What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays?

If you’re ordering items from Amazon, you can benefit from deliveries to your door seven days a week. Yes, deliveries can even be done on Sundays!

Of course, many questions can arise when considering Sunday deliveries. What time will these packages arrive? How can I get a Sunday delivery service? Keep reading to have all your questions answered!

What Time Does Amazon Deliver on Sundays?

Amazon deliveries on Sunday are normally conducted by other mail carriers, such as USPS and UPS. As a result, deliveries will be completed during these carriers’ business operations. You can expect Sunday deliveries anywhere from 8 am to 9 pm, though times may vary locally.

Looking to find out how you can get Sunday delivery? Keep reading below!

How to Be Eligible for Amazon Delivery on Sundays

Most people in the United States are automatically eligible for Amazon deliveries on Sundays. However, those who live in rural areas where USPS and other mail carriers do not work during the weekends may not be able to receive packages on Sundays.

Therefore, you will automatically be eligible for Sunday deliveries as long as you live in an area where mail carriers are working throughout the weekend. This is because Amazon does not do their own deliveries during the weekend.

Instead, they use USPS and UPS (though USPS is the most common mail carrier on Sundays). Therefore, if your USPS works on Sundays, you’ll be able to get Amazon deliveries on Sundays!

In Which Areas Is Sunday Delivery Available for Amazon?

As we’ve mentioned above, most places in the United States provide Sunday deliveries as long as their local mail carriers work on these days. Often, rural areas will not have these services, as their local USPS will not work on Sundays.

If you’re interested in finding out if you can receive packages on Sundays, you can always get in contact with your local USPS to find out if they do deliveries on Sundays.

Often, USPS is only doing Amazon deliveries on Sundays — so they’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know!

If your area does provide Sunday Amazon deliveries, then you can expect your package to be delivered at any time during your mail carriers’ business operations. On average, this means you’ll get your package anywhere from 8 am to 9 pm on Sunday.

Obviously, every local area is different. So this range of times may change depending on where you are! If USPS is the one delivering your package, you can often assume that you’ll receive your delivery by 5 pm!

How to Choose Sunday Delivery on Amazon

If you’d like your Amazon package to be delivered on Sunday, you can try to choose this option when you are checking out online. If you do not see any available Sunday deliveries, this likely means that your area does not offer Sunday delivery services.

When you are finishing up your order on Amazon, you are given a range of options for when you’d like your package to be delivered. You can often choose one to two-day deliveries. See if your delivery dates can coincide on a Sunday!

Is Sunday Delivery Free on Amazon?

Free Sunday delivery is only offered to Amazon Prime members. So, if you are a Prime member and you’d like to have your package delivered on a Sunday, you can follow the method we discussed above.

Look at the options available before you check out. Since you’re a Prime member, this means that you get free 2-day shipping, and this shipping is available on weekends.

Therefore, you’ll want to try to order on Thursday night or Friday to try to get your package delivered in two days on Sunday.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you, unfortunately, cannot benefit from free weekend deliveries. However, you can pay extra shipping fees to try to get the package delivered on Sunday.


USPS and UPS both deliver Amazon packages on Sundays. As a result, this often means that you can expect your Amazon orders to be delivered anywhere from 8 am to 9 pm on Sundays. These times can vary depending on local business operations.