Ensure that you have taken off or covered any previous shipping labels or barcodes; only your current shipping information should be clear. However, you don’t need to remove any type of Amazon or product logos.

Alright, now let’s jump in and uncover even more details about what you should do if you’re looking to reuse an Amazon box to ship another package!

How to Reuse Amazon Boxes for Shipping

Are you looking to reuse your Amazon boxes to ship through USPS and send your packages in them? No problem! This is easy to do.

It’s always recommended to try to reuse Amazon boxes whenever you can. When you reuse these boxes to ship your own packages and mail, you don’t have to worry about buying a new box, which is always a plus!

To reuse an Amazon box to ship your own package, you should first start by taking off any previous shipping labels and barcodes. If you cannot accurately remove them from the box, then simply put your new shipping label over it.

You can also tape a blank piece of white paper over the previous shipping label and write the new shipping information on this piece of paper. You might also be able to do this by blacking out the previous information with a Sharpie or marker.

Do whatever works for you — just ensure that any previous shipping information is completely covered!

You don’t actually have to worry about whether or not Amazon logos are noticeable on your box. While some people believe that these logos have to be covered, they actually don’t! The only thing that needs to be covered is the previous shipping labels and scannable barcodes!

Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes to Ship UPS?

Yes, you can reuse Amazon boxes to ship your new packages through UPS! As we’ve mentioned above, you should always just ensure that any previous shipping labels or barcodes are completely covered. You don’t want the wrong code being scanned by accident!

UPS also recommends ensuring that other labels aren’t noticeable. For example, you should not reuse any box that has a label that says dangerous goods were in it!

Can You Reuse Amazon Boxes to Ship FedEx?

Much like with USPS and UPS, you can also reuse Amazon boxes when shipping with FedEx. Again, all you have to do is ensure that any previous shipping labels or barcodes are completely covered up before you ship your package.

When Reusing Amazon Boxes, Do I Need to Cross Out the Markings?

Many people assume that they have to completely cover up Amazon’s logo — and any other Amazon marking — when reusing the box to ship their own package. This actually isn’t true.

You do not need to cover up or cross out any Amazon markings or logos when reusing an Amazon box. As we’ve mentioned above, the only thing you need to cover is any previous shipping labels or barcodes.

You should also ensure that your Amazon box is in good condition and has no holes or damages. The goal is to make sure that your package will get to its new destination with no issues whatsoever.

So, make sure there are no issues with your box, as well as no previous labels. However, Amazon markings and logos are okay!

Alternative Ways to Reuse Amazon Boxes

If you order from Amazon often, it’s always nice to find new ways to reuse Amazon boxes. Reusing Amazon boxes to mail your packages is always a great alternative.

However, there are other alternatives you can turn to! You can always use Amazon boxes for moving items or storing things. If you’d like to store items in your boxes, you can make them look better (appearance-wise) by covering them with materials or fabric.

You can also recycle Amazon boxes, rather than throw them away in the trash!

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You can reuse Amazon boxes when sending your own package through UPS, USPS, FedEx, or any other major mail carrier. Ensure that you have crossed out or completely covered any previous shipping labels or scannable barcodes to keep from causing confusion or late deliveries.